37 Full Access To Your Power

    Yera was in a profound thought, as she read the email she received from Shan, her former secretary, who was still working at the Life Hospitals group, which was now under Lyndon Chu's management.

    A dinner invitation from Lyndon Chu...

    It was as she and Xander had foreseen. Life Hospitals group had started to make their move to poach her after she had succeeded in making a name as one of the best surgeons at Yang Hospital. It was sooner than she expected, though.

    Lyndon Chu... She had nothing against the man who had treated her well during their engagement. However, he was still one of the people she suspected to be behind her family's tragedy, and therefore, she should be careful...

    She sighed. Xander had been the one who monitored and arranged everything for her case. But this time, she personally wanted to be in charge of getting her own justice, especially for her grandfather. She wanted full access to everything...

    Yera messaged Xander to ask where he was because she wanted to talk to him about the investigation he was conducting. She wanted to be thoroughly involved and to exercise full authority over the probe, and that meant she would need Xander's power, which he promised she could have.

    Her mobile phone rang just seconds after she had pressed the send button. It was Xander.

    "Why call? You could have just messaged me once you are back in your office," Yera dead-panned.

    "Hmm... I called because I missed your voice. I'm going back to the office now. You can wait there," Xander announced excitedly before he ended the call.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Yera stood up from her seat in the staff lounge with a twisted face. As the days went by, Xander's shamelessness was getting worse.

    She could still remember the night when he kissed her passionately vividly. She initially thought it was his sleeping disorder, but to her horror, it was not. He had clearly remembered the kiss when he used it to threaten her if she ever changed his name back to 'The Clown' on her phone.

    The man's shamelessness was really out of this world! She had no energy to argue, so she just let him save his name as 'My Darling' on her phone. Also, to be honest, it was mostly because she was threatened by that kiss.

    Yera frowned when she recalled how responsive her body was to even his slightest touch that night. It was as if she did not know her own body anymore.

    She was preoccupied with all these thoughts on her way to Xander's office when Dr. Yao approached her. Yera was startled when she heard Dr. Yao's greeting. "Dr. Song, good morning..."

    Yera smiled at her. Dr. Yao had come to her recently because she needed to consult Yera regarding a surgical procedure for her patient. During their interactions, Dr. Yao had always been friendly.

    "Morning, Dr. Yao," Yera greeted back before she continued walking towards Xander's office.

    Secretary Ness smiled at her at the reception area and offered her a drink. Yera asked for a cup of tea and entered Xander's Office directly.

    Xander arrived not long after. He sat on the couch beside Yera as he smiled at her with those sparkling eyes.

    "What's up?" Xander asked.

    Yera sighed and started, "Lyndon's office just contacted me... I want to handle everything myself..."

    Xander creased his forehead...

    Yera looked at him straight and said, "I want full access to everything that is yours, especially your security team..."

    "You have full access to them," Xander replied as he accepted the cups of tea that Secretary Ness handed to them.

    Then Xander instructed Secretary Ness, "No one should disturb us. If anyone asks, I'm in an important meeting."

    "Noted, Sir..."

    As soon as his secretary left, Xander looked at Yera straight in the eyes and said, "I already told you that what is mine is yours..."

    Yera let out another sigh and said, "Yeah, but you're still the one in command. I want to be the one in charge of everything. I will direct your people at first hand. I want full authority..."

    "By all means, Mrs. Yang. But, if you get it, can I request something in return?" said Xander with a grin, which made Yera raise an eyebrow. Then she recalled a clause in their contract that stated that she should do something in return, in exchange for full access to Yang's power and authority.

    Xander seemed to be able to read her mind, so he spoke, "If you want full access to my power, you will also let me have full access to you as a real wife. Don't worry, it's nothing to do with the consummation of our marriage. So rest assured, I won't force you. But, of course, I hope for a day when you finally would permit me to."

    Yera's face twisted... She remembered that clause. She was confident that she would not be swayed at that time, so she had agreed to it. However, after that incident of him getting drunk and kissing her, she suddenly regretted to have agreed to that clause. Her body was clearly responding to him that she could no longer trust herself when it came to avoiding physical intimacy with him.

    Meanwhile, Xander was happy that he got another opportunity to get closer to Yera. But he frowned at a sudden thought. "Wait... Why are they poaching you this fast? Are you going to move to Life Hospital already?" he asked, frowning.

    Yera pursed her lips and shook her head. "Not yet. But I will meet Lyndon. I want to see his expression when he sees me. I know him well, and I would be able to tell if he had something to do with what happened to me and my grandpa," explained Yera.

    Xander's face suddenly looked grim. He was not happy about Yera meeting her previous fiance. 'What if their love for each other blossoms once more?' He pondered as a tinge of uneasiness pierced his heart.

    He abruptly pulled Yera into his embrace. Yera was startled and murmured, "Hey, what's with you?"

    "I'm already exercising my rights as your husband, and being touchy-feely is a part of it. Don't complain, unless you want me to kiss you..." murmured Xander in a downcasted tone of voice. He was just starting to make progress...

    He wanted to ask Yera about Lyndon, but he was afraid to do so...

    "Lyndon Chu always treated me with respect when we were engaged. But I've only seen him as a friend, and a partner that was merely matched by our families. We got along well, but I never loved him like I loved Bernard." Yera started to explain, out of nowhere. She did not know why, but for some reason, she felt like she should make things clear to Xander about her relationship with Lyndon.

    Xander gently released her from his embrace. This time, he was already smiling again.

    "I will instruct Ron to give you all the contact details of my people. Ron will tell them to report to you directly. You can do whatever you want with them, and I will always support you, Darling..." Xander said before he pecked Yera's nose and winked at her.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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