474 Chapter 474: Lings condition

    Long Chen had an assumption about it as well. From his basic understanding of the sects, he was sure that the sects didn't know where he was in this Vast continent. They definitely couldn't send an Elder to every corner of the world.

    They probably assigned the missions to their disciples to go to various kingdoms and Empires. Even though they were just disciples, their position was much higher in the eyes of the Rulers, who would definitely provide help to them to post the posters.

    Long Chen understood that there was a good chance that an envoy was in the royal palace, which was most probably a disciple or a group of disciples.

    "Looks like they are already here," Ji Shan commented as he looked at the posters.

    "Yeah, they are most probably in the Royal Palace," Long Chen replied.

    "Let's just leave then. I don't want to meet my brother," Zhiqing held Long Chen's hand to prevent him from moving forward.

    "Yeah, let's leave. I would probably kill that envoy who will make things worse for your brother," Long Chen shook his head as he turned back, but he felt as if he saw a familiar person. He instantly looked back, but that person was not there.

    "What happened?" Mingyu asked him.

    "Nothing. I just felt like I saw someone," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    For a brief second, he felt like he saw the same person he had collided with near the Glorious Blossom Sect.

    He left with Mingyu and the others.

    They again started flying on their beasts and left the city.


    Back inside the Royal Palace, Mingyu's brother and a young 18-19-year-old girl were sitting. The strange thing was that the girl was sitting on the throne while the King was sitting on a lower seat.

    "How long will it be before the posters are placed everywhere?" the girl asked the King.

    "It will be done soon, Envoy," the King replied.


    Yu Tianhao had finally reached the Yu Clan with his daughter and the remnants of the Long Clan.

    The Long Clan members had begged Yu Tianhao to take them in as they had no place to go. Yu Tianhao allowed them to become the branch clan member by changing their last names from Long to Yu. All of them instantly agreed.

    Yu Tianhao sent them to the head servant of the Clan, who was assigned to deal with them.

    Yu Tianhao's father was the clan master of the Yu Clan, but Yu Tianhao had plenty of authority, and he was allowed to make decisions like this in the absence of the clan master.

    Yu Tianhao was sitting in the hall, with his daughter. He didn't tell anyone else in the clan about what happened.

    "Ling, Such a pity that they were all killed," Yu Tianhao sighed as he shook his head.

    He had already considered Long Ren and the others dead. In his eyes, there was no way for them to stay alive after that.

    "You can go rest in your room," He told his daughter.

    Yu Ling silently nodded as she left the place and walked back to her room.

    As soon as she entered her room, she fell down on his bed and covered her face with her pillow.

    Her emotions were in a turmoil. She couldn't help but remember the time she spent on the flying beast with Long Chen when they went to explore the dungeon. She also remembered how kind he was. She remembered telling him about how she broke the engagement, but he didn't look angry in the least.

    At that time, she didn't consider that as strange, but now that she knew that he was the person she was engaged to, she clearly felt terrible. She thought that he was a playboy who played with girls' feelings, but she found out how wrong she was. She comforted herself, saying that his fiance was weak, but Long Chen's appearance shattered that Illusion as well. Now she had no excuse for her stupidity.

    Now that she thought about it, he was like her idol type. The kind of guy she wanted to be her husband. He was strong, he was handsome, and he was kind, but she didn't take a moment to think about that previously.

    In her arrogance, she didn't even think about meeting him before breaking the engagement.

    What hurt the most wasn't that, though. There was something else entirely in her mind.

    "I didn't know that you were Long Tian, but you clearly knew that I was Ling when we talked. Why wasn't there anger on your face?! Why wasn't there sadness on your face?! Why didn't you clarify things?! Why did you look relieved as if you didn't care about the engagement?! Was I that bad?!" she muttered. Her voice was muffled up by the pillow.

    For a long time, she had lived in the illusion of perfection. In a realm of superiority, but finding out that a guy was glad after knowing that she wasn't going to marry him came as the biggest wound on her ego. She was more hurt by that than she was by losing the chance to marry a genius.

    It was something that entirely shattered her self confidence. She couldn't overcome this.

    What she didn't know was that this was about to become the devil of her heart that would prevent her from breaking through on her Cultivation forever. This was the moment where her Cultivation journey was halted. A genius that was selected by the Thunder Giant Sect Supreme Elder was about to become an average person that couldn't break through their bottleneck.

    It was unknown if it was possible for her to break through this bottleneck in her lifetime.


    Long Chen and his team left the kingdom and continued on their journey.

    Zhiqing looked perfectly calm, not showing that she was sad at not being able to meet her brother.

    They flew for the rest of the day before landing on the night. Even though the city was nearby, they decided to camp in the forest.

    They cooked some beast that they hunted while they sat around the bonfire.

    Everyone was happy while they talked about how their life had changed so much in a short time.

    They also described how their life was before all that, how they grew up, and how they found Long Chen.

    Zhiqing talked about meeting him for the first time and how he had bullied her niece when he first came to her city. She also spoke about what her initial motivation was when she approached Long Chen and how it changed.

    Ji Shan talked about how he grew up in the palace, which was relatively peaceful until his third brother was killed by the assassins. Things started getting serious after that. He also talked about his first meeting with Long Chen and how Long Chen saved him. Their journey after that was already known by everyone.

    Mingyu was the only one that didn't talk about many things. She only spoke about how she grew up in the palace in a loving environment. She also spoke about her brother being killed, but she didn't talk about how she came to this continent or about the mysterious man that gave her the Destiny Crystal. Those things were already known by Long Chen, but she didn't wish to tell anyone else about this.

    Long Chen had already told about his life to Zhiqing and Mingyu about this, but he gave a brief summary to Ji Shan about the Assassination Attempt on him. His mental condition after that and some of his journey after recovering.

    All of them got closer to each other after finding out about the past of each other. Now they knew each other better and what the other person went through. Their friendship got better than it had already been.
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