16 Electric Jol

    Last night Yera was unable to sleep properly. For some reason, she was feeling uneasy...

    Today, Yera and Xander would register their marriage.

    She sat down on her bed and stared at Bernard's framed photograph on her bedside table and murmured, "Do you think I made the right choice?"

    Yera drew out a long air from her lungs before she got up and did her stretching routines. She then looked at her luggage. Everything was already packed and ready to go. Soon after they registered their marriage, she would move into Yang's ancestral mansion.

    She hurriedly readied herself because she knew Xander would definitely come to pick her up early. After almost an hour, Yera heard the doorbell. And as she had expected, it was Xander's smiling face greeting her through the video intercom.

    "Morning, darling..." Xander greeted her as soon as she opened the door for him. He waltzed into her apartment casually. "Where are your things? I'll carry them," he asked as he looked around the room before spotting her luggage.

    Yera watched him carry her luggage and offered his hand to her. "Let's go," he said. Yera's eyebrow raised as she retorted, "What? What do I need your hand for? I can walk by myself. I will follow you."

    Xander chuckled as he retrieved his hand back and said, "Oh, well, I just thought we should start practicing acting sweet, so it will look more natural later when we meet dad. Like holding hands, you know."

    Yera sighed. She understood his point, so even though she was still reluctant, she still conceded, "Alright." She offered her hand, which Xander eagerly took and clasped tightly with his hand.

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    'Weird...' Yera mused when she felt a slight jolt in her hand. This was, of course, not the first time she experienced a static shock. She had had it from touching a doorknob, a chair, or any other inanimate objects. But this was the first time Yera sensed an electric jolt from another person's touch.

    She brushed off unnecessary thoughts and let Xander lead the way with her hand in his. Indeed, this kind of thing is essential for them to act natural in front of others. Besides, she had agreed to show a simple public display of affection during their matrimony, so she must get used to it.

    They arrived at the civil registry office, and Assistant Ron was already there, waiting for them. He handed a small paper bag to Xander. "It's our wedding rings," Xander murmured with a wink.

    "You don't need to bother," Yera muttered, trying her best to keep a deadpan face.

    "Of course I do... Who the heck will believe that we're married if we don't have a ring? I personally chose this design, so I hope you'll like it," Xander insisted as he held Yera's hand to put the ring on her ring finger.

    "It looks expensive," Yera commented as she stared at the marquise-cut diamond ring on her finger. It was a lovely ring with a horizontal solitaire that was surrounded by smaller diamonds.

    "Well, my wife should only have the best... It fits your beautiful hand perfectly," Xander complimented before he gave his ring to Yera and asked, "Hmm, can you please put my ring on me?"

    Of course, she would. Xander had put hers on her, so she would definitely feel guilty if she didn't grant him at least this wish. So she took his ring and put it on his ring finger.

    Meanwhile, Assistant Ron was busy snapping their pictures as instructed by his boss. He shook his head as he watched his boss acting cute in front of miss Han, who was superb in maintaining her cold expression, being the ice woman that she was. If that were another woman, she would have already been smitten by his boss' flirtatious moves by now.

    Just a simple smile or a wink from his boss could make all the girls in their hospital squeal. But the young mistress was just too different.

    After the officer announced that their marriage was now registered and they were officially husband and wife, Xander instructed Ron to take another picture of them.

    Without any warning, Xander pulled Yera closer to him and whispered, "We need to kiss for this photo because dad will surely ask."

    "What?!" Yera shrilled, but before she could utter another word, Xander's lips had gently pressed against hers, which were now slightly opened. It was a brief kiss, which only lasted for around three to five seconds. Xander let her go as soon as he heard a click sound from the camera that Assistant Ron was holding to capture their kiss.

    "Sorry about this... Here. you can slap me now, but please not too hard. Please don't leave any marks on my face," Xander pleaded as he offered his cheek to Yera with his eyes closed.

    'Are you for real!?' she wanted to shout it out. She would definitely go crazy soon from Xander's personality. She had never met anyone in her entire life, who was as brazen and candid as this man was.

    Xander opened his eyes after a few seconds when he did not feel any palms landing on his face. He saw Yera staring at him in disbelief, so he smiled and said, "Thank you for sparing my face. Shall we go to see your new home now, Mrs. Yang?"

    "You're unbelievable..." Yera muttered irritably when she felt Xander grab her hand to go to their next destination.

    Xander chuckled and replied, "You need to get used to this..."

    'Bernard, your cousin is more shameless than you,' Yera complained inwardly.
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