27 Aloof Wife

    The next morning, Yera woke up earlier than Xander and readied herself for work. So far, she had not been a time-poor surgeon because Dr. Gong had not assigned her to any major surgeries yet. She had only been scrubbing in for other surgeon's operations since it had been a long time since she handled her own surgical procedure.

    Her excitement grew with each passing day. Operating was not only a job to her, it was also her passion. She loved the feeling of saving people's lives. It felt like she was a part of the force that would give those people another chance to live, and it gave meaning to her own life.

    She looked at Xander, who was still sleeping soundly on the couch. She was about to walk to him to fix his blanket but paused and hesitated. "Sleepwalker!" she mumbled, frowning before she went to the bathroom.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Xander woke up and saw Yera was no longer on the bed. He looked at the wall clock and noticed it was still early.

    A beautiful smile curved from his lips before he got up and went to the gym to exercise. Rui had advised him that he should do things that would catch Yera's attention and pique her curiosity and interest.

    Yesterday, in the study, he accidentally caught her attention by unintentionally hugging her in his sleep. He didn't do that deliberately, but Yera's sweet scent was enough to make his arms move on their own to hug her.

    He was already awake by the time Yera was hitting his legs, but he wanted to hug her a bit longer, so he pretended he was still sleeping and talking in his sleep.

    Fortunately, she had mistaken it for a sleeping disorder. And Xander didn't mind Yera's misinterpretation at all, nor was he planning to clarify it. At least for now. Because he wanted to use it to his own advantage in the following days.

    Then his face became sulky as he murmured, "She will soon be swamped with work..."

    Part of their plan was to introduce Deyna Song as their hospital's best surgeon. But before they could proceed with that plan, Yera would need to rely on her own capabilities and prove how good she could be inside the operating room by obtaining a high success rate of surgical procedures.

    That way, Life Hospitals group would make their move to poach her. It was surreptitious, but that was just how things worked in the business world. And private hospitals were still business, even if they claimed that their primary purpose was to cure the sick. Stealing highly qualified doctors or other medical personnel from other hospitals was a common practice because most patients would usually follow the doctors they trusted their lives with.

    Yera's revenge would only begin once she started working for the Life Hospitals group, as the well-known Dr. Deyna Song. This was also the main reason Xander had been placing as many of his own people as he could inside the Life Hospitals group. Not only would they be his eyes, but they were also there for Yera's protection.

    He suddenly felt sad. If it were entirely up to him, Xander would not want to have Yera out of his sight at all. But it was necessary if he wanted to give her back everything that had been taken away from her. Until that time, he would seize every opportunity to court his aloof wife.

    "Where is he now?" Yera murmured after she was done showering and saw that Xander was no longer in the room.

    She went to the dressing table to dry and comb her hair and stared at herself for a while. She realized that she had changed a lot. When she was still Yera Han, she would often apply noticeable makeup, but now she preferred using natural-looking makeup.

    The table was big. To the left side were her skincare products. She smiled because these were all bought by Xander, and he really did an excellent job investigating her and her routines. He knew which brands she previously used.

    She looked to the right where Xander's skincare products were placed...

    "They use the same brands..." She murmured. Bernard also used the same brands.

    After applying a nude-colored lipstick, Yera stood up and was about to head downstairs to have breakfast with her father-in-law. She was startled by Xander's sudden presence in the room.

    He went inside in his bare chest, glistening with sweat, and she was caught off guard. Xander's bare chest looked a lot like the ones she saw on television, where hot male models would show off their oily chests and their sexy abs...

    'What the heck, Yera!' She snapped. Meanwhile, Xander caught her surprised reaction and grinned. He marched toward her, which made her walk backward and stammered, "Hey! What... What are you doing?"

    Xander did not respond and continued to move toward her until she was trapped between him and the closet. Yera stood frozen in her spot and could only meet Xander's gaze, who was extending his arm toward her.

    "What are you doing!?" Yera panicked.

    "Getting this," Xander murmured as he showed her the towel in his hand.

    Then he added with a smirk, "Why? Are you distracted by my manliness? I'm your husband, so you have every permission to do anything on my body. You can do whatever you want with me, Darling..."

    Yera frowned in disbelief and retorted, "Distracted? Why, yes, I'm so distracted! Please move and go take a shower because you stink! Ewww..."

    She quickly bent down to escape Xander's arms and added dryly before closing the door, "Move faster. I don't want to starve waiting for you..."

    Senior Yang always wanted all of them to have breakfast together. He would not eat his meal before everyone was properly seated at the table.

    Xander pouted his lips and smelled himself afterward. "What stink? I don't stink. Doesn't she know natural body odor is more sexy and enticing?" He murmured. Then a sly smile curved on his lips as he recalled Yera's dropped jaw when she saw his manly body.

    'Little by little, Xander...' He encouraged himself before he went inside the shower, whistling.
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