472 Chapter 472: The real Truth I

    'Her?' Long Chen thought in curiosity.

    "My master. She was like a fairy that appeared out of nowhere and decided to take pity on this weak trash of a cultivator. I met her when I left the kingdom to gain experience. Somehow, we found each other, and she decided to teach me some things. Even though she didn't take me in as a disciple, I will always consider her my master. I still don't know why she did that, but she claimed that it was because she liked that I had helped an old woman along the way, and she saw that."

    "I only had the honor to study under her for a single day where she only taught me the basics, but even the basics that she explained were like the words of heavenly wisdom that made me instantly achieve a breakthrough. She left after that, and I never saw her again, until five months later, when I saw her easily defeating the Sect Master of the strongest sect I knew. The Sect Master was the Peak Earth Realm Cultivator, but she defeated him without even moving. It was like she was a god, and the sect master was a child. She again left before I could get a chance to talk to her, " Long Ren said.

    Long Chen heard the story carefully. The woman sounded like a strong cultivator. He didn't know how strong she was, but she was definitely stronger than Earth Realm Cultivators. She could even be a Heaven Realm Cultivator, which was above the Sky Realm, or even stronger. It was just too difficult to judge the Cultivation of someone from the enemy they defeated unless Long Chen was there to see her with his own eyes.

    "I came back to the clan after a few more months. I saw her again, after a year from when I saw her for the first time. This was not how I wanted to see her, though. I was standing on the roof of our clan, watching the stars when I saw someone flying towards me. It was master. She crashed on my roof.x

    "She was covered in blood, and there was a child in her hand. The Child was safe, but her own condition was very bad."

    "Master! Master! I ran to her, crying. I think she recognized me as I saw a sad smile on her face. I asked her who could be so strong to harm her. That was when I heard the name of the Ghost Temple. These two words were what she said to me before she said three more words. She told me to save her child before her eyes closed forever,"

    "The goddess died right before my eyes. I didn't see anyone following behind her. She had probably killed them at the cost of her life or lost their trail. I took her body inside the house to hide it from the others that might come here following her. No one came, and I buried her body. That was the story of how I heard the name of the Ghost Temple. The ones that could kill her are definitely too fierce. You really can't go against them," Long Ren said. His eyes were already wet as he remembered that sad moment.

    'She could fly. She was definitely a Cultivator that was at Heaven Realm or Higher,' Long Chen thought as he analyzed the story.

    "What happened to the child?" Long Chen asked Long Ren.

    "That child..." Long Ren sighed.

    "I guess it's time you know that as well. I took that child as my son. He was your father, Long Jun. You are not my grandson. You are the Grandson of my Master,"  Long Ren declared, with tears falling out of his eyes.

    That came as the biggest shock to Long Chen.

    The original owner of this body was the grandson of that woman and not of Long Ren?

    "Thank you for telling me the truth," Long Chen thanked Long Ren. He wasn't too emotional about this, but he still felt something in his heart. He couldn't describe that feeling. It was as if something was suddenly missing. As if he had lost something which gave him a sense of emptiness.

    "Even if you aren't my blood Grandfather, You will always be my grandfather, and I will always be your grandson," Long Chen said to Long Ren, to comfort him.

    Long Ren was still looking away from Long Chen. He wiped his tears.

    "You will stay away from the Ghost Temple, right?" Long Ren asked.

    "I will. I won't have anything to do with them. What happened has happened in the past. I won't go there to die," Long Chen told Long Ren, but he was obviously lying about some things.

    "Good," Long Ren nodded his head.

    "Alright, Grandpa. Go and have rest," Long Chen walked closer to him and held his hand. He sent him back to the Fake World. He realized that Long Ren needed some time away from him at this moment. It didn't look like he wanted to let Long Chen see his tears.

    After sending Long Ren back, Long Chen sighed. He wanted to call others and give them skills as well, but now he wasn't in the mood. He decided to provide them with the skills tomorrow.

    "It looks like this wasn't random. That mark, that woman, and the Ghost Temple. They are all related... but how and why is the main question. As long as it's something they need from father, then the chances are that he would be alive, and if it were all about taking revenge or anything like that, then they would have already killed him. It would be a failed endeavor in that case."

    " I guess I underestimated them a lot. If they could kill the Heaven Realm Cultivators, then their strength is much more than I expected. I can't use force to deal with them, so deception seems to be the only way," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the moon. The shine of the moon fell on his face, highlighting his handsome features even more.

    He shook his head before he walked back into his tent.

    The girls were sitting on the bed, talking about the Dual Cultivation Skills when Long Chen entered. Initially, he was in the mood to make love to them, but at the moment, his mood was down. Still, he didn't give up on dual cultivating with the girls as each day wasted was like an opportunity lost to make them stronger.

    He had thought about using Dual Cultivation with Xue and Mei as well in the future and ultimately to have all 4 of them together so that they could all grow.


    Throughout the night, Mingyu and Zhiqing's moans echoed in the tent, giving evidence of how eventful their night was.

    The voices only stopped a few hours before the dawn. They slept for a few hours for the rest of the night.

    It was early morning as they woke up and left the tent. Ji Shan already seemed to be prepared.

    "Good Morning," Ji Shan greeted Long Chen with a cheeky smile on his face.

    "Good Morning," Long Chen replied.

    "I must say you guys are really loud. I should set up my tent farther next time," Ji Shan whispered in Long Chen's ears with a wry smile on his face when the girls were away from them. "It was so disturbing."

    "Find a girl for yourself. You won't be disturbed by what other people do," Long Chen said as he laughed.

    "Sigh, What can I do. I want to find a suitable girl, but I haven't met someone that could catch my eye. Maybe the girl I'm destined to be with is not on this continent. Hopefully, I'll find someone where we are going," Ji Shan replied.

    "The Ghost Temple might have a few female disciples. You can probably find one and hope that you aren't eaten instead," Long Chen chuckled as he patted the shoulders of Ji Shan.

    "Hey, don't joke about that. I don't want to die, but maybe there will be a kind girl there. There are bad people in good organizations, so there might be good people in bad organizations as well," Ji Shan said with a wry smile on his face.

    "All I can say is, best of luck. You might need it," Long Chen said to him. "Anyway, since we're ready, let's leave."

    Long Chen brought Sun Destroying Condor out of his storage ring.

    He got on the Sun Destroying Condor with the others while Ji Shan went on his beast before they began their journey again.

    The Sun Destroying Condor began flying towards the far south where the ports were constructed. They wanted to leave this continent and that was the only way to achieve that.

    "This Dual Cultivation is definitely incredible. I can't believe that I achieved a breakthrough just by having that. Incredible," Zhiqing said to Long Chen.
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