10 One Condition

    "How do I set this? You read it and teach me how to do it. You know how lazy I am when it comes to reading," Xander instructed Assistant Ron who had arrived at the Yang mansion with a video intercom.

    "Sir, we can ask the service provider to install it there instead," Ron suggested as he started reading the instructions.

    "Do you think she would simply accept it if the service provider just went to her place and say that I have instructed them to do so? No, she won't. That woman is as cold as ice, Ron. Trust me. At least with me, she feels a bit comfortable. Well, maybe not that comfortable, but she takes it into consideration that I'm Bernard's closest cousin who was like a brother to him," explained Xander as he studied the recent reports on their new projects.

    Assistant Ron threw a suspicious glance at his boss. It was not in his character to waste his time if things were not profitable. The same went for people, especially if it was not family.

    Was Yera Han considered a family to him? It was unusual for him to invest so much effort and time for her, that he had even bought Bernard's apartment just next door to hers.

    "Ron, you really want your head to explode soon? Focus on that and make sure you show me how to properly install it!" Xander burst out when he noticed that his assistant was giving him a suspecting look instead of reading the video intercom manual as he instructed him to do.

    Xander let out a conflicted sigh. He had his own reason as to why he wanted to get close to Deyna. And there was actually more to it, but even he couldn't name it.

    Then he smiled to himself when he recalled her angry face. She always had the same expressions. She would either frown or arch an eyebrow, and he found it utterly charming.

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    As soon as he learned how to install the video intercom, he immediately returned to his apartment. He knew that Deyna was not working that day and was at home, so he directly buzzed her doorbell.

    "Hello," he greeted with his usual smile.

    Deyna nodded a little as an answer.

    "Yes?" she asked with her usual arched brow.

    "I bought this," Xander said as he raised a paper bag.

    Then he added, "I've noticed that you don't have a video intercom. And I think you should have it for safety reasons. Nowadays it's important to see who's behind your door before you open it," he explained, still smiling.

    "You shouldn't have bothered because this building is secure enough. Besides, the door has a peephole," Deyna answered casually.

    To her surprise, Xander suddenly stepped into her apartment as if it were his own.

    "I must insist. It won't take long, just give me five minutes and I'll be gone," Xander said as he began to install the video intercom.

    Deyna was dumbfounded.

    'What are you, really?' she wanted to voice out her irritation because they were not even that close for him to act like this.

    He was too comfortable with disturbing her, but she was not at all pleased with him bothering her.

    She watched him silently. He and Bernard were both cheerful and friendly, but Bernard was not as bold as Xander. Bernard always asked for her permission first before he did anything, but Xander seemed to do things to his liking.

    Just like now, she refused, but he still insisted. Bernard had already told her about the video intercom, but she declined, saying that it was not needed. In the end, he obliged and said jokingly that there was nothing to worry about anyway since he was just next door.

    "I'm really not Bernard, just to be clear with that," Xander murmured in jest.

    Deyna reddened with embarrassment. Xander must have noticed she was staring at him.

    "I'm almost done," she heard him say.

    She walked towards her refrigerator to get Xander a drink.

    She was going to talk to him. She felt like there were some motives behind his every move.

    "Here, drink it," she offered a glass of fresh juice when Xander finished.

    He smiled and sat in the dining area.

    Deyna sat in front of him and let out a long sigh before she talked, "Mr. Yang, I'm a straightforward person so I will apologize in advance for what I am about to say to you."

    She looked straight into his eyes and said, "I really hate it when my privacy is being invaded. I want to stay alone as much as possible. I do appreciate your kindness, but I really hope that you will stop bothering me from now on."

    Xander did not smile this time but met her intense stare.

    "I'm sorry, but I don't think that's possible," he simply said, that made Deyna frown.

    "What? Are you deaf? What is it that you need from me?" she lashed out at him.

    "Me? Yes, I need something from you, but I think you are the one who needs something big from me," told Xander, which left Deyna befuddled.

    Xander straightened his back and sighed.

    "Let me rephrase it. You need me, and I am willing to give you everything and help you with anything. I only have one condition in return," Xander said as he looked intently at Deyna who was not even blinking at that moment.

    When Deyna remained silent, he continued, "I will bring it all back to you... The things that you've lost... Your enemies will be my enemies, and I will make everything happen according to your will, Miss Yera Han."

    Deyna paled at Xander's last words. He called her by her real name.

    "How?" that was the only words that came out from her mouth as she looked at him, totally stunned.

    Xander sighed. This might be the right opportunity to make his proposition known to her because he feared that Deyna would make a bold move at any moment and it would be too late for him to come to her rescue.

    He wanted to prevent her from making any reckless moves, like the last time, as much as he could. She might not know, but if he had not interfered in time back then, she would have been too close to danger.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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