39 Guilty As Charged

    Yera and Xander went out to the cinema because Xander insisted that he wanted to watch a particular movie. "You want to watch that?" Yera asked in a high-pitched voice upon seeing the trailer of the movie on the preview screen in the cinema hallway.

    Xander nodded with a grin while holding popcorn and drinks in his hands. He was smiling broadly because Assistant Ron had advised him to choose a horror movie, so every time things got scary, Yera would cling onto him.

    Just the thought of Yera hiding her face on his chest almost made Xander's heart leap. He was really looking forward to it that he quickly gave the popcorn to Yera, so he had a free hand to hold hers and pulled her inside the cinema hall. The movie they were going to watch was the top-grossing horror film, and all the reviews raved on how terrifying it was.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    They were sitting in a VIP seat for couples. "I heard this one is really terrifying, so whenever you get scared, just remember that I'm right here beside you, okay? You can use me to hide..." Xander assured her, but Yera only twitched her mouth as an answer.

    The movie started...

    "Ahhhhh!!!" The people inside screamed.

    Yera was startled by a pair of hands holding onto her arm. It was Xander's hands... He hid his face on her arm as his body winced from the terrifying scene on the screen. Yera did not even flinch and kept watching the movie keenly. She was not fond of the horror genre, but this one was actually quite good. It had an exciting and solid plotline.

    Xander had never watched any horror movies before. The thought of ghosts did not really scare him, but the terrifying and intense scenes on the screen were really creeping him out. His heart could burst right out of his chest at any moment from fear. He looked at Yera.

    'What is she?! She's this cold even when watching a scary movie!' He mused in disbelief. He could not comprehend how Yera could still be so focused on the screen when he already wanted to run out of there. He shifted his gaze to the screen once more and immediately got a fright at the sight of a ghost that suddenly popped on the screen in a close-up shot. Together with the other audience, he screamed, "Ahhhhh!!!"

    He hugged Yera unconsciously and buried his face on her neck. "What's with you!?" Yera hissed. Then she added, "You chose this movie, and you're too scared to watch it? Are you a sissy?!"

    She was really irritated because Xander was disturbing her. She was so into the movie, but he kept diverting her attention every time he clung onto her. His warm breath on her neck distracted her.

    Yera moved irritably and turned to face Xander, whose face was still buried on her neck. "Sissy... Should we just leave? Hey, Sissy!" Yera gibed at his cowardice, which made Xander raise his face to stare at her. He murmured, "Stop that! I'm not a sissy!"

    Yera rolled her eyes and contended, "Yes, you are! Look at you, you sissy!"

    "I said, stop it. If I hear the word 'Sissy' from you one more time..."

    Yera rounded her eyes and dared him. "What? What would you do?" Then she firmly enunciated, "You're such a sissy... S-i-s-s-..."

    Before Yera could finish spelling the word, Xander abruptly pulled her in for a breathtaking kiss.


    "Noooo! At your back!"

    Those screams from the audience sounded like loud buzzing of bees to her ears. Still, it could not beat the deafening sound of her own heart thumping. Xander held her firmly as he slipped his tongue inside her mouth, probing deeper, urging her to answer his passion. Her eyes were wide open as she stared at the darkness inside the theatre.

    'No!' Her mind protested as she felt her body melting away from Xander's fiery kiss. He devoured her by suckling and nibbling on her lips and tongue, not leaving a spot in her mouth unexplored. Yera could only close her eyes as her lips and tongue started to move to answer his passion with the same level of intensity.


    One loud scream from an audience near them broke their kiss, leaving them both gasping for air. Xander did not release her yet. He was still busy planting mild kisses on her lips as he murmured, "If I hear one more 'Sissy' coming out from your luscious lips, I'll make sure to devour them once more. And rest assured, this time, I won't let go until the movie is finished..."

    Yera swallowed hard and closed her lips tightly as she turned her head back toward the screen. 'What just happened?' She pondered in astonishment as she scolded herself for letting her guard down. Then she murmured, "Shameless!"

    She heard Xander laugh, and to her surprise, he hugged her with one arm and buried his face on her neck. He told her in a warm voice, "I'll rest here for a while. Let me relax for a bit... Kissing you almost burned my body. Let me know when the movie is finished..."

    Yera could not believe what she just heard. Was it her fault that he got turned on by the kiss? He was the one who kissed her! If she had not known any better, she would have thought he was only saying that because he was too afraid to watch the scary movie...

    'Sissy!!!' Yera really wanted to shout it out loud, but she tried her best to keep her mouth shut for fear of Xander mistaking it for her intentionally baiting him for another kiss.

    "Really shameless..." Yera could not help but grumbled once more.

    "Guilty as charged, Darling..." Xander replied with a big grin.

    All Yera could do was release a long sigh of frustration. She suddenly had a second thought about introducing Xander to the Kens because of his shamelessness, It really had no boundaries at all.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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