8 Doppelganger

    Months passed by, and Deyna had gone back to her usual routine. She had also started her own investigation into her kidnapping and her grandfather's death.

    But her resources were minimal. She got back all of her memories as Yera Han, but it was wiser for her to keep using the name Deyna Song for her own safety.

    She had even changed her original hair color and style so she would look slightly different from Yera Han.

    She could ask help from the Ken Family any time she wanted, but she did not want to bother them anymore.

    The Kens had enough on their plate and had just gotten everything in place. She knew her case would definitely stir trouble that would make them worried, and she did not want that. They had done so much good for her, and that was enough.

    She shook her head and smirked. There was no doubt that she was back to her old self. She was used to repaying every kindness or favor she had received. She hated being indebted; that was Yera Han's nature.

    She went out to do some groceries. She sighed. She always sighed whenever she saw the adjacent door, but she did not want to leave this place and move to another apartment.

    She often hoped that Bernard's smiling face would greet her in the morning like before.

    Deyna almost jumped off when she heard the clicking sound of Bernard's door.

    'What was that? Bernard, are you trying to scare me?' She wanted to shout.

    She felt a chill to her bones when the door gently opened, and she almost passed out when Bernard's face popped out and smiled at her, saying, "Hello."

    Deyna stood there, totally frozen with open mouth and wide eyes.

    Then she blinked several times and murmured, "I must be dreaming."

    Unconsciously, she walked towards the man and hugged him tightly, so tightly as if she did not want to lose him.

    Then, she looked upwards to look at his face again. He looked exactly the same, but there was something different about him.

    But why would she care whether it was a dream or not, as long as it was him? She felt so happy that she clung to his neck and wanted to kiss him.

    She pulled him closer so she could reach his lips, but he kept pushing her away.

    They looked like they were both doing the pull and push game, where she was trying hard to pull, and he was working hard to push.

    "Miss Deyna, please wake up. I'm not Bernard!" Said the man as he tried hard to push Deyna and stop her from kissing him.

    Deyna frowned and touched his face once more, then slapped it left and right.

    "Ouch!" He cried out. Deyna's eyes widened as she quickly stepped away from him.

    "Who are you?! What are you doing in Bernard's apartment?" She asked frantically. Then she remembered about the cousin that Bernard had mentioned. The cousin that looked exactly like him.

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    "You're his...?" She mumbled, and the man smiled at her while he massaged his face that she slapped.

    "Yes, I'm Bernard's cousin, Xander Yang. Don't you remember me from the hospital? It's okay, I understand. We are alike, like twins, or should I say doppelganger?" He said, of the physical similarities between Bernard and him.

    Deyna shook her head. All the time when she was still at the hospital, her thoughts were clouded with only the reflection of Bernard. She had not noticed her surroundings at all.

    "Sorry if I startled you. I moved here last night. So we will be neighbors from now on. So, please take care of me?" Said Xander smiling.

    Deyna's brow arched. Take care of him? She could barely take care of herself.

    With twitched mouth, she answered, "I'll go ahead. It's nice to meet you."

    Then without further ado, she turned around to head towards the elevator. What a small world. Bernard's cousin was her rival in the family business - Life Hospitals Group.

    Until now, she couldn't find a way to take it back. Under Lyndon's management, it was currently battling head to head with Xander Yang's Global Hospitals.

    Deyna let out a long sigh. She hated the name 'Xander Yang' for years before her life as Yera Han was put at risk.

    She crumpled her face as she pressed the elevator button. Out of all the people, why did it have to be Xander Yang? The cousin who looked exactly the same as her beloved Bernard.

    If looking closely, they did not really look the same. Deyna could somehow already tell the difference from the moment she saw Xander at Bernard's door. But she was clouded by how much she missed Bernard. So she ignored it and attacked him thoughtlessly.

    Deyna sighed as she entered the elevator. When the doors were about to close, a hand stopped them, so they slid open once more.

    Once again, it was Xander's wide smile directed to her as he said, "Sorry, I'm new in the neighborhood. I would like to buy some stuff, but I don't know where the nearest grocery store is."

    Deyna pursed her lips and wanted to say, 'Are you a clown? Why do you always smile?'

    Not that it was an ugly sight, because he definitely looked handsome with those charming eyes which complemented his cheerful aura.

    But for some reason, she was distracted with how he always smiled at her. Or maybe she was just envious because ever since Bernard left her, she had not been able to smile at all.

    She stared at Xander and said, "You could have actually googled it. But I'm heading there myself, so you can follow me this time."

    "Oh okay, but it is actually good to do things together with someone. I hate it the most when I do things alone. So, I think I might end up bothering you from time to time, Deyna," Xander said.

    Deyna could sense that he was a naturally friendly type of person, someone who was probably suitable for public relation matters, as what all the media had said about him. No wonder she had often lost to him in acquiring more clients.

    She sighed and mumbled, "I'm a busy person, Mr. Yang, so I would appreciate it if you don't bother me at all."

    "Oh, alright, but please don't call me by that name. I would feel like I'm an old person, or I'm in the middle of a formal meeting. It's really okay to just call me by my first name, Xander. Oh, and by the way, feel free to bother me anytime you want. I don't mind. So please don't hesitate to ask me for help if you need any, Deyna," Xander said without any pauses, which left Deyna speechless.
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