20 Catch Me If You Can

    "Why do you look so sulky? I got that red wine for you as you requested," Xander asked, totally confused as to why Yera didn't look happy at all.

    Yera didn't answer. Instead, she just opened the wine bottle and drank the expensive wine directly from it. Xander was flabbergasted by this woman's oddball behavior, so he carefully asked, "Don't take this the wrong way, but are you perhaps on your period?"

    Yera burst out laughing and drank more.

    No, she wasn't on her period, but her pride was nagging at the back of her mind. She had always been in competition with Xander for years, and she had often ended up losing. Fine, she had come to terms with the fact that he was better at her when it comes to personality. The man was evidently a social butterfly while she was an ice witch.

    But how come he was still better at her even at singing?

    'What's with you? Get over it! You're no longer competing with him. He's your ally now, remember?' Her inner-self snapped. She realized how bad her mood was right now. Especially after she saw him smiling at everyone, including those women, who were obviously drooling over him.

    "Geez, what is wrong with me?" She murmured as she gulped more wine from the bottle.

    Xander was taken aback and looked at her with his mouth agape. 'How did Bernard fall for her? She's totally nuts!' He frowned as he watched Yera downing almost the whole bottle of wine on her own.

    'Yeah? Well, how come you like her too?' Another voice from his subconscious jeered at him. Xander quickly brushed it off.

    "Hey, are you planning to drink it all by yourself?" He asked as he offered his glass to Yera, gesturing for her to at least give him a taste of his reward. After all, it was he who had to sing in front of the crowd, something he did not normally do, just to get that bottle of wine.

    Yera poured him some of the wine and answered nonchalantly, "Here. But you saw me drinking directly from the bottle. So it probably has my saliva in it."

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    Xander twitched his mouth. Then he grinned and said, "It's okay. We kissed already, and it's sweet."

    Yera just glared at him before she asked in a menacing voice, "Hmm, can I trust you? I'm planning to get drunk tonight. Will I be safe with you? I'm not myself when I'm drunk, so I'm warning you in advance, don't you dare take advantage of me."

    Xander almost choke on his drink when he heard those words. He looked at Yera in disbelief as he defended himself, "Excuse me, what do you think of me? I don't do things without consent."

    Yera narrowed her eyes as she retorted, "You kissed me without my consent just this morning."

    Xander coughed at her comeback. He then reassured her, "Don't worry. I wouldn't do anything to you unless you agreed to it. Of course, when you're sober."

    Yera laughed scornfully but did not say a word as she continued to drink.

    True enough, the drunken Yera was totally different than the sober Yera. To call the drunken Yera a handful, was quite an understatement. Xander had a hard time getting her out of the restaurant and into his car as drunken Yera suddenly decided that she would love to play a game of tag!

    In which Xander was the tagger, and she was the one running away to avoid being tagged by the tagger.

    So there he was, chasing her around inside the restaurant and outside in the parking lot, trying to grab her while she was evidently having the time of her life, trying to dodge him, the tagger.

    He left the restaurant feeling embarrassed after apologizing to the other guests and the waiters.

    Even after they arrived at their house, Yera was still full of energy.

    "Young master, do you need any help?" Butler Gary asked as he signaled one of their helpers to help intercept the young mistress when he saw his young master struggling to catch her as she ran around the mansion like a crazy woman.

    "Your young mistress should be... No! She MUST be banned from the wine cellar! Take note of that!" Xander bellowed in exasperation as he was trying to grab hold of his wife, who was obviously still under the impression that they were playing the game of tag, as she kept giggling and taunting her tagger with, "Catch me if you can...!"

    "Just leave us. I can handle her," Xander declared with knitted eyebrows as he quickly ran after Yera, who was now on her way to the second floor.

    Xander cursed. Who would have thought the prim and proper ice queen, Yera Han, could act this childish when she was drunk. He looked at the cameras along the corridor and smiled. There was evidence, and he could definitely use it to tease her later.

    "What's going on?" Senior Yang asked Butler Gary when he heard the commotion. "Uhm, it's the young mistress, Sir. I think she's drunk, and the young master is now chasing her."

    Senior Yang chuckled and said, "All of you go to sleep! Don't disturb them. Let them play... Go, go.... I don't want to see any of you here tonight."

    "Noted, Sir..." Butler Gary replied before he walked away to relay the Old Master's order to the rest of his staff.

    Xander paused for a moment as he tried to catch his breath. He put his hands on his hips while he inhaled and exhaled air from his lungs to relieve his frustration. Xander proceeded to remove his coat and tie before he started to walk again as he unbuttoned the first two buttons on his shirt.

    "Stop it, Yera," Xander said when he finally had her cornered at the end of the corridor.

    Yera looked at him with a carefree smile, and it entirely stunned him.

    'Maybe, I should let her play more?' he suddenly contemplated as that smile had seemed to bewitch him. The soft expression that was beaming all over her face right now was priceless to Xander. He would love to see it often.

    "What? But it's fun..." Yera said, giggling, in a drunk voice.

    Xander snapped back to reality upon hearing her drunk voice. He twitched his mouth and moved swiftly to grab her and carried her on his shoulder like a sack of rice before she could run away again.

    "No, no, no... Let go... Let me play! I want to play hide-and-seek," Yera whined as she moved around, trying to squirm her way out of Xander's hold. But Xander held her still.

    He smacked her butt and said, "Pah! Stay still! What hide-and-seek? If you want to play, we'll play inside our room!"

    Inside their room, Xander gently put Yera on the bed before he locked the door with a pin code so she could not escape.

    He sighed and breathed heavily as he sat down on the couch. He was exhausted because it had been quite a long day for both of them. All he wanted right now was to wind down and relax on the comfortable sofa.

    But unfortunately for him, Yera was not cooperative at all. To his horror, she popped up in front of him again, still full of energy, as she frowned and whined, "I want to play! Let's play!"

    Before Xander could react, Yera already jumped on him. She was sitting on his lap, smiling and giggling while she pinched and stretched his cheeks, left and right. Then she complained, "How could this face be so flexible? How could it smile all the time? Face, tell me your secret! Why are you so flexible, and why is mine so stiff!? My jaw hurts if I try to smile often... My own face is not supportive of me..."

    Xander was at a loss for words. No, not because of her pinching and stretching his face like it was a play-doh. Nor was it because of her prattle. But because of the awkward position that they were currently in.

    Yera was sitting on his lap in a W-sitting position. She was wearing a short dress which had now raised up to her hips, exposing all of her legs, and her panties too.

    "This is not good!" he cried out loudly.

    'This is good!' a perverted voice with an evil grin murmured from inside his head.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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