22 Rare Coincidence

    Yera woke up on a comfortable bed. However, her head was spinning around, and it felt too heavy. She cursed, this feeling only happened to her whenever she was hungover.

    "Tsk, did I drink a lot last night?" She muttered. She opened her eyes and it quickly widened seeing Xander beside her on the bed.

    "Good morning." Xander greeted her with his heartwarming smile.

    'What is he doing here on the bed?' Yera mused in shock while she looked at herself in panic. She was relieved seeing everything was fine and she still wore the dress she had last night.

    Then she looked at Xander and nothing was suspicious. He was in his normal shirts and shorts.

    "Stand up." Yera hissed, eyes narrowed at Xander.

    "It's already up." Xander smirked and leaned against the headboard of the bed. "Perhaps you need.... skin to skin proof?" he lifted an eyebrow.

    Disbelief flashed in Yera's eyes. It was quickly replaced with anger. "You pervert!"

    "You took advantage of me," he teased and tilted his head. His eyes slowly trailed down her lips towards her neck. "Or would you like me to remind you... what you did last night?"

    "Stop or I will kill you!" Yera roared. She couldn't believe how shameless the man in front of her was.

    Xander ignored her ranting and said, "Looks like you don't want to be responsible for what you did to me last night." with these words he immediately stood up from the bed and realising her mood was a little too off he changed the topic entirely and said, "Do you want to have breakfast in bed, or on the table? Hmm, never mind, breakfast in bed is better. I bet you're hungover, so I'll feed you instead."

    Xander was actually awake early and already prepared the breakfast for Yera.

    Yera was in a daze, as usual, from Xander's actions. He often did things as he pleased without bothering about her negative reaction. She didn't know how to react, maybe simply because she did not want to bother anymore since her head was about to burst anytime soon with that hangover of hers..

    She noticed the presence of dark circles under Xander's eyes, so she casually asked, "Didn't you sleep? You have eyebags..."

    Xander gave her a cheeky smile as he snorted, "Don't you really remember what you did to me last night?"

    Yera's eyes widened as she recalled how crazy she could be when drunk, "Oh, did I do something crazy?! I often hear that I do crazy things when I'm drunk, but I don't usually remember what happens as soon as I'm sober."

    Xander sighed and held the spoon. "Eat first, this soup is good for hangovers. Let's talk about it later because you need to get ready for work," Xander commented as he blew on the soup he collected from a single dip into the bowl by the spoon to make sure it was not that hot.

    Yera unconsciously blushed and grabbed the spoon from Xander's hand as she timidly said, "I can eat on my own."

    Xander did not release the spoon, and instead, a gentle smile formed on his face as he said in his most soothing tone, "Don't be stubborn now. Your husband wants to serve you well, so let me feed you."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Ahh..." Xander gestured for Yera to open her mouth. She felt a bit awkward, but her headache stopped her from arguing with him and so she meekly did what he instructed.

    After breakfast, Xander left her so she could get herself ready, and said that he would wait for her in the car. Yera took a quick shower and dressed up.

    Today, she would start working at Yang Hospital as their new general surgeon. She had mixed feelings; nervous, and excited at the same time.

    This would be her comeback as a surgeon, and she would do it at one of the most prominent and well-known hospitals in the city... She looked at her reflection in the mirror and tried to smile. Finally, she would be able to step inside an operating room again, instead of assisting the doctor in charge of the emergency room at a small hospital she was working at. She missed performing surgeries.

    Money really talked. Xander could give her Yera Han's credentials under the name of Deyna Song because he had money.

    Xander was smiling as soon as he saw Yera emerging from the front door of the mansion. Last night she tortured him a lot, causing him not to fall asleep at all. But in return, he got to watch her calm and beautiful face when she was deep asleep.

    He came into the final conclusion that he liked Yera a lot. He wanted her badly. Who would have thought that he and Bernard would also have the same taste in women?

    So he vowed to do his best to capture Yera's heart, and to make her stay by his side forever.

    Yera gasped for a second, seeing Xander standing and leaning his back on the front passenger seat's door, crossing his arms over his chest. He looked manly and undeniably handsome, just like Bernard. From where she was standing, it was really as if she was seeing Bernard.

    He smiled and proceeded to open the car door for her, just like what Bernard would often do for her. A thought suddenly sprung into her mind. Being near Xander was actually not such a bad idea at all. That way, she would be able to see Bernard's face in him whenever she missed Bernard.

    Yera and Xander arrived together at the hospital. They were about to enter the elevator from the basement parking lot when Yera halted her steps. "You go first. It wouldn't be good to go in together. I'll meet you in your office," Yera suggested before the elevator door closed.

    All throughout his way to his office, Xander was greeted respectfully by each of his staff. He saw assistant Ron and instructed, "Get the chief surgeon in my office."

    The latter quickly obeyed. As soon as assistant Ron relayed the message, the chief surgeon promptly reported to him and was immediately introduced to doctor Deyna Song.

    "Doctor Gong, this is my wife, so please take good care of her. And please keep the fact that she's my wife confidential between the three of us. We got married in secret, so we prefer to keep it that way, at least for now, until I personally announce it. I actually prefer that she stays at home and just enjoy being pampered, but she insisted on pursuing her career, so..." Xander explained but stopped when Yera nudged his side.

    Yera interrupted by extending her hand to the chief surgeon and said, "It's nice to meet you, doctor Leo Gong... I really admire you. You're one of the few surgeons I really look up to."

    Doctor Leo Gong stood frozen in his spot, his face paled as he stared at Yera, as though he had just seen a ghost. Before he entered Xander's office, assistant Ron had already informed him about the significant facial similarities between their CEO's wife and the late former CEO of the Life Hospitals Group, Yera Han. But the likeness was so striking, it was like they were twins! He had not met Yera Han personally, but he had often seen her photographs in various medical articles.

    "Ron, come in here and give the confidentiality agreement to Dr. Gong so he can sign it," instructed Xander on the phone, which awakened Dr. Gong from his state of daze. He smiled and quickly accepted Dr. Deyna Song's hand and shook it.

    'Such a rare coincidence,' he mused on the fact that their CEO's wife was a surgeon too, just like the famous Yera Han, to whom she bore resemblance...
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