11 His Offer

    "How?" That was the only word Deyna said before her eyes narrowed at Xander.

    "How did you know about me? What is going on? Were you stalking me? Did you have me investigated?!" Deyna exclaimed in a row as her face reddened in rage. She could sense that something was off with Xander. His sudden arrival and staying at Bernard's apartment was suspicious. He was constantly around her, which had always made her feel uneasy.

    Xander stared at Deyna's eyes intently and let out a long deep sigh before he spoke, "Please calm down, okay?"

    Deyna raised an eyebrow as she berated him, "Calm down? How can I calm down after finding out that you have intentionally approached me? Tell me, what's your intention?"

    Xander held back as he observed her. She was no longer the soft-spoken and timid Deyna Song whom Bernard had often told him about. The woman standing before him was Yera Han, the straightforward and sharp-tongued woman who was well-known as the 'Witch Doctor.' He had heard a lot about her but had never had the chance to meet her in person. But now, he could see that she had fully returned to being her real self.

    With Yera Han's character, Xander felt that his offer would come to a waste because Yera Han was also known for being a woman with excessive pride. But he was resolute. Should she refuse, he had no other choice but to proceed with his plan B, in which he would need to blackmail her into accepting his offer.

    Xander crossed both his legs and arms as he let out another sigh. He then said, "As I've said before, I will give you all the power that you need. That way, you can get back all the things you've lost and punish those who have wronged you and your family..."

    "And why would you do that? I'm quite sure the Xander Yang I know would never give out a free offer out of goodwill," Deyna scoffed. She knew the type of person that he was very well. Xander Yang would never give something away without anything in return.

    Xander's squinted an eye. The woman was surely quick-witted. It was true that he would ask her for something in return. However, it was something he was sure she would refuse if he did not choose his words carefully.

    "You are right. I've already mentioned it before..." Xander murmured, and Deyna recalled what he said. That he had only one condition.

    Deyna scoffed and asked, "Yeah, one condition. And what would it be?"

    Xander coughed and cleared his throat before he said, "You have to become my wife..."

    Deyna's facial muscles flinched. She was trying to digest what Xander had just told her. 'Is she hearing it correctly? Be his wife?' she pondered as she started to burst in a fit of laughter.

    Xander did not expect that kind of reaction from Deyna.

    'Why would she laugh like that? Do I look funny to her? Was that even funny at all?' Xander thought, totally flustered. He would understand if Deyna was angry because of the condition that he put on the offer. But to laugh loudly like that? He definitely did not expect it.

    Deyna was still laughing, yet she tried her best to regain composure. She then said, slightly snorting from suppressing her laughter, "I'm sorry... But, I'm not sure if I heard it right. I mean, why would you want me to marry you? I'm Bernard's fiancee! I love your cousin more than life!"

    Then with a solemn expression on her face, she added, "Besides, isn't that a bit off for an offer? What would you gain from marrying me? How about I give you half of my company share? Or even 70%? I'm willing to give it to you if you help me to get it all back."

    Xander stood up to leave because he could no longer stand Deyna's piercing gaze at him. He felt like he was already dead meat by that look in itself.

    "Just think about it. I will have my assistant send you the contract. You can check it and you can always tell me what you think, so we could come up to a certain agreement somehow," he insisted.

    Then he advanced toward the door but suddenly paused. He turned around and looked sternly at Deyna and said his last piece before leaving," By the way, avoid making any reckless moves, or you will put your life in danger again. Someone was trying to check on your profile recently. Luckily, I intervened. Ron will fill you in with the details. I'll leave now, and hopefully, you would give me your answer soon."

    Deyna looked at the door which Xander had just closed while she massaged her temple. She could feel her head would burst anytime soon.

    A while later, her doorbell rang. It was Xander's assistant, who introduced himself as Assistant Ron. "Miss, here's my business card. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. Also, this is Mr. Yang's contact details. You can also contact him directly."

    Then Ron went through the details of the contract with her, while she was reading it with pursed lips and creased forehead.

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    Ron let out his breath and quickly left when Deyna dismissed him. He was very confused by which name he should greet her. Miss Yera? Miss Deyna? To avoid any awkwardness, he decided to just address her with a 'Miss.' At least for now. Who knows, maybe she would even be 'Madam Yang' soon. That would definitely solve his problem.

    But, based on her expression, Ron could tell that she would not accept his boss's offer. He was startled when Xander suddenly pulled him inside his place as soon as he left Deyna's apartment.

    "What do you think? Do you think she will consider the offer seriously?" asked Xander with eyes full of curiosity. Ron scratched his head and gave his boss a conflicted look.

    Xander's mouth twitched and said, "Just go back to the office. I will take a week leave!"

    He would convince Yera to accept his offer in that one week's time...
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