30 The Clown

    "Dr. Song, I think you have a call..." informed Dr. Rio when she saw the light on Yera's mobile phone blink several times. Yera just came back to the surgical department room from basement six.

    "The clown is calling you. Poor guy... Did he look like a clown that you saved his number as one?" Dr. Rio asked.

    Yera smiled and said, "Yeah, you can say that."

    Then she suddenly wondered how Xander would react if he found out that she saved him as 'The Clown' on her mobile phone. She deliberately did that, not only because of his jovial personality but also because she needed an ambiguous alias for him so others would not be suspicious whenever he called. With Xander's character, Yera was sure there would not be a day went by without him calling her.

    She excused herself to call Xander back.

    "Yes? I have missed a call from you," said Yera.

    "Oh yeah... I just wanted to tell you to eat well. Besides, I'm missing your cold voice... Wondering when you will finally answer my call sweetly... I also want to remind you not to drink at all later, lest you want to kill everyone in your team with your cuteness, my darling..." Xander said before he quickly ended the call.

    Yera's jaw dropped, totally flabbergasted. 'What the hell is wrong with him? Is he trying to kill me with those pickup lines?! Is this his way of bullying me!?" Yera complained to her phone as her face reddened from embarrassment.

    She believed what Xander was doing to her could be classified as bullying instead of mere teasing... It caused her heart to beat so irregularly, that if this continued, she was afraid she would get a heart attack!

    When Yera went back to the room, Dr. Rio donned a long face. She found out Xander would be joining the dinner party when she couldn't because she was on-call that night. "Let's swap duty!" She tried to convince one of the doctors who only answered her with a big 'NO.'

    "What about you? You can take a leave anytime you want this year. I'll cover for you," Dr. Rio asked a male doctor. She knew it would be pointless to ask any female doctors because they would never give up the rare opportunity to dine together with the charming Dr. CEO.

    "Call! Make it two years! Dr. Gong and everyone, you all witnessed this! Shaira, take note of this!" Dr. Kim instructed their medical secretary with a wide grin on his face.

    "Noted, Doc!" said Shaira.

    Among all the female doctors, Dr. Rio was the most vocal about her admiration for Dr. CEO. So, imagine her pitiful look when she begged every male doctor to swap shifts just so she could join the welcoming party for Dr. Deyna Song.

    Dr. Gong gave Yera an apologetic look, which Yera answered with an assuring smile, indicating that there was no problem at all.

    As soon as their work was done, everyone headed to a Korean BBQ restaurant near the hospital, where Dr. Gong had already reserved a private room that was spacious enough to fit everyone in his team.

    The room was comfortable, and there was a karaoke inside. Yera greeted everyone who arrived earlier. This was the first time she would experience something like this, mingling with her fellow colleagues. She had never done this when she was still managing Life Hospitals Group.

    As soon as the waitresses served the variety of fresh and well-marinated meat for them to grill, Dr. Ye remarked cheerfully, "Wow, it's been a long time since we all gathered like this! Thanks, Dr. Song, for joining our team!" Yera responded with a slight nod.

    Xander entered the room, and everyone stood up to greet him. Dr. Rio had freed a spot next to her for Xander to sit on, but to her dismay, Dr. Gong gave up his seat that was beside Yera and offered it to Xander as he moved to sit in the vacant seat that she had prepared for Xander.

    Dr. Ye could not help but laugh at Dr. Rio's crumpled face when she realized she could not sit next to her idol.

    The dinner went well. But it turned awkward when Dr. Ye made a lettuce meat wrap and offered it to Yera. "Try this... You'll like it..."

    Xander's eyes blazed with discontent as he glared at Dr. Ye.

    Yera gave Dr. Ye a half-smile and rejected his offer. "No, thanks... I prefer to do it myself."

    "No, really, try it, just this once," insisted Dr. Ye.

    Dr. Gong scratched his head and quickly grabbed the wrap. "I'll take that. Let me see how it tastes," he commented as he put the wrap in his mouth.

    "Hmm... Good! It tastes like Dr. Ye's hand!" jested Dr. Gong, with his mouth still full of food, which made everyone in the room laugh.

    Meanwhile, Xander gave Yera a nudge as he signaled her to make him a meat wrap, but Yera only glowered at him.

    Xander sighed but proceeded to make a wrap himself. He cleared his throat as soon as he finished making it and said, "So, since this is a welcoming party for our new doctor, Dr. Song... Please accept this."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Yera stared at him round-eyed as Xander gestured for her to open her mouth and accept the meat wrap he just prepared for her. She looked at the others and saw their jaws dropped from disbelief.

    "What are you waiting for? Please accept my welcoming gesture, Dr. Song," Xander said with his sweetest smile.

    Yera's eyebrows knitted as she murmured, "Would it be okay if I don't accept it, Dr. Yang? It would be unfair to Dr. Ye..."

    Xander's mouth twitched. He knew this was childish, but exercising his authority once in a while would not be harmful, would it?

    He looked at Dr. Ye, and with a smile, he said, "Dr. Ye... You would not mind if Dr. Song accepts this, would you?"

    Dr. Ye gave Xander an awkward smile as he nodded. "Oh, not at all..."

    If Yera's eyes could shoot fires, Xander would definitely have a third-degree burn injury by now. She wanted to shout, "I will definitely kill you later!"

    The other female doctors in the room, especially Dr. Rio, were so envious. They almost melted when they saw Xander's sweet smile, which was directed at Yera. If they were the recipient of that smile and that meat wrap, they would most definitely not hesitate to accept it. Who cared about Dr. Ye's wrap? Was Dr. Song blind?

    Yera opened her mouth and accepted the meat wrap from Xander's hand, but she also bit Xander's finger intentionally.

    "Aww!" Xander yelped. Yera smiled and sarcastically said, "Sorry, Dr. Yang! Thank you for the wrap. Let me return the favor to you later..."

    "With pleasure, Darl... Dr. Song."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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