35 Like A Robo

    At Life Hospitals Group

    "What is this?" Lyndon's voice shaken as he checked the profile of the new surgeon, who was said by his spies to have excellent skills, and, therefore, needed to be poached from the Yang hospital.

    His hand trembled as he continued to stare at Dr. Deyna Song's photograph. Tears shimmered in his eyes as he whispered, "Yera..."

    The pain came back... It felt like a knife was slashing through his heart.

    Dr. Chong looked at their CEO as he was observing his expression thoroughly. He was also surprised to see the profile of the new surgeon whom Yang Hospital had hired. She strikingly resembled their previous CEO, with only a different hairstyle.

    "Did you double-check everything?" Lyndon asked, to which Dr. Chong responded with a nod. He had already verified every single detail on Dr. Deyna Song's profile, and everything was found to be legit.

    Dr. Chong was the head director of the Life Hospitals group because even though Lyndon was the CEO, he still lacked a medical background, unlike Dr. Xander Yang of the Yang Hospitals Group and the deceased Yera Han.

    "I want to meet her," said Lyndon. Then he dismissed Dr. Chong and called his secretary.

    Shan entered his office. Lyndon gave her Dr. Deyna Song's profile and instructed, "Set me a meeting with her as soon as possible."

    He kept Shan, who was previously Yera's secretary, as his secretary, and just like him, Shan's eyes widened in shock at the sight of the photograph on the profile. It was as if she just saw a ghost.

    Lyndon sighed and quickly dismissed her.

    He opened the locked drawer on the left side of his desk where he kept Yera and his photo together. He had suffered after the news of her passing. He had loved her before and still loved her now. He could not keep his tears from falling anymore, as he felt great remorse for having failed to protect the woman that he loved.

    The silence in the room was interrupted by the sound of his mobile phone. Lyndon's face darkened upon seeing the caller's name.

    It was Jam, Yera's second cousin, who had become his fiancee because of the agreement between their families. Ever since Yera died, Lyndon simply did not care about anything else anymore. He obeyed everything that his father told him to do. Like a robot. Even as a fiancee to Jam, he just did whatever she wanted to do.

    Lyndon scoffed. How did his life become so meaningless like this? Everything in his world crumbled when Yera died...

    He rubbed his temples and answered the call.

    Meanwhile, Shan was searching the internet for Deyna Song, and her eyes widened in shock as she browsed through her details. Just like her previous boss, Yera Han, Dr. Deyna Song, was also a remarkable surgeon. Shan was saddened at the thought of her former boss's tragic death. Even Old Master Han suffered greatly and passed away after losing his only grandchild.

    She composed an email for a meeting invitation on behalf of their CEO Lyndon Chu and sent it to Dr. Deyna Song's email address that was listed on her profile. Then she proceeded to dial her number, but nobody picked up. She must be in the middle of a surgery, so Shan left a text message instead.

    Shan would also like to see the similarities between Dr. Deyna Song and her previous boss in person. Dr. Yera Han, who, despite her ruthlessness, was also the boss who had helped her the most.

    At Yang Globals Hospital

    Yera had just finished a surgery and after informing the patient's family of the patient's condition, she took her mobile phone from her pocket and saw a lot of missed calls and unread messages.

    She scrolled down and read Xander's message first. She unknowingly smiled when she read his text.

    [I'm starving. Come to my office and eat with me here. I heard the ghosts in the on-call room are really scary... It' better to sleep in my comfortable room, right? So, if you want to continue sleeping here, you have to eat your meals with me, unless you have an important appointment...]

    "Such a manipulative person," she mumbled with a smile. Lately, she noticed that she had often been smiling. And, surprisingly, her jaw never ached anymore.

    It seemed like being with a cheerful person like Xander had really helped her a lot. Didn't they say a person would unconsciously mimic another person's behavior when they were often together? So, maybe that was true. Being with Xander was not a bad thing for her at all because she subtly started to mirror his optimistic and carefree attitude.

    She looked at the time and realized that it was almost lunchtime. So she proceeded toward Xander's office. She decided to read the other messages in his office instead since she had noticed they were from an unknown number.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Secretary Ness and Assistant Ron greeted her.

    "Dr. Yang is already waiting inside, Ma'am," informed secretary Ness, smiling. Yera nodded and smiled back at her before she entered Xander's office.

    Secretary Ness elbowed assistant Ron as soon as Yera was gone inside Xander's office and commented, "Did you notice our Madam seems to be glowing lately? She has always been beautiful, but the first time I met her, she looked a bit like a soulless person. Unlike these past few days..."

    Assistant Ron's face lit up as an idea came into his mind. He would surely receive a bonus if he shared this comment with his boss, who was hopelessly in love.

    Then he looked at secretary Ness and said, "Where do you want to eat for lunch? I'll go buy you the food because one of us needs to stay here."

    Secretary Ness gave him a wicked smile and told him all the food she would love to eat. As soon as assistant Ron left, secretary Ness messaged Xander to inform him of her observation about the young mistress.

    [ Sir, your wife seems to be glowing lately. Like a woman in love... She must be falling deeper for you, Sir. Being a thoughtful and considerate husband is indeed a very loveable trait. ]

    Then she added three thumbs-up emoticons...

    Her mobile phone beeped almost immediately. She almost shouted when she read Xander's reply.

    [ Your salary for this month will be doubled. ]

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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