49 An Escaped Tigress*

    That night, Xander and Yera were sitting beside the outdoor fire pit on a terrace outside their cabin. They were sipping on champagne as they enjoyed the warmth from the glowing embers. Xander made sure that Yera was only getting one glass of champagne, although Yera also wanted to have a glass of dessert wine, which had a higher alcohol content.

    "NO!" Xander firmly rejected. He surely would not want to be tormented on the first night of their romantic mountain getaway. Just the thought of himself being played by the crazy drunken Yera made Xander flinch. No, he definitely did not want to have blue balls like before. It was damn torturous.

    "Why not? I'm with you, and I trust you. Don't tell me you wouldn't be able to handle a fragile woman like me when I'm drunk? Are you that weak?" Yera provoked him in the hope that Xander would be cajoled into allowing her to drink more. She could not believe how strict Xander was in not letting her drink just one more glass.

    "Fragile? No, no, no, Darling... You're nowhere near fragile when you're drunk... In your state of drunkenness, you resemble an escaped tigress that would go on an attack spree at any moment," Xander disputed with a horrified look on his face as he recalled how this escaped tigress had previously assaulted him, only to leave him hanging after she decided that she had had enough fun with him.

    "Really? Am I really that crazy when I'm drunk?" Yera doubted but was immediately answered by Xander with multiple vehement nods as he chugged down his drink.

    But Yera really felt like drinking, and she was not willing to take no for an answer. So she tried to grab the champagne bottle from Xander's hand, but unfortunately for her, he was too quick to dodge her hand.

    "Don't be stubborn, Darling..." Xander was grinning broadly as he enjoyed teasing Yera.

    "Let's do rock, paper, and scissors... What you're doing is not fair..." Yera complained, seeing how unyielding Xander was.

    Yera frowned and let out some heavy sighs, which made Xander suddenly feel perturbed. He heard Yera's temper could get the better of her when she's irate and that she had a tendency to walk away from any conversations when it happened. So he quickly conceded to appease her, "Alright, alright... Let's play that then."

    Yera's eyes lit up, and she quickly faced Xander with her legs crossed and her back straight. "Ready?" She said as she positioned her right hand to start the game...

    "Rock, paper, scissors.."

    Rock for Xander and paper for Yera, who immediately smiled as she grabbed the champagne bottle from Xander's hand and poured some of its content into her glass. She drank it in one gulp.

    "Ready... Rock, paper, scissors.."

    Scissor for Xander and rock for Yera, who, again, excitedly grabbed the bottle to pour herself another glass of champagne, which she downed effortlessly.

    "Yes!" Xander shouted when he finally won the round but quickly sighed as he held the empty champagne bottle. He had no other choice but to open the bottle of dessert wine which Yera had requested earlier, and had a higher alcohol content. He was scratching his head, trying to figure out a way to keep winning.

    "Rock, paper, scissors.."

    "Yay!" Yera cheered as she won the next round. She grabbed the bottle, and this time, she drank directly from it. Xander was totally flabbergasted as he watched Yera gulping down the alcoholic drink as though it was just a bottle of water. And, of course, she finished the whole bottle.

    Xander's face turned serious as he said, "Okay, that's it... The game ends here. You've already had enough to drink. Look at your cheeks, they're as red as a tomato..."

    Yera tittered as she wiped some of the spilled drinks off her lips. Then she gave Xander a big smile as she licked her lips and whispered, "This is good... I want more..."

    Xander frowned and responded by shaking his head. It was evident that Yera was already drunk. She puckered her lips as she gave Xander a pitiful puppy-eyes look and begged him, "Please...?"

    Xander cursed and murmured, "How can you be so cute when you're drunk?"

    Then Yera suddenly stood up to get some more drinks, but she almost fell as she couldn't maintain her balance. Xander was quick to catch her, and she fell onto his lap. To his surprise, she climbed onto him so she could sit on his lap while facing him. "Let's play more?" She asked, with a sweet smile on her face, which was now just inches away from Xander's. Xander was holding his breath, trying his best to resist the temptation of pulling Yera in for a deep hot kiss.

    But of course, Yera had a mind of her own. She saw Xander's tensed face and promptly pressed her lips onto his as she whispered, "Why are you not smiling? Here, copy mine..."

    Xander's body froze as Yera playfully sucked on his upper and lower lips like they were a lollipop. She did that for one good minute, and then she stopped. Xander almost followed her lips as she pulled them away from his. He cursed at the thought of Yera just messing around with him again.

    Yera's gaze shifted to Xander's chest as she bit her lower lip. He could see her knitting her eyebrows, but just a second later, she grabbed his shirt as she tried to rip it in two.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "What are you doing?" Xander whispered, astonished.

    "Doing a physical check-up. Aren't you my patient? Why can't I remove this?" Yera asked in a drunken and frustrated voice as she couldn't rip the shirt up. She tried a couple more times, but to no avail, so she decided to just remove it upward.

    A wicked grin escaped her lips when she succeeded in removing the shirt. Then she touched Xander's bare chest, caressed every part of it, including his nipples, which brought out some soft little moans from his mouth.

    Xander was drowning in the sensation that he was experiencing, so much that he felt paralyzed from putting a stop to whatever Yera was doing to him. 'Nah, you can move... Not paralyzed at all. You're just enjoying this too much, and you're anticipating what she would do next.' He could hear his inner voice mocking him.

    Then he heard Yera giggle as she pulled her body a bit away from him just enough so she could remove Xander's sweatpants. Xander's eyes widened in shock, but he remained still as he only watched her in awe as she pulled down his sweatpants and underwear, just enough to free his already stifling little buddy.

    He suddenly came back to his senses and was about to stop Yera, but he was too late...

    Yera was already petting his aroused little buddy, and he could only let out a groan. "I've seen a lot of this, but I was never able to touch them... Except when I had to perform a phalloplasty on my patient, but I don't do that kind of surgery anymore," Yera murmured groggily as she kept touching his hard-on.

    Xander could no longer take it, so he pulled Yera in for an ardent kiss, which she answered equally, while her hand never stopped caressing his hard length... She then held his manhood gently and started to stroke it up and down...

    "Stop it, Yera..." Xander growled, but Yera only giggled and murmured, "Why? I'm giving it a massage... Don't you want a massage?"

    Xander could only pant and groan as Yera continued to rub and tug his erection as if she was molding an object out of it.

    He finally could not stand it anymore, He hungrily kissed Yera before a sudden plea came from his mouth in between his kiss, "Darling... I'm going crazy... Please do the massage a bit faster..."

    Yera gave him a sweet smile and moved her hand faster as she complied with her patient's request... A few minutes later, Xander cried out in ecstasy, as fluid flowed out of his little buddy like champagne spurting from the bottle.

    At the same time, Yera fell in his embrace, and sluggishly muttered, "Check-up done, the doctor is out..." And as usual, Yera passed out. But at least this time, she did not leave him hanging.

    Xander did not know whether he should laugh or cry at how awkward his first orgasm from his wife had come about. He tightened his hug on Yera and gently stroked her hair, before he lovingly kissed her head and murmured, "You can play like this all you want..."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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