473 Chapter 473: Envoy

    Zhuqing was quite surprised by the effects of the Dual Cultivation Technique, especially the effects she had felt. When she had the intense lovemaking session with Long Chen last night, she felt an increased amount of the Natural Qi being absorbed by her body from the surroundings. Long Chen also felt the same, but the increase in his Cultivation was small as the same amount of natural Qi worked differently for both of them.

    Long Chen had a higher Cultivation, so he needed much more Qi to break through to the seventh stage of the Earth Realm while she needed less Qi to breakthrough.

    "That's because your Cultivation is still low at the moment. You will feel like the effects are massive, and they really are for you, but with time, it'll even out," Long Chen replied to her. "You will see what I mean in the future."

    He was sitting on the Sun Destroying Condor, looking down at the places that he had previously passed through. The roads that seemed so long when he had first passed through here seemed so short now that he had a flying beast.

    His whole perspective on the world was different compared to what it had ever been before when he departed on the journey to increase his Cultivation. He had seen much more of the world and experienced first hand how the world really was.

    He still remembered when he first entered the surrounding city, how he had slaughtered the guards because of his Heart Demon. He had felt so bad when he watched the families of those guards cry. He was angry at himself for losing his temper, but now his mentality was much more stern. He also became more battle oriented.

    He felt like he didn't need to feel bad about killing people when they were standing in his way, to obstruct his path. The conflict, the deaths, the killing were all a part of a Cultivator's journey. As long as one was worried about killing, it was difficult to ascend.

    He realized that as long as one had the power, killing was justifiable. This was the world he was living in. If he were weak, he would've been killed tens of times already and no one would even feel bad about his death. His killers would go about their day, forgetting that he ever existed. To him, excessive empathy only meant weakness in this world.

    If he had killed the 3rd Prince when he first offended him, his family would not have come in harm's way. If he had hidden his face when killing people, he would also be fine. But more importantly, if he had the strength of the Heavenly Slaughter Sect's Sect Master, no one would have even thought of targeting his family.

    If the righteous could target one's family without having the second thought, then why would he care about the people? His family, friends, and beasts were the only things that were important to him, and other items were disposable. The treasures didn't matter to him nor did the weapons. He still had a thirst for strength, though. His mentality had changed massively, especially after using the Dark Sacrifice.

    He wondered if Tian Shen also had the same mentality. Xun often said that he was the king of slaughter. He comprehended the law of sacrifice and took millions of lives. Long Chen also saw in his dreams how his predecessor had killed his bullies and the girl he used to love after being betrayed. Long Chen was sure that Tian Shen didn't feel bad about it, and that's why he was able to achieve such great heights.

    Even though he wasn't sure how long ago he lived, or how he died, or if he was still living, what he was sure of was that he lived a king's life. No one would have dared to harm his family before dealing with him. This was what Long Chen wanted to achieve.

    He wanted to be a shield that prevented any harm to his family, and he wanted to be a king that people were scared to offend. He wanted to reach such great heights that he wouldn't need to worry about anything ever again. A place where his enemies would just be like ants to him. He knew that the journey was going to be arduous, but he was even more motivated now.

    'It's my kingdom. We are here," Zhiqing pointed ahead as she saw her Kingdom from some distance.

    She had a longing expression on her face.

    "Do you want to drop by and say bye to your family? I know how important family can be. It doesn't seem like the Supreme Sects had reached here by now. They still might be thinking that I'm hiding in their area, not knowing that I killed their Elders that came to destroy my family. We can take an hour out of our schedule to let you meet your family," Long Chen asked Zhiqing. He was still somewhat soft for the people he cared about.

    "I..." Zhiqing seemed to be stumped for words. It was as if she didn't want to say what she actually wanted to say. She knew how dangerous this situation was for them, and she didn't want to tell Long Chen that she actually wanted to meet her brother one last time.

    "Alright. You don't need to say anything. I understand," Long Chen smiled as he patted her head.

    "Ji Shan, We'll be landing soon," Long Chen reminded Ji Shan.

    "Alright," Ji Shan answered instantly.

    They soon reached the Royal capital of Zhiqing's Kingdom, which was a second-rank kingdom.

    Her brother was the King and an Earth Realm Cultivator but way weaker than Long Chen when it came to strength.

    It wasn't strange as Long Chen was someone who defied the general strength hierarchy of cultivators.

    Despite being a Mid Earth Realm Cultivator, he was able to fight sky realm Cultivators; he had the Flute of War; he had the Dark Sacrifice, which he wished not to use again. He was literally like a War God who had many war tools under his belt that the enemies couldn't predict. His knowledge of two Supreme Laws and a High-Grade Law only made him trickier to fight.

    No one could even keep him behind as long as he hadn't used his Spatial Travel once during the day, which he didn't need to use anymore as he wasn't in a hurry to get anywhere. His family was already with him now.

    If the worst situation arrives, he could just keep Mingyu, Zhiqing, and Ji Shan inside his Fake world before using the Spatial Travel to escape, which gave him more confidence now. It is the only reason why he found the Fake World Ring to be more useful than the Demon Sheath.

    "I think we should drop by. We are going too far away, and we can't be sure when we will come back. I understand how tough missing family can be. At Least, say your goodbyes so that you don't regret," Mingyu also said to Zhiqing when she saw that Zhiqing was still somewhat hesitating.

    "Alright." Mingyu nodded her head.

    After some time, they reached the Royal Capital. Long Chen lowered the beast some distance away from the Royal Palace.

    They walked through the crowded city marketplace, but Long Chen soon realized that he had underestimated the enemy.

    The Marketplace was covered in wanted posters of him, which talked about how he killed essential people, and the one who gave his information would be heavily rewarded.

    Some people were still posting the posters, but Long Chen realized that they weren't the Elders or the disciples. They would never do this work themselves. The chances were that one of the Envoys from the sect was in this kingdom.
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