45 Most Important Person

    Xander woke up early. Their flight was in the morning, but they still got time.

    He wondered if he should wake Yera up too, but he chose to let her sleep for a while more while he looked at her lovingly. Xander was all smiles as he stared at his wife's angelic and peaceful sleeping face.

    Finally, this was the day Xander had been waiting for. Today they would go on their honeymoon, and that meant one week of spending time alone with his lovely and beautiful wife.

    He was just too excited, and he could not hide it...

    His dearest dad had arranged for a mountain getaway, which was just perfect for Xander's goal to capture Yera's heart. They would spend intimate moments while doing a lot of activities together. His smile never left his face at the thought of the word 'intimate.' He meant emotionally, not physically.

    'Liar...' The little buddy in between his thighs snorted. Xander chuckled and admitted, 'Alright, emotionally AND physically.'

    Of course, he wanted both, although he would like to focus more on the emotional aspects of their relationship. He wanted Yera to grow more romantic feelings for him.

    Yera moved and hastily opened her eyes. "Good morning, Darling..." Xander greeted her with a sweet smile.

    'What a handsome man,' Yera could not help but gush silently upon seeing Xander's bright smile in his messy but sexy bedhead. 'He probably just woke up...' She mused.

    She quickly brushed off the unnecessary thoughts and got up. She stretched her arms and looked at the clock.

    "It's still early... You're up early..." She noted. There was no response from Xander, as he could not help but just stare at her without even a blink from his eyes. He was simply mesmerized by Yera's beauty. Then he saw her arch her brow in confusion, so he voiced out, "I'm so excited about our trip... By the way, you look so lovely when you wake up in the morning with your messy bed hair."

    Yera unconsciously brushed her hair with her fingers to fix it. Xander chuckled and messed it more. "There... Very lovely indeed," he said teasingly. Yera was about to grab Xander's hair, but the latter quickly dodged and got up from the bed.

    "I'll shower first. Sleep some more. I'll wake you up... Or you can always join me in the shower if you like. We can do it together, it would save us time and water. Hm, I would really love to do that, bathing together with you..." Xander said with a teasing grin on his face and was answered with a flying pillow on his face. He promptly dashed into the bathroom before Yera could throw anything else at him. He was whistling as he showered.

    And once again, Yera was left speechless by her husband's shamelessness. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.


    Assistant Ron dropped the couple off at the airport. As usual, Xander was the embodiment of a perfect gentleman. He was very thoughtful toward Yera and would assist her as they waited for the boarding.

    Then their flight was called, and they boarded the airplane. The Yang family actually had a private plane, but Yera insisted on traveling with a commercial airline, just like ordinary people. Senior Yang conceded, but still booked an in-flight suite for them since it would be a long flight.

    "Do you need anything?" Xander asked as soon as they were settled inside their suite. The comfortable bed that was outfitted with lovely linens was calling out to Yera, but she chose to sit on the couch instead. She turned her head at Xander and said with a blank face, "You're not the flight attendant, nor are you a butler, so just relax during the flight. I can call them myself if I need anything."

    Xander scratched his head as he realized he was overdoing it. Rui's advice popped into his mind, "Don't overdo things, my friend. I'm telling you this because you have a great tendency to do that." Xander tried to control his over-excitement as he sat himself down beside Yera and turned on the television.

    This was the first time he felt something like this for a woman. The feeling of wanting to do his very best for her... No, not only did he want to do his best for her, but he also wanted to give her the best of everything. He craved Yera's attention and aspired to be the only one she would take notice of, both in her eyes and her heart.

    Meanwhile, Yera felt uneasy when she saw Xander's sudden quietness. So she apologized, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, but you've been accommodating me too much since this morning. You really don't need to do that, I can take care of myself..."

    "I did? But I love doing that. I love assisting you in things, no matter how small, and I don't think it's unnecessary at all." Murmured Xander in a low tone of voice.

    "You are the most important person to me, so please don't say that the things I do for you are unnecessary..." Xander added, to which Yera could only respond with her mouth agape.

    For a second there, she was once again lost for words. But she soon gathered herself and reassured him while looking him straight in the eyes, "I didn't mean it like that... I just meant I can also handle simple things on my own. But I do appreciate your thoughtfulness and efforts. So, thank you..."

    She felt like she was a terrible person for turning down Xander's sweet gestures, but his actions made her confused about her own feelings. And she hated the feeling of being confused.

    Xander looked at her and sighed before he responded, "If you really appreciate my efforts, then a kiss will do as a thank you..."

    "What?!" Yera retorted and saw the expression on Xander's face was still a sulky one.

    "I said, a kiss will do like this..." Xander repeated his words and demonstrated it to her by quickly giving Yera a peck on her lips, before he ran toward the bed and said, "I woke up too early this morning, so I'll sleep a bit more. Please feel free to accompany me anytime... I won't mind at all... Darling..."

    Yera could only murmur helplessly with her mouth slightly agape, "Really shameless..."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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