5 I Love You

    Things began to develop fast between Deyna and Bernard, the CEO of Cooper Entertainment, and soon enough, they got engaged.

    "Bernard, what if I come from a bad family, or what if I was a bad person before? Remember, I had gunshot wounds when Chief Doctor Song found me." Deyna expressed her concerns as they were watching the grand private wedding of the Kens' bachelors.

    Bernard looked at Deyna lovingly and pinched her cheeks.

    "You're so cute that I don't care about your past. So, don't worry because this man loves you too much to abandon you for your background. I care for nothing else but to be with you for the rest of my life," Bernard said and kissed her cheek that made Deyna blush hard.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Bernard just loved Deyna's bashful reaction to his every word.

    He narrowed his eyes and stared directly at her and added, "I think you put a potion in the herbs you kept on giving me. Tell me honestly, hon, you have mixed a love potion there, haven't you? To blind me with my love for you?"

    Deyna gently punched his chest and murmured, "Stop teasing me!"

    Bernard laughed and hugged her. Next week the two of them were also going to enter the altar of matrimony.

    "Hon, tomorrow I will introduce you to my closest cousin. I will tell you now that he and I look so much alike that we are often mistaken as twins. Well, our mothers are twins. Xander and I got most our facial features from our mothers. By the way, he is a doctor too, but he's a quack doctor, unlike you, hahaha," said Bernard laughing.

    Deyna pouted her lips and murmured, "I'm considered a quack doctor too, you know. I don't even know if I'm a legitimate doctor."

    "Nah, you have saved Ryu Ken's life. You were the only doctor who managed to bring him back to life. I told you that we can have your background investigated, but you always refuse. I still think it's important to know your past, Deyna," Bernard said in an earnest tone.

    "But I'm afraid, Bernard. Besides, I'm happy for who I am and what I have right now," Deyna said, smiling. She couldn't ask for more, having Bernard by her side and the Ken Family who treated her as one of theirs, she was happy.

    "By the way, what's your cousin's name? I hope he likes me since he's your closest cousin," Deyna asked. She was excited to get to know another member of Bernard's family.

    "Hmm... Everybody will like you, hon, so just be yourself. He is the closest one to me because he always protects me. He's like a protective brother. He's just a little bit older than me. I'm not sure if you have heard about him. He is the CEO of Yang Global Hospitals, Xander Yang." Bernard said.

    'Xander Yang?' She repeated inwardly.

    Weird, the name sounded so familiar to her, but she couldn't precisely determine how.

    "Hon, let's listen if their vows are better than ours." Bernard suddenly whispered in her ear, so her thoughts shifted back to the wedding ceremony.

    They congratulated the newlyweds.

    Old Master Ken walked toward Deyna and said, "I'm sorry, child, the family was caught up in so many events lately that I haven't been able to fulfill my promise to Chief Doctor Song and help you find out about your past. But now that everything in the family has been peacefully settled, I will soon start searching for everything that I could find about you."

    Deyna bit her lip and answered, "Please don't, Uncle. I'm happy right now and not ready to know about my past yet."

    Old Master Ken understood, so he said, "Alright child, please don't hesitate to tell me once you are ready to find out who you are."

    Deyna smiled and nodded.


    The next day, the couple headed to the meeting place where they were going to have dinner with Bernard's cousin, Xander Yang.

    Bernard held Deyna's hand and said in jest, "When you see Xander later, tell me who's more handsome, okay?"

    Deyna laughed. Bernard was always like this. He could always make her laugh and fill her heart with joy that she was afraid if this was all just a dream and that she would wake up soon.

    "Don't you know that in my eyes you are the only handsome man?" Deyna declared, and Bernard responded with a burst of hearty laughter.

    "Hon, you are becoming more and more like me nowadays. You've learned well, huh? Now you can also flatter me with some flowery words," said Bernard still laughing.

    Deyna flushed and bit her lip.

    "Where are we heading to?" She asked when she noticed that the roads were on slopes and there were a lot of lush green trees on the roadsides.

    "Xander's Villa. It's a nice place, you will surely enjoy..." Bernard abruptly swerved the car to prevent a collision with an oncoming truck that was driving out of its lane. The truck was about to hit them.

    Deyna's eyes widened in horror, and she screamed when she felt a hard impact to the whole front of their car.

    She felt the car fly high up in the air.

    The last thing she saw was Bernard taking off his seatbelt and blocking her front with his body while he held her head and said with a smile, "I love you."

    Then, she felt his tight embrace. And once more, everything else went pitch black...
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