31 Marking You

    The real party started as soon as the group was done with dinner. Alcoholic drinks were served as they turned on the karaoke machine.

    "Yeahhh! Since this is a welcoming party for our newcomer, let's ask her to grace us with a song! Everyone, please clap your hands for Dr. Deyna Song!" Dr. Ye initiated, which made Yera blush.

    Xander was happy to see Yera enjoy the group celebration. She kept blushing and smiling bashfully.

    He also cheered and encouraged Yera to sing a song for them, which she accepted.

    "Make sure to sing a happy song... We don't want to have sad music in here..." requested Dr. Rio, laughing. She suggested a song and asked if Yera knew the song, to which the latter responded with a nod.

    When it came to singing and dancing, Yera was good at both. She loved music very much, but only she and her grandfather knew about it.

    Yera started to sing, and the beautiful melody echoed through the room...

    "Wow, she's good!" Everyone gasped in awe. All the male doctors were all heart-eyed over her, including Xander. He had heard her humming to some music during her surgery, but this was the first time he had heard her sing. And her singing voice was as lovely as that of an angel.

    "Wow... Dr. Song, you sing really well!" praised Dr. Ye as soon as Yera finished the song. Everyone clapped for her fantastic performance.

    Yera went back to her seat, and everyone started to drink.

    "Bottoms up!" Dr. Rio suddenly shouted as she offered a glass of drink to Yera. Xander's face twisted as an image of a certain crazy drunken woman popped into his mind. He knew if Yera accepted that drink, he would be the one to suffer again in the end!

    Xander was about to say something when he heard Yera turn the offer down. "Oh, no, please... I can't drink. You really wouldn't appreciate me getting drunk. It's a disaster."

    Yera rejected the offer because even though she never remembered which absurd things she had done in all her states of intoxication, but it was not something that she wanted her colleagues to find out.

    She could be a madwoman when she was drunk. This was a fact that she discovered during a get together with Bernard and the wives of the Kens.

    They were celebrating Dean's win in the reality show, House of Zeus. They were having dinner at a restaurant, much similar to this one. And there was also a Karaoke machine inside the private room.

    She had gotten drunk, and apparently, she had hogged the Karaoke machine by keeping the microphone to herself, never letting it go from her hand, as she kept on singing and dancing like a lunatic. She had even hugged the machine, insisting that she slept beside it.

    She was dumbfounded when she had heard about it from Bernard. She thought he was joking, but Arya had confirmed it. It was not the only time she went crazy because of alcohol, and the worst part was that she could not remember anything once she was sober...

    "Aw, shucks! But this celebration is for you! You can't reject this!" insisted Dr. Rio, which was followed by the cheers of her colleagues, "Bottoms up! Bottoms up! Bottoms up!"

    Yera hesitated, but then she smiled and was about to take the glass from Dr. Rio's hand when she suddenly couldn't see the glass anymore. Xander had grabbed it in a flash. He winked at Dr. Rio and said, "How about I drink this for you, Dr. Rio?"

    Dr. Rio's eyes sparkled. She nodded vigorously. That instant, Xander chugged everything in the glass in one go. Everyone in the room looked at each other, totally confused about the weird behavior of their Dr. CEO. They remembered the pizza incident, the meat wrap, and now with the alcoholic drink... Something was not right, but they can't put their finger on it.

    Dr. Ye poured another glass for Yera and said, "For our new general surgeon! Welcome, Dr. Deyna Song!"

    The doctors cheered once more for Yera, "Bottoms up! Bottoms up! Bottoms up!"

    Again, when Yera was about to receive it, Xander grabbed it once more. "Welcome, Dr. Song!!! Bottoms up!"

    Every glass that was poured for Yera was snatched and chugged down by Xander, which left everyone in the room dumbfounded.

    "Is he drunk already?" murmured some of the doctors, thinking their Dr. CEO had probably gotten drunk from the first glass and, therefore, was no longer in his right mind. While some of them had concluded that Dr. CEO was playing the white knight for the beautiful Dr. Deyna Song because he was interested in her. This was not weird since their Dr. CEO was a well-known Casanova, after all.

    After a few more glasses, Xander started hiccuping, so Dr. Gong signaled the others to stop pouring drinks for Yera.

    The party ended, and everyone was almost drunk except Yera.

    "But... What about Dr. CEO? He's still inside..." asked Dr. Rio in a drunken voice as she waited for her pick-up service.

    "Don't worry about him and go. His assistant is on his way to pick him up," Dr. Gong answered as he signaled Yera to go back inside since everyone had already left.

    "Please take care, Dr. Gong," Yera bid farewell when Dr. Gong's driver arrived.

    Assistant Ron arrived just a few moments later, and Yera helped him move Xander into the car.

    Inside the car, Xander was hugging Yera, nestling his face on Yera's neck. Yera tried to push him away because his action made her uncomfortable. She could feel a jolt of electricity starting to run through her body.

    But Xander did not let go. He mumbled, "Don't move... Let's just stay like this until we get home... Why are you so cold to your own husband...?"

    Yera knitted her brows and asked, "Are you sober already?"

    Xander only responded with a light chuckle, and Yera could feel his warm breath on her neck. It made her shudder... Then her eyes widened as she felt a warm and wet sensation on her neck. Xander was licking sucking on her neck...

    "Xander! What the heck are you doing!?" Yera hissed, but her body was unable to move. She was frozen in her spot. Her stomach churned as Xander continued to employ his skilled tongue on her neck.

    'Does he think he's a vampire?!' Yera protested inwardly. After a while, she managed to utter some words again. "Stop it! What do you think you're doing?"

    "I'm marking you. What else? I'm marking you mine... Darling..."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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