48 Hot Tub

    Yera changed into her bikini and was the first to go inside the hot tub.

    "This feels nice," she murmured, feeling gratified, as soon as her skin came into contact with the warm water. She leaned back comfortably and closed her eyes to relax. She loved to indulge herself in this kind of relaxation. It was like a therapy to her. Of course, it would have been even better if she could soak with nothing on, but Xander was persistent in joining her, so she decided to cover her private parts at least, by wearing a bikini.

    Not that it was a big deal since she was sure that just like her, Xander had also seen a lot of naked bodies. But she was glad that she had brought the two-piece swimming garment anyway.

    Meanwhile, Xander took his sweet time to check himself out on the full-length mirror in the bathroom. He had his swimming trunks on, and he was practicing on his walk to make the most effective use of his sexiness when he walked to the hot tub later.

    It was a law of nature that sexy people would attract others' attention regardless of their gender. Just like how men would drool over sexy women, it was also the same for women when they saw hot men.

    He chuckled at how funny he looked right now as he was trying different kinds of poses that would look good on him. He admired his well-built body as he touched his own abdominal muscles. "Don't let me down," he encouraged them to perform well in giving him the eye-catching presence that would catch Yera's attention.

    He was ready, so he went out of the bedroom to head to the hot tub. Yera naturally opened her eyes when she heard footsteps approaching. Her expressionless gaze was on Xander when he emerged into her view, smiling. Xander was obviously blessed with a great body...

    "Nice trunks," she complimented when Xander joined her inside the hot tub.

    'Nice trunks? That's all?' Xander wanted to protest out loud. How was it possible that this woman only noticed his swimming trunks instead of his desirable body?  And what was with that expressionless face? Was she so used to seeing the anatomy of her nude male patients when she operated on them? But how many of them were as hot as him anyway?

    Even though he was a doctor, Xander did not actually like to examine patients. And neither was he a surgeon, so he could never operate on them. So, unlike Yera, who had also seen her share of corpses, Xander hardly ever saw a naked body.

    Xander pouted his lips in disappointment but gulped as soon as he noticed what Yera was wearing. She had indeed said that she was going to put on some swimwear but never had he imagined it would be a set of bikini. Yera was wearing a bright royal blue bikini that could be seen under the clear water of the hot tub.

    He cursed as he felt his little buddy reacting sensationally. 'What's wrong with you? Don't be so dramatic. Calm down!' He scolded it inwardly, as he submerged himself further into the water, trying to hide his bulging arousal from Yera. He was afraid Yera would be alarmed if she saw how overly-excited his little junior was.

    He heard Yera scoff, and his face crumpled.

    "I need to go to the restroom," she murmured as she leisurely stood up and went out of the tub. Xander almost forgot how to breathe as his jaw fell to the floor... Yera's body was so ideally curved, it could easily entice anyone. She moved so effortlessly graceful in her bikini like it was nothing to her. Was she trying to show off her ravishing body to him?

    He suddenly regretted to join her in the hot tub because he was undoubtedly just torturing himself. The temptation to touch her was simply too strong for him to resist. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    He looked at his little buddy with sympathy as soon as Yera was out of their sight. "Sorry, bud... But we need to pull ourselves together, okay?" he murmured as he tried hard to tame his little buddy who had obviously been starved for years before he met Yera.

    He let out a long depressed sigh before he leaned back and closed his eyes to meditate... He might need cold water to cool his body down...


    At Life Hospitals Group

    Lyndon's office door was opened abruptly by a woman who was wearing a pair of sassy stilettos, and a red body fitting dress. "Why haven't you been answering my calls?!" Jam snarled at her fiance as soon as she entered the room.

    Lyndon's face frowned as he answered casually, "I'm a busy man, Jam. You would only call to whine anyway. Do I need to answer it every time?"

    Jam's brow arched as she warned him. "I'm your fiancee, Lyndon, so yes, you have to answer every time I call. Shall I remind you who helped you to be in that position?" Lyndon gritted his teeth in silent anger, but he tried to compose himself and asked, "What is it that you want?"

    Jam's face softened as she circled Lyndon's desk to sit on his lap. She played with his necktie as she said, "I missed you. What else did you think I want? We haven't gone out on a date in such a long time, and you rarely visit me."

    Then Jam leaned down to kiss his lips, but Lyndon quickly retracted his face and murmured, "I will visit you soon. I will be very busy this month, so please just wait for my call. Don't pay me a sudden visit like this anymore."

    Jam complained, "What's wrong with you?! You weren't like this before!" She instantly stood up when she felt Lyndon's blatant rejection and stormed out of his office. As soon as she was outside, she took out her phone and dialed her father's number.

    "Have someone check out Lyndon! He's acting weird, Dad!" she said, on the verge of tears.

    She loved Lyndon since she was young, but the Chu Family had chosen Yera over her. Yera was now gone, and she thought she would finally get Lyndon for herself now, but he had not changed one bit. She was always the one who kept throwing herself at him, but Lyndon had never really reciprocated her feelings.

    Even so, Lyndon had always been treating her amiably before, until recently. Lately, he had been avoiding her...

    Something must have happened... Something was not right...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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