21 A Plea

    Xander's body froze when Yera brushed his lips with her fingers, trailing its shape as she whispered, "Why do you always smile? How can you genuinely curve these lips upward so often? You have to teach me..."

    Yera leaned closer as she put her focus entirely on Xander's enticing lips. She murmured, "Maybe I should touch them with my lips instead. Perhaps that way, your smiling lips will rub off on mine... And then my lips will effortlessly smile often, like yours."

    Xander blinked his eyes several times at her words. He understood what she was saying, but he didn't expect that she would really do it. Before he could move, he felt Yera's lips pressed against his, and his body weakened.

    'Oh, crap...!' He cursed inside. His brain was telling him to push her away, so he touched Yera's shoulders to do that, but she quickly moved to dodge it, as her arms comfortably encircled his neck.

    "Hmm, your lips are soft and a bit juicy... It tastes yummy," Yera murmured when she let go of his lips, only to capture them once more as she ran her tongue along his lips, tasting them. Xander sat frozen still in his spot, looking at her in defeat with misty eyes.

    'Oh, God...' Xander panicked. He could feel his blood surge throughout his whole body, down to his little buddy. "Yera, you have to move away from me, please," Xander pled, with a voice as weak as a whimper. He could feel the irregular beating of his own heart.

    Yera pulled her lips away from his, just a little bit, and stared directly into his eyes with pouty lips, as she said, "Smile first. Give me that sweet smile, that's always plastered on your face."

    "Huh?" Xander was perplexed. He felt that he wouldn't be able to control his urge any moment now...

    "I said, smile...!" Yera whined, still pouting her lips. Xander quickly obeyed her, thinking it would soon be over if he just did whatever she asked him to do.

    "There... Keep smiling while I copy it with my lips.." Said Yera, giggling.

    "W-what?!" Xander blurted, but it was too late. Yera suddenly attacked his lips in one swift motion. She kissed him. Her luscious lips pressed against his, sizing them, rubbing them, licking them, prying them open, as though she was really trying to study his lips and copy them.

    'What is she doing? This will be the death of me...' Xander complained as he tried his best to stay as still as possible, like a statue.

    But it was extremely challenging. The harder Xander tried to ignore it, the more the fire that had already been ignited inside of him, burned.

    "Yera, please..." he pled, in between her kisses. He was not even so sure anymore if he was begging her to stop or begging her for more.

    Yera stopped. She had a disappointed look on her face. But then her expression changed into a seductive one. She gave him her most charming smile.

    "Oh, crap...!" Xander cursed, helplessly. He swiftly grabbed Yera's nape of her neck and pulled her in for a wild and passionate kiss. He crushed his lips against hers hungrily, and as soon as his lips couldn't get enough anymore, he pried her lips open to slide his tongue into her mouth, and deepened the kiss.

    He mumbled in between his kisses, "This is how you properly copy my lips, darling. This is how you could master my wonderful smile."

    Yera blinked her eyes upon hearing she could copy Xander's smile correctly. She moved her upper body as she answered his kiss, making Xander's head lean back on the couch's headrest. Yera's body writhed against his.

    Xander was getting drunk from their kiss, and his tongue plunged even deeper into her mouth as he couldn't get enough of it.

    His hands began to roam around her curves, from her hips to her waist...

    The more Yera's tongue was battling against his inside their mouths, the more he was at a loss as to what to do with his little buddy down there. He could feel it get harder and harder in between his thighs. It was the first time Xander had ever experienced a sensation as crazy as this. They said it was normal. A healthy man would experience this around an attractive woman.

    Well, he had been with all kinds of attractive women from all over the world, waiting to experience this kind of sensation. But it was all in vain.

    Deep inside, Xander was rejoicing. He could finally call himself NORMAL! After a long drought period, his buddy was finally erect, saluting actively to the woman who was currently in his arms.

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    He could almost cry in ecstasy! This was the moment he had been waiting for. He heard himself moan when Yera naturally squirmed her buttocks against his erection, while she touched and caressed his chest.

    She was so soft... So very soft. Her skin felt smooth in his hand as he caressed her bare waist. He moved his hand inside her dress to touch her upper body.

    He wanted to feel her bare breasts in his hands. Yera really had a perfect body. Every dress looked good on her. From top to bottom, every part of her body looked sexy in his eyes.

    He was about to remove Yera's bra from beneath her dress when he felt her pause. He looked at her, only to see her looking at him with her usual cold expression.

    And then... '**ACK!"

    She had just slapped his face. With narrowed eyes, she snorted, "Who gave you permission to undress me, you pervert? I only need your lips... I'm tired now... And sleepy. So don't you dare take advantage of me."

    "Huh?" Xander was dumbfounded. It was as if a bucket of ice water had been splashed on his face. Then he felt Yera's face nestle on his neck as she started breathing heavily...

    "What... the... hell... just... happened?" Xander puzzled as he heard Yera snore lightly in his ear.

    Xander pinched the bridge of his nose helplessly. Yes, he was sure now. Yera was absolutely a crazy woman that should be banned from drinking any kind of alcoholic drinks. Or else she would definitely be the death of him!
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