18 Bare Legs

    After a wonderful meal, Senior Yang escorted them to their newlywed room.

    "I had this room prepared when I was frustrated with Xander for not wanting to settle down. I thought that I should just make it anyway, so it can be occupied as soon as he changes his mind and gets married. Now I'm glad I did, now both of you can just settle in. I hope you like the decor," Senior Yang explained before he bid his farewell so the couple could finally have their privacy.

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    Yera wanted to laugh because the room was extravagant. It felt more like a luxurious hotel suite than a typical newlywed bedroom.

    She took her luggage and brought it into the walk-in closet. There were two walk-in closets. One was obviously for Xander, as it was filled with men's apparel, while the other one was vacant. It reminded her of her closet in her old bedroom at the Han's residence. It was also fully filled with branded clothes. She looked at her one and only suitcase now. What a contrast...

    Xander seemed to have read her thoughts as he commented, "We can go shopping later. Let's buy all the things you want, like before."

    Yera sneered. For some reason, expensive branded clothes didn't attract her anymore. Probably because she had gotten used to living a simple life as Deyna Song. Deyna had always worn modest clothes with reasonable prices like the dress she was wearing now.

    She arranged her things very quickly and went to the bathroom. "Wow..." She gasped in awe as she saw a whirlpool bathtub, a separate walk-in rain showers for two, and a confined space for an infrared sauna. It was not just a bathroom. It was a private spa!

    She must admit, she missed this kind of lavish lifestyle. It was convenient and comfortable. Oh, how she wanted to try out that whirlpool bath in their bathroom right now, but she wanted to do it unrestrained when no one else was around. And right now, Xander was still there, in the room. So, perhaps later...

    When she stepped out of the bathroom, she saw Xander in the middle of arranging a pillow and a comforter on a large couch, which was facing a large flat-screen television. "I will sleep here, so you take the bed," he said casually.

    Yera did not respond because he only did what she had requested before. She told him that she would not share a bed with him, so one of them should sleep on the couch. Yera sighed. Xander was actually a gentleman.

    "Let's go shopping and buy you more things. I bet the stuff in your suitcase only fits half of the closet's first row," Xander jested.

    Yera unknowingly smiled because it was true. "We don't need to buy. I'm already used to wearing simple clothes like this, and what I have is enough."

    "Nah... Come on," Xander insisted as he grabbed Yera's hand to walk out of the room. Yera stared at his grasp on her hand. Weird... But for some reason, she felt comfortable with him holding her hand like that.

    They saw Senior Yang in the living room, and Xander informed him, "We'll go out to buy some things for Yera. I'll let you know if we'll join you for dinner."

    Senior Yang nodded and said, "Alright... Enjoy..."

    "What do you think about my daughter-in-law? Isn't she pretty? My son really knows how to choose well," Senior Yang bragged to their head butler, Garry.

    "Yes, Sir. I hope your wish of having a grandchild will be granted soon," said Butler Garry with a broad smile on his face as he poured a cup of coffee for his master.

    "Well, just make sure we give them enough privacy if you know what I mean. Just don't disturb them when they're alone. How about this? Let's come up with a plan to get those two grow even more attached to each other?" Senior Yang suggested, to which Butler Garry nodded in agreement.


    Xander brought Yera to one of the most exclusive boutiques in the city, in which there was a vast collection of branded clothes, shoes, and bags which she could choose from. But Yera was still hesitant.

    Xander began to choose some outfits for her, and his enthusiasm made it seem like he was the one who was going to wear them all. Yera could not help but smile and commented, "Are you the one who's going to wear all that?"

    Xander laughed and answered, "Well, you still look so reluctant to choose, so I'm just helping you out. Go try them on and see if they fit. I bet they'll all look good on you, though. I have a great eye for fashion, darling."

    Her heart would beat irregularly whenever Xander called her 'Darling'. Just like now. So she immediately turned around and went toward one of the fitting rooms to hide her reddening cheeks.

    Xander was still smiling as his eyes followed Yera's back. "She's now smiling without her knowing," he mumbled. He deliberately didn't say anything about her smiling because he was afraid she would be more self-conscious about it and would only try to hide it next time.

    He could feel that they were progressing somehow. Tomorrow, Yera would report for duty as a new Doctor at Yang Hospital. Although she would still go by Deyna's identity because she didn't want to reveal her true identity yet..

    Yera went out of the fitting room, and Xander could only stare at her in amazement. She looked so stunning in the dress she was trying on. He cursed inwardly because he could feel his buddy down there stir. Had he become a pervert ever since he met her? More precisely, ever since she gave him that hug in front of Bernard's apartment that day.

    "Is this medium size? Okay, I think this one fits well," she heard Yera talk to the saleslady. Xander shifted his gaze to the row of shoes and picked a pair of them to divert his corrupt thoughts.

    "What's your size?" he asked Yera, who immediately gave him the information.

    "Sit here," Xander instructed, to which Yera obeyed. He kneeled down to put the shoes on her feet.

    Yera hesitated and said, "No... I can do it myself."

    But Xander pretended he didn't hear her, as he proceeded to gently pull her leg and guided her foot into the shoe. But instantly, he was cursing inside. Why didn't he just listen to Yera and let her do it by herself? The sight of Yera's smooth legs was distracting him.

    He abruptly stood up. His buddy seemed to be overly excited at the sight of Yera's bare legs. 'What's wrong with you? It's only perfectly shaped legs... It's not the first time you see legs! How come you're reacting like this!' Xander scolded his buddy below...

    "We'll get all these..." Xander quickly murmured to the saleslady to divert his attention from Yera. Then he went toward the bags shelves to select a few bags for her.

    Because he needed to distract himself. Because if he didn't, he was sure he would end up just grabbing Yera.
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