475 Chapter 475: Xias Question

    After talking for quite some time, they finished eating and walked back to their tents.

    Long Chen again stayed outside while he sent other girls inside.

    Long Chen brought his mother out of his storage ring this time.

    After she came out, he gave her a Cultivation skill that suited females. It was also a Cultivation Skill that he had found from the storage ring of one of the Elders that he had killed. He decided that it was the most suitable one for his mother.

    The skill was called the Fleeting Cloud Cultivation. It was a skill of the Mighty Sword Sect, which he had received from the storage ring of Elder Sui Ru.

    The Skill was made for females, and he was quite sure that Elder Sui Ru used the Skill as well.

    After giving her the skill book and talking to her for some time about the matters related to Long Xue Ying, who had woken up and had already told his mother that Long Chen forcefully brought her here.

    Long Chen had explained to his mother about what had actually happened and how he did this to save her life as she was stubborn.

    Sima Ziyi understood his intent and even agreed with what he did. She praised him for doing the right thing.

    After some more casual talking, he sent her back.

    Next, he brought Xue and Mei out of his fake world.

    "Young Ma..."

    They were about to greet him as young master, but they stopped themselves as they saw him glaring at her. They realized that they had misspoken. They promised him that they wouldn't call him a Young Master.

    "H-husband," they let out with a red face.

    "That's better," Long Chen smiled.

    "I have a few things for you. First, it's this."

    Long Chen gave a book to Xue while he gave another one to Mei.

    Both of them were Cultivation Skills, which he thought suited them more. He had received 5 Cultivation Skills that could be used by females, and he found 3 of them to suit the three women he had with him.

    He also had another Cultivation Manual, which he thought would suit Long Xue Ying more because of her nature, but he decided to wait for some time before giving her this skill.

    He didn't want to bring her out at this moment to face her wrath.

    "These are the Cultivation Skills that are hundreds of times better than the Long Clan Cultivation Manual. You can increase your Cultivation and get a much more solid foundation with these skills. I want you to cultivate with these," Long Chen told them.

    "We understand," They replied as they glanced at the books in their hand.

    "You can call me if there is anything you don't understand. I'll bring you out and explain to you about the tough parts if you face any difficulty. On a second note, we will often be meeting from now on, so you can also talk to me about those then," Long Chen told them. Xue and Mei nodded their heads.

    Long Chen brought another booklet out of his storage ring.

    "This is also something important. Unfortunately, I only have one copy of it, so you would have to share it. This is a Dual Cultivation Skill, which can be used to Dual Cultivate to increase Cultivation much faster. It would work more effectively with you as you have lower Cultivation. You are still in the Spirit Establishment Realm so you would grow by leaps and bounds without much effort," Long Chen said as he gave the book to Xue first.

    "After you learn it, we can begin Dual Cultivation and put that to practice. This is a comparatively easier skill and doesn't require much effort to learn. You should be able to learn it by tomorrow night. Anyway, we can see what happens," Long Chen explained.

    He explained some more things related to the Dual Cultivation, which made their faces turn red. He also talked about Cultivation and general and the things they needed to keep their focus on.

    After some time, he finished with everything he wanted to tell them.

    "You understand, right?" He asked them at the end.

    "We understand," Xue and Mei said as they nodded their heads.

    "Good," Long Chen smilingly replied. "Now, before I send you back, there is one more thing that I need to do."

    Long Chen held the hand of Xue and pulled her closer to him. He took her in his embrace as he kissed her sweet lips. He enjoyed the taste of Xue's lips. One of his hands roamed around her back and found their way to her butt while his other hand caressed the perky breasts of Xue.

    After a long kiss, their lips separated.

    "Learn the skill fast. Every day is of the essence," Long Chen whispered in her ears.

    Hee separated from her before catching Mei's hand.

    "Come here, demoness," Long Chen joked as he pulled Mei closer and kissed her red lips.

    After enjoying the sensation of kissing Mei for quite some time, he separated from her as well.

    "After your sister learns the skill, take the book from her and learn it. We will meet again soon," Long Chen whispered to her ears before he gently bit the tip of her ear. Even that itself was enough to send shivers down her spine.

    He freed her as he smiled.

    He held both of their hands and sent them back to the Fake World.

    "Xia, Watch the surroundings for us. You know what to do if you see anyone. Just follow the instructions," Long Chen told Xia before he turned back to leave, but Xia stopped him.

    "Master, can Xia ask you something?" Xia asked him.

    Long Chen stopped and turned back.

    "Yeah, what is it?" he asked her.

    "Why did you touch your lips to their lips?" Xia asked.

    "Ahh... You seem to be pretty knowledgeable in most of the things. Do you really not know about that?" Long Chen asked with a wry smile on his face.

    "Xia doesn't understand," Xia shook her head.

    "That's called a kiss. A person kisses another person to show their affection. It's like showing that you really like someone," Long Chen said.

    "Master doesn't like Xia?" Xia asked him.

    "Ah, of course, I like you. You are the best," Long Chen replied instantly. His life had become a lot easier because of Xia's presence.

    "Why didn't master kiss, Xia?" Xia inquired in confusion.

    Long Chen was stumped for words. He found this whole thing to be awkward.

    "It's not that. A kiss is something that is done when the time is right. It is done when the right time comes. You can't kiss someone unless certain conditions are met, even if you like them. You saw that I didn't kiss Mingyu and Zhiqing today even though I kissed them before. It's complicated. I will explain to you better some other day," Long Chen told her before he hurriedly left and entered his tent.

    Long Chen spent another night filled with pleasure as he Dual Cultivated with Zhiqing and Mingyu. By this time, Mingyu and Zhiqing were pretty comfortable at being in bed with Long Chen together. They didn't find things awkward like they used to feel at first, which made things a lot easier for Long Chen.

    He was able to make love to both of them at once.

    Their Dual Cultivation only progressed more and more because of their closeness and their feelings for each other.

    Morning arrived as the sun started rising in the sky.

    Long Chen and the others left the place after putting everything back into the storage ring.

    They again continued on their journey.

    Their travel continued. They traveled during the day and rested during the night.

    After some time, Xue and Mei also learned Dual Cultivation.

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