24 Protective

    After the discussion with Rui, Xander felt more relaxed since Rui confirmed what he was experiencing was a normal thing that he should be experiencing for someone he liked. He had liked a lot of women earlier but had never experienced the same feelings as he had with Yera.

    As he expected, Rui only scolded him for overthinking things saying, "Go with the flow..."

    "As if... It's easy to say since you are not the one being tormented..." he murmured a complaint as he wore his doctor's gown to go for his daily visit in their hospital.

    "Sir, aren't we first going to see the surgery department and also see how Madam is?" asked Assistant Ron as he followed behind him.

    "Let's see our in patients first. I'm sure she is doing fine, besides I don't want to look like a possessive husband who monitors his wife every now and then..." defended Xander that made Assistant Ron's face twitch.

    'Was reporting Madam's every move not considered as being possessive?'

    Because his so called 'not possessive Boss' had instructed several 'eyes' inside the hospital to watch over Madam, not to mention the outside 'eyes' that were already monitoring her.

    "I know what you're thinking in your tiny brain Ron... It's me being protective about her and not being possessive... Okay?" Xander defended as he walked.

    "Noted Sir," assistant Ron replied as he scratched his head and mused, 'Does he have eyes on his back?'

    As usual, both single lady doctors and nurses greeted their Boss with great enthusiasm and Ron could see their sparkling eyes as they smiled heartily to their handsome Physician CEO.

    "How are our patients today?" asked Xander smiling as he looked at the charts.

    "Doc, everything is well and as usual we have good feedback on our services..." said the head nurse with blinking eyes.

    Xander chuckled and said, "Alright then... Let me visit some of our patients..." The nurses nodded and almost all wanted to follow him for his daily rounds but the head nurse arched a brow as she said, "You... and you... go with us... The rest stay..."

    Yera on the other hand, was introduced by Doctor Gong to the Team and to the chief doctors of each department and she was received warmly. Then the operating rooms were introduced and Yera admired how hi-tech everything inside was, Yang was really one of the best, well during her time at their own hospital Yang Hospitals was always number one and theirs would often come second in line.

    Up to the present, Yang Globals Hospitals remained number one while Life Hospitals was as usual at second ranking. Her face dimmed at the thought of an outsider managing their hospitals. 'I will soon get back what is mine!' she mused with full of determination.

    Lyndon's father had become the Chairman of the Life Hospitals after her grandfather died. Right now, she was still blank about so many things, so she was not sure who was her real enemy but the Chu Family was definitely the one that she could suspect first but then again without proof, it was all just a speculation.

    Doctor Gong assigned Doctor Ye to assist her while she adjusted with the protocol of Yang Hospitals particularly with surgeries.

    'Doctor Ye is also a funny guy like Xander, but Xander is more handsome of course, way much better...' Yera unconsciously compared Doctor Ye with Xander and embarrassed by her own thoughts she shook her head as if to quickly erase all those thoughts from her mind.

    'What the heck? Why would I think about that clown like this?' Yera scolded herself inside as she followed Doctor Ye to the doctor's lounge.

    She was startled when Doctor Ye stopped, turned around and looked at her to speak in a honeyed voice...

    "If you need anything just ask me, I'll be always free at your service," said Doctor Mike Ye, smiling sweetly at her.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Doctor Jean Wang who was having a coffee at the doctor's lounge passed by them, shook her head as she commented, "Careful with that one... As long as you wear a skirt, our Doctor Ye here is always available..."

    Doctor Ye clicked his tongue and with twitched mouth commented, "Stop it Doctor Wang. Doctor Song might actually believe in your nonsense."

    Doctor Wang laughed and stood up as she patted Yera's shoulders and said, "What I said just makes full sense dear... Anyway welcome at Yang General Hospitals and hope to see more of you around." Doctor Wang winked at her and left quickly, seeing Doctor Ye's reddening face.

    Yera answered her with a timid smile before she left. She had already met the obstetrician gynecologist earlier who was introduced by Doctor Gong.

    Her eyebrows furrowed seeing Xander's photo on a calendar wall posted in the doctor's lounge. She had earlier also seen his big banner at the entrance of the hospital with their hospital's motto "Your Health Is Our Top Priority"

    'He sure wants to flaunt his face huh?' she mused with crumpled face. But she had to admit, Xander looked really good... Very pleasing to the eyes that she noticed most of the women would intentionally stare at the banner and giggle...

    'Stop it Yera! Why would you even bother to observe nonsense things like that?' she scolded herself inwardly once more finding her thoughts drifting towards him again...
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