478 Chapter 478: Betting

    "Do you know how High?" Long Chen asked in curiosity.

    "I personally don't know, but I have heard that the Grand Elder of the True Dao Sect is from the Mu Clan. I can't say if the rumor is true or not, but it does sound true," Xiang Limu replied to Long Chen.

    "That sounds quite high. If I'm not wrong, that's like the highest position one can get after the Sect Master and the Supreme Elder. No wonder they were assigned to handle this place," Long Chen nodded his head.

    "Exactly. They are like gods here. Offending them is the worst crime one can commit," Xiang Limu told Long Chen.

    "Anyway, we are about to reach the marketplace of the Port City. You can buy and sell things there. You would need a permit from the city authorities to sell it though. You can find quite a lot of rare things in the marketplace," Xiang Limu explained to them.

    "We might shop for some things, but at the moment, I'm more concerned about buying tickets for our journey. We can go to the marketplace later," Long Chen reminded Xiang Limu that he didn't have the time to waste.

    "You can't buy tickets for the ship. The tickets are only going for sale two days before the departure date. You are like three days early, but I will show you the one where you can get the tickets when they become available. It just so happens that we need to go through the marketplace to get there. Since there was no hurry to go to the place, I thought that it would be better to show you around the marketplace first," Xiang Limu responded.

    "Alright. I understand. Since the tickets won't be sold today, we can take our time to see the city," Long Chen agreed.

    After walking for some time, they reached the marketplace of the Port City.

    Long Chen was standing at the center of a wide road. There were shops as far as his eyes could see on both sides of the streets. There were also people that were sitting on the ground, selling things on the corners of the roads or the ones that had a stall.

    "The Shops are mostly controlled by the Mu Clan. As for the ones that don't have a shop, most of them are the ones that came here to sell things but couldn't afford the shops. You can find some good and rare things with them, but most of the important things are sold in the shops as the shop owner tends to buy the things from those guys," Xiang Limu explained to Long Chen about the arrangement of this marketplace.

    "This seems quite normal, I guess. It's not rare for the Mu Clan to think about profiting themselves through this business practice. Also, People would have a certain kind of trust in their name, and they would much prefer to buy things from them instead of buying things from unknown sellers," Ji Shan gave his opinion.

    "Exactly. The individual sellers often don't sell that many things. That's why most of them prefer selling things to the shop owners instead of wasting their time sitting through a day and still getting nothing," Xiang Limu replied.

    "You guys can check things out for as long as you like. After you are done here, we can continue our tour," he added.

    Long Chen and the others walked through the marketplace, looking at various things that the individual sellers were selling, but they didn't go inside the shops.

    Instead, they just asked Xiang Limu about the things that the shops sold.

    They walked through the marketplace but didn't find anything that they really felt like they needed. There were some excellent skill books and some good treasures. There are also various artifacts that they saw along the way, but none of them were interesting for Long Chen.

    After some time, Long Chen noticed that Mingyu was interested in something. She was looking at a sword that seemed like it was carved from snow.

    "You want it?" Long Chen asked her as he held her hand.

    "The sword seems special. I think I have an affinity with this sword," Mingyu nodded her head.

    "Alright. Let's get it for you then," Long Chen said to the seller, who had the sword in a stall. He was an individual seller that didn't own a shop. He also tried selling the sword in the shops around the marketplace, but no one found it interesting enough to buy. He had no choice but to stay here, waiting for someone to buy it.

    The Sword was sold for 10 Black Gold Coins, which was something that a person could spend to stay in the Grand Mu Hotel for ten weeks.

    Long Chen gifted the sword to Mingyu with his own hands.

    Mingyu thanked Long Chen as she kept the sword in her storage ring.

    They again continued their exploration, and this time, it was Zhiqing who found something interesting for herself.

    It was a long red ribbon, which was actually an artifact that could be used to attack as well as to defend.

    It was an Earth Grade Artifact that was the same grade as the Ice Sword of Mingyu.

    It looked like a toy compared to the sword, though.

    "Can you use a ribbon to fight? The normal weapons might be more suitable for the ones that do not have experience with these unorthodox weapons," Long Chen suggested Zhiqing.

    "I have trained with many Weapons before. A ribbon is one of them. I think I can fight with that, and it seems useful in defense as well," Zhiqing told Long Chen.


    Long Chen bought the ribbon for Mingyu and gifted her. He also got two beautiful matching swords for Xue and Mei, both of which were Earth Grade Weapons. He didn't buy a weapon for his mother and his grandfather, as he already had better weapons for them.

    He had decided to give his mother the Sword of The Mighty Sword Sect Elder, whom he had killed. The Elder was a female as well. He also selected one sword for his grandfather from the loot that he had received outside the Divine Heaven Sect by killing the Elders.

    He had also given one of those weapons to Ji Shan and told him not to use it before they left the continent.

    They were just about to reach the end of the marketplace when Long Chen saw a shop that seemed to be crowded. Many people were standing inside.

    "What is happening there?" Long Chen asked Xiang Limu.

    "That place is always crowded. It's the most famous shop in this marketplace. It's like a Crystal betting place. If people win, they can get many rewards from the shop from the top Earth Gade Weapons to the tickets of the ship in advance," Xiang Limu told Long Chen.

    "Tickets for the ship in advance?" Long Chen asked with a confused look on his face.

    "Yeah, they give out ten tickets every day in the shop to the winners before the sale could officially begin two days before the departure of the ship. As the ship tickets are somewhat expensive, people come here to try their luck to get them for cheap," Xiang Limu explained.

    "Can you explain to me how it works?" Long Chen asked him. "I might try this out as well if it's something possible for me. It's much better than waiting."

    "The process is quite simple. They would place ten Crystals before you. One of those Crystal will be Red Spica Crystal, while others will be Red Din Crystal. Both of them look similar from outside, but the real difference starts when one breaks the Crystal as the inside of the Red Spica Crystal is actually green, whereas the inside of the Red Din Crystal is red."
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