41 Have All The Advantage

    "Dr. CEO, if you're so worried and itching to know what is going on, then why don't you go and sneak around their meeting place? Please give me some peace here and leave," Rui exclaimed, seeing how restless Xander was that he had been pestering him with his unnecessary questions.

    Xander scoffed, "What do you think of me? Someone insecure? Someone clingy? Excuse me, I'm Xander Yang!"

    Rui helplessly puffed out his cheeks. Xander told him that Yera had gone out to meet her previous fiance, Lyndon Chu, at a private restaurant. And knowing how Xander's mind worked, his good friend here obviously wanted to go there too.

    "Alright, let's go and burn out the place!" Rui finally gave in because he knew Xander was only waiting for his signal and would keep pestering him as long as he didn't get it. Xander could not go alone because Yera had never disclosed the place where she would meet Lyndon Chu. Xander had, of course, had it investigated, but he needed someone to provide an alibi for him, and Rui was the best candidate for it.

    They arrived at the meeting place. It was a serene restaurant with private rooms separated only with sliding wooden doors. They arrived earlier and occupied the private room next to where Yera and Lyndon were supposed to meet.


    Yera arrived at the restaurant on time, and she was sure that Lyndon was already waiting because he had often come earlier than the agreed time to each of their meetings. The waiter greeted her, and she mentioned Lyndon's name. The waiter then led her into the room, where Lyndon was, indeed, already waiting.

    As soon as she entered the room, she gave Lyndon a broad smile. Thanks to Xander, she had learned to smile more often and had gotten used to it. So now she knew how to give a full and genuine smile, unlike before, when she would look awkward and stiff when smiling.

    "Mr. Lyndon Chu?" Yera asked as she approached him and introduced herself. "Good afternoon, I'm Deyna Song."

    Lyndon was just standing there, like a pillar, not moving at all, as the woman before him extended her hand to him, beaming. She looked exactly like Yera Han. But somehow different... Yera would have never smiled like that...

    "Mr. Chu?" He heard the woman repeat her question.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Lyndon collected himself and quickly accepted her hand and smiled, "I'm sorry, it's because you look a lot like..."

    "Dr. Yera Han?" Interrupted Yera, with a smile still curving her lips. Lyndon nodded, and Yera added, "I understand because I got that a lot. Every time someone who had seen her before, saw me, it's like they've seen a ghost."

    Yera sat on her chair, and Lyndon did the same. The food came, and Yera commented, "The food looks good. I'm actually starving. Is it okay if we eat first before we talk seriously? I mean, about business, of course, because I'm sure it's the reason why you set this meeting up?"

    'She's not Yera,' Lyndon tried to convince himself. He was trying hard to control himself, not to pull her to his embrace. He missed Yera so much, and the woman before him was the exact replica of Yera. But her behavior was the exact opposite.

    He stared at Dr. Deyna Song, who started to eat in front of him heartily.

    Yera was prim and proper and never smiled. In this kind of situation, Yera would have directly dug into business and would have not even cared about the food at all.

    Meanwhile, Yera knew Lyndon was observing her. She was so grateful that she was able to copy Xander's cheerful attitude. She smiled sweetly at Lyndon and said, "Please eat too, Mr. Chu. I would feel awkward if you continued to stare at me. Did you know Dr. Yera Han? I don't know anything about her, except for the fact that she was a famous surgeon. A colleague had showed me her photographs, and she indeed looked a lot like me. So I'm curious to know what happened to her, but I've been swamped with work lately, so I don't have time to ask around."

    Lyndon nodded and whispered, "Yes, she was my fiancee..."

    Yera stopped eating and looked at Lyndon closely and said, "I'm sorry."

    He smiled and told her that years passed by fast, but Yera and their good memories would always remain in his heart.

    Lyndon began to eat but would still sneak glances at her from time to time. Yera commented plainly, "This is my first time eating at this place. It's quite good, I should bring that clown here sometimes..."

    Lyndon creased his forehead and asked, "Clown?"

    Yera laughed and nodded as she explained, "Yes, someone I'm close with at Yang Hospital. He always smiles, so I call him the 'Clown.' Oh, sorry, please continue eating..."

    Lyndon smiled and replied, "It's okay, really. Do talk, it's better than an awkward silence." This woman was definitely not Yera, who had always hated to talk during meals. Yera preferred to have a conversation after finishing their meal. The woman in front of her looked so jovial and carefree, unlike Yera, the woman he loved...


    In the adjacent room, Rui was enjoying his food as he commented, "Do you really think you would be able to hear a thing even if you glued your ears to that wall?"

    He did not know whether he had to laugh or cry from how pathetic his friend looked right now. Xander's head was leaning onto the partition wall, trying his best to eavesdrop the conversation next door.

    "The food here is excellent. This is my first time eating here. Thanks to you, I found another good eating place. Oh goodness, eat first, you clingy husband!" Rui scolded as he put some food on Xander's plate.

    "Here, try this one..." said Rui, and Xander sighed as he gave up since he could not hear a thing.

    "I noticed Yera is not stiff anymore, unlike before when I first met her. That's a good sign. You'll soon reach your goal if you heed my advice,' said Rui nonchalantly.

    Xander's face crumpled and sarcastically replied, "You have no love life. Do you really think your advice counts?"

    Rui laughed and said, "I'm a psychiatrist. I have the power of knowledge to read people's behavior. So I don't need to have a love life to see that you are a clingy husband..."

    "I'm not clingy, okay? I'm just worried... What if Lyndon is the real culprit? I want to protect Yera. I vowed that no harm would befall her again under my protection," Xander defended.

    Rui nodded as he picked a steamed deboned fish while he commented, "Yeah, yeah, right... Totally not clingy but definitely overprotective. Although... I think clingy is still the best term to describe your behavior right now. Clingy and insecure since you're afraid that Yera still likes Lyndon."

    Xander could not respond because Rui had hit the nail on the head. He was indeed afraid that she would still like him because Yera and Lyndon had shared almost a year in a relationship together...

    Seeing the look on Xander's face, Rui added, "Don't worry, the fact that he had spent more time with Yera before doesn't count. What counts the most is today... You have all the advantage since she's already your wife. Now that she still has some time to be at your hospital, you have to make that count too... Spend as much time with her as you could now."

    Xander sighed... He still had a month, at most, because Yera would soon accept Lyndon's offer to work at the Life Hospitals group. Well, of course, the rest of her days would be spent at the Yang mansion, so he still had more advantage indeed...

    Rui shook his head as he looked at Xander with sympathy. Then he continued eating...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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