44 Whom She Liked Better

    "How come Dr. Song gets the chance to accompany Dr. CEO in that conference?" Dr. Rio huffed.

    "Because she's the most sought-after surgeon lately?" speculated Dr. Kim because that was the most plausible explanation. It was true that Dr. Deyna Song was the best surgeon that Yang Hospital had ever had.

    "All of you have already had your turn to represent our hospital in a lot of conferences, so I thought this time, we should give the opportunity to Dr. Song to attend. It is my decision... Are you disputing it?" questioned Dr. Gong firmly, which made the rest of the team shut their mouth, especially Dr. Rio. Dr. Song must have been born under a lucky star that she got to accompany their Dr. CEO, whereas she was so down on her luck to miss out on a great opportunity to be with her ultimate crush.

    "Well, if I were Dr. CEO, I would choose Dr. Song over all the other female doctors here," Dr. Ye declared, which made Dr. Rio crumple her face instantly.

    "Let's see if you would still say that once she throws you out of the operating room. I heard Dr. Wang was not the last one who got kicked out..." Dr. Rio dared with pouty lips because although Dr. Song was undeniably beautiful, she was also fearsome. She would leave no room for mistakes whenever she was at the helm of a surgery.

    Dr. Kim interrupted, "I heard Dr. Song was asking for your assistance for another crucial operation tomorrow, Dr. Rio..."

    Dr. Rio rolled her eyes and proudly declared, "Excuse me! I'm a capable doctor, and I always zero in on what I'm doing, so don't you dare crack a joke about me being tossed out of the operating room. How about I kick you out now, Dr. Kim?"

    They were still fooling around with each other at the private lounge of the surgical department when Yera walked in, and everyone immediately behaved. Yera had always struck them as being the serious sort, and therefore they would drop whatever tomfooleries they were doing whenever she was around.

    "Dr. Song, please don't forget to bring us some souvenirs from the conference. I heard that the country you're going to has a lot of delicacies," Dr. Rio requested.

    Yera nodded and gave her a half-smile as she said, "Hmm, tell me what you would like me to bring for you, and I'll try to get it. All of you can just message me the particular souvenir that you want."

    The team was having a pleasant time conversing with each other when Shaira received a call from the hospital lobby. She immediately relayed the message. "Dr. Gong, the new interns have already arrived."

    Dr. Gong nodded in acknowledgment, while Dr. Ye implored, "Oh, please give us beautiful interns. At least as pretty as Dr. Song!" Dr. Rio shook her head and said jokingly, "Haha, I heard there are more male interns this year, so good luck with your appeal, Dr. Ye."

    The interns arrived, and Dr. Gong introduced them to each of the doctors that were currently present in the lounge. Yera saw a familiar face, which belonged to an intern named Dion Chen. She wondered if she had seen him somewhere before, but her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her mobile phone ringing, so she excused herself from the room to take the call.

    It was Lyndon Chu...


    Yera had an emergency operation that day, so she had to stay late at the hospital. She had informed Xander that she would sleep in his office instead of coming home to the mansion. She already had some spare clothes she had previously brought and left in the closet inside Xander's private room. He left the other side of the wardrobe vacant for her to use.

    She was massaging the nape of her neck as she walked in the corridor going to Xander's office. She made sure to check the surroundings first before she opened the door to his office's reception area with his password. She then proceeded directly into his private room.

    The room was dark, and Yera was too exhausted to notice anything else, so she quickly slipped under the comforters. She was startled when a pair of arms encircled her waist and almost screamed out loud when a palm covered her mouth.

    "Shhh, it's just me, Darling..." whispered Xander in her ear. Yera abruptly rose and hissed, "Geez! Are you trying to give me a heart attack? Why didn't you tell me you'd be here? Why are you here?"

    "Hmm, I don't want to sleep alone at home, so I decided to wait for you here. I thought I'd surprise you... Hehe sorry, you got frightened instead. Lie back down. Let's go to sleep now," Xander said as he gently pulled Yera back down on the bed and hugged her waist.

    Yera could only sigh. She was too tired to even move, and her eyelids had gotten heavier... "By the way, Lyndon called..." she murmured in a drowsy voice.

    "Why?" Xander asked as he tightened his embrace and buried his face on her neck, absorbing her sweet scent.

    "He wanted to meet me again... He said he forgot some important things. Maybe I'll meet him after our vacation. I will sleep now..." Yera mumbled, her eyes were already closed.

    Xander let out a deep sigh. It seemed he would have to make his move faster because a competitor seemed to have appeared.

    "Darling..." Xander muttered.

    "Hmm," Yera answered, already half asleep.

    "Uhm, never mind. Go sleep... Goodnight," Xander whispered as he gently pecked Yera's neck.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Yera said she liked Lyndon because Lyndon always treated her well, and he wanted to ask if it was still the case. He would also like to know whom she liked better between Lyndon and him. But maybe he should ask the question after their vacation instead because he would need to score some more points first...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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