46 Bullied Nonstop

    Xander could tell that Yera loved the mountains when he saw the smile and excitement on her face as soon as they reached their destination. She even stretched her arms wide and took a deep breath to absorb the fresh air.

    The peaceful natural setting, drenched in clean and invigorating air, combined with a sense of adventure around every turn, would surely make their days together attractive and exciting.

    He smiled in satisfaction as he looked at Yera's thrilled expression as soon as they entered their luxury cabin. "It's nice," Yera murmured. Everything about the lodging was perfect, from its snug interior, spacious layout, to its fantastic art collection. It also had the convenience of high-end amenities such as a complete kitchen, queen-sized bed, full entertainment system, and a BBQ.

    And to add even more to its appeal, the cabin also had a massive wood-burning fireplace, a heated indoor pool with an adjacent hot tub next to a large picture window.

    The gorgeous panoramic mountain view from the window reminded Yera of her days with Chief Doctor Song in his remote shelter deep in the mountains. It was probably why she loved their lodge and its surroundings.

    Yera curled up on the sofa to enjoy the breathtaking view while Xander was busy discussing their activities for the following days with the lodge manager.

    The snow had already melted so they could go on a lot of outdoor activities, like hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking, and many more, according to the manager.

    It would be Yera's first time to try out those kinds of activities, so she could hardly wait to do them all.

    "Hmmm, I'll go and prepare our lunch. You can relax here for a bit," said Xander as soon as the manager left.

    "You will cook? Can't we just order food?" asked Yera casually, to which Xander responded by puckering his lips and replying in a disappointed voice. "Don't you want to try my cooking?"

    Rui said the saying 'A way into a man's heart is through his stomach' was absolutely applicable to women too. Although it was an overused strategy, he still has to try it. But how come Yera did not seem to be interested, and he had not even started.

    "Please don't misunderstand," Yera tried to explain as soon as she saw Xander's long face. She hated to see him like that because a sullen mood really did not suit him. She would much rather see his usual cheerful self, preferably, all the time.

    She continued, "We've just had a long flight, so I'm sure you're tired too. So why don't we just order something? If you really want to cook, then how about you cook tomorrow or any other day? We'll be here for a week."

    Xander's face brightened after hearing Yera's explanation. So it was not because she was not interested, but it was because she was concerned about his well-being. He reassured her, "I deliberately slept a lot during the flight because I want to do this. So, just relax while I prepare our lunch, okay?"

    Yera no longer insisted and continued to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the window as she cozied up on the sofa while hugging her knees. She thought of visiting Chief Doctor Song's tomb soon. Maybe before her transfer to the Life Globals group.

    Xander opened the refrigerator and saw that all the ingredients he needed was there. Prior to their arrival, he had already requested the lodging manager to fill up the fridge. He had practiced some of the recipes he was planning to make during their honeymoon. Although Yera could not be called a foodie, since she loved her work more than food, she was not a picky eater either.

    One thing that Yera loved to eat was various kinds of vegetables because they were healthy. So Xander prepared some spring rolls filled with green veggies. He also made wonton soup since the weather was still a bit cold. He was humming all along as he cooked, and Yera could not help but watch him from where she was sitting.

    Yera's heart was suddenly cheered upon seeing Xander in an apron. She had never thought that a man could look so sexy in it. Her eyes widened at the thought of the word 'sexy.' Since when had she even bothered to describe a man? Even with Bernard, the word 'sexy' had never come into her mind.

    Xander seemed to notice Yera's gaze because he paused to give her the sweetest smile, which was followed by a wink that almost made Yera's heart jump.

    Her face turned crimson red, and she quickly shifted her gaze back to the window, while she unconsciously patted her cheeks, which seemed to have become hot.

    'Stop it!' Yera scolded herself for the fluctuating beat her heart was making. She felt that she would have a heart attack soon if she could not calm it. 'Bernard.... I'm afraid...' She quietly murmured. She was afraid of the intense emotions she was having... She was not ready to entertain her own feelings... She was terrified...

    Yera took a deep breath and exhaled loudly as she reminded herself of her original goal. She needed to take everything back that was stolen from her and to bring justice to herself and her grandfather. She was kidnapped, shot, and almost died, so someone should pay for it. Furthermore, she was also convinced that her grandfather's death was a murder, so she would need to find a proof.

    After around an hour, Xander was done, and he called her to eat. Yera went toward the kitchen and sat on a chair Xander pulled for her. She felt that he pampered her too much. She looked at the dishes and praised him. "You prepared a lot. They all look good..."

    Xander proceeded to serve her by filling her plate with rice and side dishes and her bowl with soup.

    Yera tasted the soup first, while Xander was looking at her intently, waiting for her reaction. For some reason, Yera had a silly thought of pranking him...

    "How was it? Xander asked impatiently when he did not hear anything from Yera, as she only maintained a blank expression. Yera's face just twisted a bit, but she still did not utter a word.

    Xander's shoulders sank at the thought that his dishes did not pass Yera's assessment. Then after hearing his sigh of disappointment, Yera smiled and grabbed the bowl to sip the soup from it directly. She first blew on it since it was still hot before she took another sip, and another one, taking all the wontons into her mouth.

    Xander was confused... As soon as Yera chugged down the last bit of the soup, she smiled and said, "It's actually delicious."

    Xander's face crumpled as he complained, "Were you just pulling on my leg? Since when did you become mischievous like that?"

    Yera laughed and kept teasing, "I've learned it from the best bully around here. I wonder who it was..."

    Xander grinned broadly and declared, "Well... If trying to gain your attention is considered bullying by you, then be prepared to get bullied nonstop from this man..."

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