4 He Looked Sick

    Deyna noticed that many people from the village came to the mountain to see Chief Doctor Song.

    She could tell that he was a good doctor and impressive on top of that. She assisted him with the things he needed while looking after the patients.

    A little girl entered, but Chief Doctor Song excused himself for a while.

    The little girl with her mother smiled at her and gushed, "Big Sis, you're so pretty."

    Deyna responded with a "Thank you." She noticed the patches on the little girl's skin, so she automatically felt her pulse.

    Then she turned her head to her mother and asked, "Did she have a fever before and if yes, how many times?"

    The mother thought about it for a while and answered, "She has a fever for a week, it would come for a day then it stopped. And it's been persisting like that, on and off."

    She studied the little girl's skin...

    "What is it, Deyna?" Doctor Song asked when he came back and saw Deyna examining the little girl thoroughly like an expert.

    "Chief Song, she has symptoms of Dengue Fever, " Deyna said confidently.

    Chief Doctor Song had been observing Deyna for days. The girl was very knowledgeable and well versed with the medical terms, so he presumed she was a Physician. She also knew a lot about medicines and even herbs.

    Days passed by, and Deyna had adjusted well. Her wounds were almost healed, and she enjoyed helping the Chief Doctor.

    She was also learning a lot from Chief Doctor Song with regards to medical matters.

    "Why are you here, Chief? I mean you are surely a great doctor, and I'm sure you'll make a name if you practice in the city instead," asked Deyna out of curiosity.

    Chief Doctor Song smiled at her and signaled her to sit beside him.

    "There's a story behind it, child, but if you are willing to listen, then I will tell you," said Chief Doctor Song.

    Deyna was too curious, so she answered, "Yes, tell me the whole story, Chief."

    Deyna was astonished when the Chief Doctor told her his story. He was hiding from certain people.

    Months passed by smoothly, but Deyna's memory had not come back. It was almost a year, and there was still no progress. The worst part was that Chief Doctor Song, who had almost become like a father for her, had fallen ill and only had a short time to live.

    Deyna cried hard... But she knew there was not much hope in Chief Doctor Song's condition.


    One day, a visitor came. It was Rigs Ken, the head of the Ken Family, whom Chief Doctor Song had been waiting for.

    Chief Doctor Song was an essential person to the Ken Family as he was the key person in solving their family's trials. Only then they could move forward and start living freely.

    She hid behind the door and quietly cried while she listened to how Chief Doctor Song entrusted her in the protection of the Ken Family.

    She couldn't take it anymore and ran inside to hug Chief Doctor Song.

    "Please, come with us..." she pleaded.

    But Chief Doctor Song just smiled at her and said, "It's alright, child. You know how I love this place, and there's nothing more I could ask for but to die in this place. This is my home."

    Deyna was crying hard, and with a stammering voice, she said, "I will stay with you till the end then. I will not leave, I'll stay here!"

    Chief Doctor Song creased his forehead and said, "Don't be stubborn, my child, and let this old man leave in peace, okay? Please, leave and find yourself. Follow the wish of this old man, will you? You're a strong woman, so keep on living. The Kens will help you. Also, you need to get out of here, meet people, and go to various places that can help you remember your past."

    "You can make me happy if you follow my plea, child. So please obey me and follow my wish," added Chief Doctor Song who was now crying too.


    Deyna looked inside the Ken's Mansion, she felt the familiar ambiance of the place though she couldn't remember exactly the same thing.

    'Why do I feel like I have lived in a big mansion before?' She mused as she looked around.

    She was introduced to the rest of the family by Old Master Ken.

    "Feel at home, Deyna, and don't hesitate to ask anyone in the family about anything. Arya, please help Deyna to settle in her room. From now on, this will be your new home. And don't worry, we will help you with everything you need," said Old Master Ken, whom Chief Doctor Song had entrusted her safety with.

    Everybody was so friendly to her, especially Old Master Ken's daughters-in-law who entertained her well.

    "It's decided, Deyna will come with us tonight so we can introduce her to Bernard," Arya, Old Master Ken's second grandson's wife, said with a wink.

    Deyna gave them a timid smile.

    "Gosh, you are so quiet. We won't bite you, so please talk to us freely," Denise, the wife of Old Master Ken's eldest grandson, said, smiling.

    They reached the helipad and entered a helicopter, so Deyna asked, "Where are we going?"

    "We are going to Bro Ryu's Island. It's a private island, and Arya said it's a lovely place," answered Denise.

    After an hour, they reached the island, and true enough, it was remarkable. They arrived before sundown, and the sunset was so pretty to watch.

    She looked at the three lovely couples before her. The three Kens with their wives looked so lovely.

    "Hey, stop being so lovey-dovey, guys, and have mercy on Deyna," Dean, Old Master Ken's third grandson said in dramatic jest when he noticed how Deyna was blushing as she looked at Arya and Ryu.

    Then a man appeared and told Ryu that Bernard's helicopter had already landed.

    "Guys, I'll just go and pick him," Ryu said before he left.

    After a few minutes, Ryu was back with a man. When she looked at him, Deyna's heart skipped a beat.

    For the first time from the moment she opened her eyes in Doctor Song's house, she felt something weird. She felt timider than her usual self, and she couldn't look straight at him. His eyes were exquisite and expressive, and his lips were perfectly curved.

    'What's wrong with me?' She pondered. The feeling was new to her.

    Ryu introduced her to Bernard and said, "Bernard, this is Deyna, my cousin. Deyna, this is Bernard, our friend."

    "Hi," greeted Bernard as he extended his hand.

    Deyna let out a shy smile and accepted Bernard's hand.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    'Something is wrong with his face. He looks sick,' Deyna thought to herself as she stared at Bernard's pale face.
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