9 Troublesome Neighbor

    Xander followed Deyna inside the grocery store and sighed. She had changed her hairstyle and hair color from a pure straight long black hair to fringy layers of copper color with dimensional highlights. It had that something's-different-but-I-can't-put-my-finger-on-it quality.

    Regardless of hairstyle and hair color, Deyna's cute features were still there. You wouldn't believe that she was already twenty-nine years old because she looked much younger. She was blessed with a babyface.

    He was following Deyna's every move ever since he saw her at the hospital. He knew that her memories as Yera Han were back, and she was just hiding it.

    However, she was recklessly doing things on her own, and her enemy was not someone small. If not for his intervention, her life would have been in jeopardy once more.

    It was good that Bernard had processed her documentation before their wedding. On paper, she appeared to be Doctor Song's legal daughter. So they managed to mislead certain people who were behind the misfortunes of the Han Family.

    Xander sighed. He was looking for the right timing to approach her and to bring up the subject of her own safety, without her misunderstanding the whole situation.

    Although, he was curious why she didn't ask the Kens to help her. They were absolutely capable of helping her.

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    From the way he looked at it, Deyna preferred to do things on her own. But clearly, she wouldn't make it alive if she continued like this. The worst-case scenario was that she would end up dead, this time for sure.

    Deyna stopped walking and turned around to look at him with an arched brow.

    Xander was suppressing his laughter because he found her expression adorable. She was really back to her old self because according to Ron's report, Yera Han was the one who always struck terror. Everyone was afraid to approach her.

    "Mr. Yang, can you stop following me now? We are already inside the grocery store, and I don't feel comfortable with you hanging around me, so please..." she said grumpily as her eyes rounded straight at him.

    Xander winked at her, and it made Deyna's face crumple even more.

    'What is wrong with this guy?' She thought irritably as she looked at the never-ending smile on his face as though he was the craziest person in the world.

    "I'm not following you. I just need some things from here too. There... see? I need some of these," he stated with a grin, pointing at the shampoos for men.

    "Can't he stop smiling?!" Deyna mumbled as she walked past him to start picking up her own things. It actually surprised her that Xander was doing his own grocery when he could easily ask his helper or assistant to do it.

    Xander grinned mischievously as he muttered, "What an elusive vixen."

    It wouldn't be easy to approach someone like her. Well, maybe for others, because Xander was different. He always had his own ways with everything.


    Bernard previously helped her to get the qualification and necessary documents for an emergency doctor. She was now working at the hospital's Emergency Room. She was not on duty on weekends, so she usually prepared dinner at home.

    She scorned because if only her memory were back a bit earlier, a lot of events would have probably turned differently.

    Emergency Doctor, her ass! It was evident that she was more knowledgeable than all those other doctors in that hospital's Emergency Room. It was a given because she was one of the youngest and the best surgeons in the world.

    Her main problem now was to find a way to apply for a qualification to get proper documents to become a surgeon. She must stay as Deyna Song for her own safety, so Yera Han must remain dead for the time being.

    Her cooking was almost done when she heard her doorbell buzz.

    She opened it and her mouth slightly opened when Xander's smiling face greeted her.

    "Hi, sorry, but, uhm, how can I say this... I tried to cook, but I think I've burnt everything. Can you help me out? Or uhm I'm not sure how to say it, but I'm actually not used to eating alone. Usually, my assistant would accompany me, but he is on his day-off right now, so..." Xander hesitated.

    Deyna let out an irked sigh and cut in, "Mr. Yang, just say it straight to the point! What is it? I hate to listen to long sentences."

    Xander grinned at her and said, "Can we have dinner together? I'll treat you since it's our first formal meeting with each other after..."

    Xander stopped and did not continue the rest of his sentence because he could sense that due to her personality, she would prefer not to bring bad things that had already happened.

    "Sorry, but I have already made my dinner. So, no thanks. Nice meeting you, Mr. Yang," she said, her mouth twitched as she closed her door.

    But then she suddenly realized that she was rude. Xander Yang was Bernard's cousin. His closest cousin.

    'What is wrong with me!?' She chided herself for being too harsh. There's nothing wrong with having a simple dinner. It was because she was back to her old self, the snobby and cold person she used to be.

    She sighed and quickly turned back around to open the door. To her surprise, Xander was still outside, and as usual, his genuine smile was formed on his lips.

    'What the hell is wrong with this man?' she thought when she saw Xander was still having a wide smile plastered on his face even after she showed him her rudeness.

    "I think I made a lot for me to eat alone, so if you would like, come over and eat dinner with me instead," she said straightforwardly.

    Xander's face lit up as his smile became broader.

    "Alright, I'll come in now because I'm starving," he said and casually walked inside her apartment.

    Deyna sighed. Maybe it was about time she moved out. She had the feeling that Xander would be a troublesome neighbor.
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