477 Chapter 477: Xu Shen

    "It's still good that the line is not big. It could've been worse," Mingyu replied to Zhiqing.

    They waited in line, which seemed to be crawling at a snail's pace, but after some hours, they did reach the entrance where guards were checking people.

    Long Chen was in the lead, talking to the guards.

    Just as he had expected, the guard asked him to remove his mask so that he could see his face and see if he was anyone that was wanted or not.

    Long Chen activated his Mask of Mischief as planned before he took off his other mask.

    The face that appeared before everyone was vastly different from his actual face.

    The guards checked the face against the various portraits they were assigned but didn't find any matches.

    "What purpose are you here for?" the Guard asked him.

    "My friends and I are here because we wish to leave this continent and go to the Light Heaven Continent. We want to go to the land of opportunities," Long Chen replied with an innocent smile on his face.

    "Alright. The entrance fee is 20 Black Gold Coins for a person," the guard replied.

    Long Chen nodded his head as he gave the guard 80 Black Gold Coins for him and the others.

    He didn't lack the money at all since he had collected a lot of resources, and he has a whole treasury of a Second Rank Kingdom in his storage ring.

    The guards gave him four passes, which marked the date of their entry.

    "You can enter, but you must never lose these passes. These passes act like a permit for you to stay in the Port City. The permits are only valid for seven days. If you are caught overstaying after those seven days, you will be arrested and most probably killed. You must also remember that if you are caught committing a crime in the city, you will face the same punishment," the guard explained to Long Chen.

    "We understand," Long Chen nodded his head.

    He gave the other three passes to Mingyu and the others. They all entered the Port City together.

    As they entered, they saw a city that was not as crowded as they had expected. The buildings were nice; the road was wide. The surroundings were cleaner.

    "This somehow looks comparable to our Royal City. I didn't expect that," Ji Shan commented as he grew amazed with what he saw.

    "This is a city that is under the True Dao Sect. It's a righteous sect, so it's not unexpected for them to show off a little. They also earn quite a lot from here," Zhiqing muttered as she followed Long Chen.

    "Guide for hire- only one gold coin."

    "Guide for hire- only one gold coin."

    After some time, they noticed a few people standing on the side, chanting to the ones that had just entered the city.

    Long Chen has worn the other mask again and canceled the effect of his Mask of Mischief.

    "Let's get a guide. We did read about the port, but the books can not give the ground reality like how we didn't know about the flying restriction. It would be good if we know more about it so that we could blend in better," Mingyu told Long Chen.

    Long Chen was also thinking about the same thing, and he was about to go there to ask for a guide as well.

    He looked at all the guides and chose a middle-aged man that had purple hair and black eyes.

    The man looked to be more mature than others at the same time; he seemed weaker than the others. His clothes were also not in good condition, like the clothes of the others.

    Long Chen walked up to that man.

    "Will you be our guide? I'll pay you a gold coin," he asked the man.

    "Ah, Of Course. You won't regret taking my services," The Man hurriedly nodded his head as he walked closer to Long Chen.

    "May I ask what purpose you are here for? So that I could better assist you?" The man asked Long Chen.

    "Why does everyone ask the same question? Do people come here for anything other than to leave this continent?" Ji Shan asked the guide.

    "Of course. There are people that come here for many things. Although most of the people come here to leave this continent, there are also a few people that come to tour this city. Some come here to sell items to the guests. Some come here to purchase items that are the specialty of the Port City. The Port City has various attractions that can attract many people," the Guide replied with a friendly smile on his face.

    "We came here to get on a ship to leave this continent. Here is your gold coin," Long Chen said as he threw a gold coin towards the man.

    The man caught it and kept it in his pocket.

    "Oh, nice. Let me show you the places related to that while I tell you the rules and the processes that you might need to go through. Please follow me," the man said as he turned back and started walking towards the core of the city.

    "Aren't you going to tell me your name?" Long Chen asked him as he continued following after the man.

    "Oh, right. I completely forgot about that. I'm Xiang Limu. I am a guide here," The man replied.

    "Nice to meet you, Xiang Limu. I'm Xu Shen. This is my brother, Xu Shan. They are Wu Ling and Wu Yue," Long Chen introduced himself and the girls with a fake name that they had already decided on using.

    Xiang Limu brought them around the city before he stopped before a tall building which had a board hung above the entrance, which read 'Grand Mu Hotel'.

    "This is the Grand Mu Hotel. This is the main hotel in the Port City which is run by the Mu Clan. You should get some rooms here before you do anything. The next ship won't be for the next five days. You can't stay on the streets, and if you delay too much, they might not even have the rooms for you," Xiang Limu explained to Long Chen.

    "Alright. Let me get the rooms for a week then. Come with us," Long Chen told Xiang Limu. He decided to listen to the advice.

    He activated his Mask of Mischief and took the fake mask off before he entered the Grand Mu Hotel.

    He talked to the receptionist and booked two rooms for themselves. It cost him 1 Black Gold Coin for seven days per person. He paid two black gold coins to book the two rooms. He was assigned the rooms on the 4th floor and given the keys.

    He walked out of the hotel with the others, instead of going to the room, after getting the keys of the rooms

    Since he had already received the keys and gotten the rooms, he didn't need to worry about a place to stay, and more importantly, he wanted to see the city first.

    They left the Grand Mu hotel, following behind Xiang Limu.

    "Can you tell me more about this, Mu Clan?" Long Chen asked Xiang Limu.

    "The Mu Clan is like the overlord of this place. Their clan handles the matters of the Port City as they are assigned to this place by the True Dao Sect,"  Xiang Limu explained to Long Chen.

    "Since they were given this important responsibility, they must have a lot of reach in the True Dao Sect, right?" Long Chen asked Xiang Limu.

    "Of Course. From what I heard, a lot of the Mu Clan members are in a really high position in the True Dao Sect," Xiang Limu answered Long Chen.
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