476 Chapter 476: The Port City

    It was awkward for Long Chen to tell Mingyu and Zhiqing that he was adding Xue and Mei to their Dual Cultivation Sessions as well, but it worked out. They were pretty understanding as they had already accepted that Long Chen had two more women, which they couldn't do anything about.

    Thus, Long Chen's nights had an additional of 2 more girls. Since then, every night, he Dual Cultivated with four girls in the same tent where all of the girls could see the embarrassed expressions of the girl that was being pleased by Long Chen at the moment

    After traveling for weeks, they reached their one step closer to their destination.

    The destination of Long Chen was the Light Heaven Continent, whereas he was currently in the Donxia Continent.

    The Donxia Continent had 19 sects that ruled this place. The Heavenly Slaughter Sect and the True Dao Sect were the real peak powers of this continent, but there were other influential Sects as well in the Donxia Continent even though they were weaker than these two Sects.

    Amongst these 19 Supreme Sects, only 5 controlled a part of the sea adjacent to the continent where they had formed ports.

    These ports were controlled entirely by them, and they decided who got to go and who didn't.

    Only the ones that we're able to pay hefty fees were allowed to go on their ships to the Light Heaven Continent, but it was not that simple.

    The journey was full of hardships and often resulted in disasters as there were pirates in the sea, and there were giant beasts that were so powerful that they could destroy the ships.

    Even though the sects took all measures to protect their ships against them, there were still instances where the ships were destroyed or went missing before reaching the Light Heaven Continent.

    The Vessels of the True Dao Sect and the Heavenly Slaughter Sect were considered to be the safest ships amongst the ships of the five sects that provided the Inter Continent travel facilities.

    It was the reason why Long Chen had gone to the Port controlled by the True Dao Sect.

    That place was nearest to him while the Port controlled by the Heavenly Slaughter Sect was farther.

    Long Chen flew towards the Port City of the True Dao Sect, which was unironically called the Port City.

    As soon as he got to near the place, he used his Mask of Mischief to change his face to a different one as he saw some guards coming towards them on their flying beast.

    The guards looked at all of them before looking at the various portraits in their hands. They shook their heads as they realized that their faces didn't match to any of the people that were either wanted by the sect or banned by the Port City.

    "Is this your first time here?" The Guards asked Long Chen.

    "Yes. We wish to travel to another continent, and it's our first time. Did we make a mistake, sir?" Long Chen asked them.

    "We stopped you from making a mistake, so you haven't done it yet. We have a rule here. You can't fly in the city. You need to get down to the ground and enter using the main entrance," The guard informed Long Chen and his team.

    "Oh, We didn't know that. We will go down," Long Chen said to the guards before he lowered his beast in order to land on the ground. Ji Shan also did the same.

    After they got down to the ground, they saw the guards turn their flying beasts back as they flew away.

    "That mask is amazing. It didn't look like you were in disguise at all. It felt as if you were really a different person," Ji Shan praised the mask of Long Chen that had stopped the disguise and had returned to the form of the usual mask.

    "It is good. The only downside I can think of is that it can't change my body shape. I can't disguise as the person that has a different body shape than mine. I can only change my face to look like their face. It's time limitations are also not great," Long Chen replied as he sighed.

    "It's still a great treasure. I wonder who made it. It's the first time I'm seeing something that could do this," Ji Shan let out as he glanced at the mask.

    "I have no idea about that. I do have an idea on how to improve it, though. From what I can see, it works on formations. If I can master the high-level formations, I can probably modify it to remove its limitations as well," Long Chen muttered.

    Previously he couldn't see it, but after he had received the knowledge of a formation Master as a reward, he was able to see the formations that were inside this mask. He realized that the mask worked the way it did because of the formations. The one that made this mask special was probably a formation Master.

    They talked more about the mask as they walked towards the Port City on foot.

    They could see the long line to get entry into the port city. There were carriages in line, and there were people that were on foot. They probably came here on their flying beasts as well.

    As they were about to get near the entrance, they heard a loud roar from behind.

    "Don't block the road!" Someone let out.

    Long Chen and the others turned back only to see a carriage racing towards them.

    Ji Shan and the others stepped aside as they didn't want to get into any trouble in this territory, but Long Chen was still there. He was pretty annoyed.

    It was not the first time either. He always hated it when people acted as if the road belonged to their father, and everyone else walking on the road was trash.

    "Long Chen, come here. We don't need to attract the attention," Ji Shan said to Long Chen.

    Long Chen sighed as he walked to the side. As far away from the road as he could with the others.

    "Hmph," the driver snorted as he passed by.

    "Why is that driver so smug. I want to break his face," Ji Shan muttered as he shook his head.

    Long Chen's mind was on someone else, though. He saw a boy sitting inside the carriage, looking out the window.

    The boy looked to be just as old as Long Chen. He had light blue eyes and long black hair. He seemed to be bored.

    "What the heck? How did they get entry while the others are still waiting?" Ji Shan cursed out loud as he saw a different entrance being opened for that specific carriage to enter.

    "Ignore that. It must be an important person. Probably the carriage of the True Dao Sect or the ones that handle the matters in the Port City. Of Course, you will get more privilege in your kingdom, but the others won't," Long Chen shook his head as he again started walking towards the Port City.

    After some time, he was standing on the line, but he hadn't activated his Mask of Mischief as he didn't want to waste his limited time on the mask.

    Instead, he had covered the mask of mischief with another mask. If someone asked him to take off the Mask, he could just activate the mask of mischief and take off the other mask without arousing any suspicion.

    The line was pretty big. There were like 50 carriages in the line and 40 people that were on foot. The line was moving at the snail's pace.

    "Looks like we are going to be here for hours," Zhiqing let out as she saw how slow people were moving.
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