7 Unlucky Person

    "How is she?" Xander asked Dr. Min.

    "She's doing fine physically, but she's suffering from a great emotional distress, that's why she's like that," explained Dr. Min as the two observed Deyna.

    Arya and Ryu Ken were talking with her and giving her consolation, but Deyna was not responding and just stared in a particular direction like a lost soul.

    Today, they buried Bernard's remains, and Deyna had refused to come. Until now, she was still not talking to anyone. The Kens had talked to him, and his uncle, about them taking over Deyna's welfare, but Uncle Cooper refused, saying that Deyna was already a part of their family.

    It was a heartbreaking scene because the Kens had become close to Bernard too. They let Deyna stay in the hospital and gave her the space she wanted.

    Days passed by, and Deyna remained in the hospital. She did not want to be disturbed and did not wish to accept any visitors.

    The only thing she said to the doctors was, "Leave me alone. I will not commit suicide, nor will I do anything stupid. I just want to be alone for a while."

    Xander had Deyna monitored 24/7.

    "Sir, here are the photos. Dr. Min is right. She is Yera Han from Life Hospitals Group," Assistant Ron said as he handed the report to his boss.

    Xander looked at the photos and murmured, "So she's alive and had suffered amnesia? The question is... whose body did they confirm to be hers? Something is off, don't you think so, Ron? Dig deeper into it. Do it discreetly, since this is not a simple thing. Those who were involved would not have a second thought to kill anyone."

    "Noted, Sir." Assistant Ron said as Xander dismissed him.

    "Bernard," Xander murmured. He let out a long, conflicted sigh as he stared at the photos of Yera Han.

    "Sir, someone from the hospital has just called. Miss Song has gone missing," Assistant Ron reported rushing back to his office.

    Xander sighed then his phone suddenly rang.

    "Alright, keep following her and report to me on everything that she does. Make sure she's safe," Xander said to the person on the other end of the line.

    Assistant Ron sighed too. He presumed that the call was from Ralf.

    Ralf was the head of their security team whom Xander had assigned to personally monitor Yera Han.

    He knew Xander and Bernard were very close, but he was a bit confused because he found it unnecessary for his boss to get that much involved with Yera Han's case.

    Besides, Bernard and Yera Han aka Deyna were not married, so technically speaking they were not family. And yet his boss had shown a lot of concern about her.

    "Hey, Ron, stop overthinking, or your brain will explode. Go back to your work!" Told Xander when he noticed that his assistant was deep in thoughts.


    Deyna went to their family's private graveyard, and the keeper almost lost consciousness when she saw her.

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    "Miss Yera, you are alive. Oh my God, Old Master had always waited for you to come back. He couldn't accept your tragic death until the end." Said the old woman who burst into tears.

    Deyna looked at her grandfather's photo, and tears fell from her eyes.

    So many things had happened while she was away.

    She was consumed by her loss of Bernard so much she only found out about everything that had happened to her grandfather and all their assets just recently.

    Yes, she had regained all of her memories back. She was Yera Han, and she must move on and start her life anew. That was what Bernard would want her to do.

    But how? Where should she return? They had taken everything.

    She clenched her fists and bowed to her grandfather's tomb.

    "I am sorry, Grandpa. Please, rest in peace... your granddaughter is okay. I promise I will take everything back. I will take it all back from them," she murmured crying.

    She looked at the keeper as she asked her to keep her visit a secret. And that she should not mention anything to anyone about her being alive.

    No one could be trusted. Even her grandfather's death was something suspicious. Despite his age, he was quite the vigorous man to be sick all of a sudden.

    Her phone rang, it was Arya, asking where she was in a worried voice.

    "I'm fine, Arya. Don't worry about me because it's not good for your baby. I'm on my way to my apartment now to do my usual things. Please, send my regards to the family. I will visit you soon," she said in her usual tone.

    Deyna bit her lip as she reached her door. She turned around and stared at the adjacent door. It was Bernard's apartment. He intentionally moved there to be near her.

    Tears welled up in her eyes, she struggled hard to fight the urge to go inside because she knew his password.

    She must move on. That was what she kept on telling herself, although the pain was killing her. She felt like she was the most unlucky person in the world to have such unfortunate events happening in her life.

    She must return to her old self to survive all of this. Yera Han was not as weak as Deyna Song.

    She must return as Yera Han. Cold and ruthless. Someone with a heart of stone...
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