40 Best Hands

    Xander gulped while his friendly smile turned slightly awkward because of the scrutinizing look he was getting right now. All eyes were on him and their mouths agape as if they had seen a ghost.

    They were visiting the Kens at their mansion and were now in the living room where Yera had introduced him to Arya Ken and Dean Ken.

    "Arya pinch me, please... I think Bernard was furious at me for teasing him often and now is trying to get back at me," murmured Dean Ken.

    Arya Ken, who managed to compose herself, smiled back at Xander and said, "It's nice to meet you, Xander. I apologize, though Deyna already warned us on the phone that you look exactly like Bernard, we did not expect that the similarities to be... Uhm a bit... Hmm..."

    "They are like twins!" Dean Ken interrupted as he walked closer toward Xander and circled him around to inspect him. Then he paused to take a closer look at Xander's face.

    "Yeah, almost the same. Though I have to say, you're like the macho version of Bernard... Because Bernard was... Uhm, can I say a bit feminine? I mean his facial features... Though, if seen closely, I can still differentiate you two, but at first glance, you could be his twin..." Dean stated straightforwardly that made Yera laugh, as usual.

    Yes, Dean Ken, Ryu Ken's cousin, had never failed to make her laugh with his witty comments. Bernard and Dean would always banter a lot. Dean would often tease Bernard, calling him a flower boy.

    "Bro, he's more shameless than Bernard," Yera remarked, still laughing.

    Dean hugged Yera tightly and said, "Why do you look a bit thin? It's like I'm hugging a stick now? You should not have left us like that..." Murmured Dean.

    Xander's face twisted at the scene of Dean hugging Yera. On the one hand, he did not like other men being too friendly with his wife, but, on the other hand, Yera's smiling face and laughter were really a sight to behold.

    'So she can be like this with them?' He mused. His heart was at ease, knowing that Yera had friends whom she could trust and be herself with. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    He thought that Yera had not had anyone at all except Bernard. Yes, he knew the Ken family had sheltered her before, but he did not expect that they treated her like a real family and saw her as one of their own.

    "Dean, let her go, or the man she's here with would kill you with his fierce glare," commented a man who just arrived.

    "Bro Ryu!" Yera smiled broadly and hugged the man called Ryu.

    "How are you feeling?" Asked Yera, full of concern, as she looked at him intently.

    "I'm back to normal and feeling much better... Thanks to our miracle doctor..." said Ryu as he pinched Yera's nose.

    Xander was left astonished at how carefree, and warm Yera was to everyone. The same with how the Kens were treating her.

    Yera introduced Xander to Ryu Ken, Arya's husband. Then all of them proceeded to have a chat over tea, while Yera narrated how she and Xander met and how it had resulted in a marriage between them.

    Xander only listened in awe because, obviously, Yera had her own version of the story.

    On their way to the Kens, Yera had given him a heads-up about her wanting to keep her real identity as Yera Han a secret from the Kens. She did not wish to trouble the Kens because the family had experienced enough trials already.

    So Yera had instructed him to just nod and smile and play along with whatever story she would tell the Kens, and that was precisely what Xander did.

    Yera then apologized to the Kens for not informing them about the marriage.

    "It's fine, Deyna... But I insist that we still celebrate it, otherwise you know Grandpa would scold us... I will arrange something. Don't worry, it will only be a family celebration. Just us, and Xander's family," Arya insisted, so Yera just nodded in agreement.

    "Hmm, I guess Bernard is looking after you, Deyna. He probably sent his cousin to you... to watch over and take care of you... I don't believe in coincidences. Fate brought you two together. Just as my dad says, things happen for a reason," Arya stated her opinion.

    "Hmm, I have to leave to pick up my wife. Deyna, it really makes me happy to see you doing well. I'm sure Bernard is happy too, wherever he is..." Said Dean, who suddenly stood up.

    Then he looked at Xander and warned him. "Bro, make sure you take care of her. Because if you don't, rest assured that the Kens will hunt you down..."

    Xander laughed at the remark and said, while smiling, "Don't worry, Deyna is in the best hands with me." Then he grabbed Yera's hand and kissed it lovingly that made Yera blush.

    Arya was grinning as she looked at Yera teasingly.

    Ryu shook his head and said to Dean, "Why are you scaring our guest? Go now, and get your wife."

    Dean scratched his head and left as soon as he bid Yera and Xander farewell.

    After a few minutes of chitchat with Arya and Ryu, it was time for Yera and Xander to leave. "We have to go now... I'll visit again soon to see Old Master Ken and the rest."

    Arya nodded and said, "Alright. Please do because they miss you too. Bring your husband again with you so he can meet the others and... scare them..."

    Yera laughed while Xander massaged his nape and smiled timidly. He kept quiet as requested by Yera. He was really trying to behave as much as he could.

    As soon as they were inside their car, Yera let out a long sigh of relief. Her heart had never stopped racing for fear of Xander doing brazen things in front of Arya and Ryu.

    Her face dimmed as she said, "I told you to behave."

    Xander creased his forehead and retorted, "I did! When did I not? I just held your hand and kissed it. That was nothing, you know...? Besides, it would help to reassure them that you have a loving husband. I even had to control myself hard not to hug or kiss you in front of them."

    Yera's face flushed. She would never bring Xander along with her to the Kens again, lest she wanted to die of embarrassment because of his shamelessness.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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