51 Losing You

    Xander and Yera had a wonderful time during their horseback riding, in which they marveled at all the natural wonders that they saw and enjoyed a pleasant chat all throughout the ride. Afterward, they went on a gondola lift ride, where they could see more beautiful scenes of the mountains from above. The view was simply breathtaking.

    Yera was grateful that she agreed to join the trip even though she was dreading it in the beginning. If Xander had not persuaded her to go, she would have missed a rare and enjoyable experience such as this.

    Xander took a lot of selfies on his mobile phone with Yera, who surprisingly was very cooperative. He was initially hesitant to ask her because Yera did not seem to be the type who liked to enjoy this kind of thing.

    "Send me those," Yera murmured after they shot a lot of selfies together.

    "I will send some of these to you later," Xander said excitedly as he put his phone back in his pocket. He needed to sort them out first and would only send the photos to Yera, in which he looked good.

    They soared up 1,800 meters above sea level, to the top of the mountain. Xander felt Yera trembling a bit, so he held her hand and clasped it tightly.

    "Are you afraid of heights?" He asked.

    Yera looked at him and murmured, "Not really, but this is my first time in this kind of thing, so I'm a bit nervous..."

    "Yeah, everything that you do for the first time will always make you nervous... But don't worry, I'm always here," he reassured her. Xander knew that he was becoming redundant by saying that time and again, but he really wanted to make her understand that she could always rely on him because he would always have her back.

    "Aren't you afraid of anything?" Yera asked, which surprised Xander. But he was mostly happy because Yera finally seemed to show an interest in him. He quickly answered, without even thinking, "Hmm, I think I'm afraid of rats and cockroaches?"

    Yera rolled her eyes and said, "Seriously..."

    "Hmm, okay... There's one thing I'm afraid of... You know that I'm an easygoing person, who would always do things that I want. So I'm not really afraid of anything... except for one," Xander murmured as he looked at their hands that were clasped together.

    "What's that?" Yera asked.

    "I'm afraid of losing you..." Xander said in a serious voice.

    Yera's heart almost lurched out of her chest from those words. She became more tensed, and her hands grew colder.

    "Are you alright?" Xander asked when he noticed Yera's face turning pale. Yera gave him a half-smile and mumbled, "Uhm, it's just the height, I guess I'm not good with heights..."

    Xander pulled her closer to him and gently rubbed Yera's shoulders. "Just relax and enjoy the view..." He comforted her and tried to shift Yera's attention by pointing to the beautiful scenery along the ride.

    Yera turned her gaze to where Xander was pointing and tried to relax, as Xander suggested, but her palpitating heart was refusing to cooperate. She knew something was wrong with her, and she had an inkling about what it might be, but she was not ready to truly put her finger on it...

    Xander was extremely caring toward her all throughout the day. They had their meal at a nearby restaurant, which was recommended by their lodge manager.

    "Do you want to go hiking tomorrow? We can also go on a picnic afterward. I'll prepare everything we need. What do you think?" Xander suggested as he sliced the steak on his plate and put it on Yera's plate.

    "Yeah, it sounds nice. Let's do that..." Yera said with a smile. Xander's smile was like a contagious disease with which she had been infected.

    "What?" She asked when she saw Xander grin.

    "Nothing... I just thought that this gift from Dad is really nice," he said with a wink. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    He actually wanted to tell Yera that he was happy to see her often smiling lately, but decided not to because Yera would often go back to wearing her blank face every time he pointed out the positive changes in her.

    Yera nodded in agreement. It was indeed a lovely gift because she was really enjoying the place and...

    She paused her thought and bashfully looked at Xander, who was eating heartily. She must admit that the trip was even more enjoyable because of Xander's company.

    When night came, the two were exhausted and decided to sleep early for the hiking tomorrow, and as usual, they slept together in one bed. Also, as usual, Xander would sneak a gentle kiss on Yera's lips when she was already deep asleep. He sighed and tried to pull himself together as he hugged her. He wondered how long he could manage to maintain his self-control...


    At Yang Ancestral Mansion

    "Do you think I'll have a grandchild soon? That brat was so slow that I had to make a move," Senior Yang complained as Butler Gary poured him a cup of coffee.

    "Give them time, Master..." Butler Gary advised him.

    Senior Yang released a long deep sigh. Xander... He knew his son well, and he only hoped for what was best for him.

    "By the way, get Ralf on the phone. I want to know the progress of the investigation... Why is it taking so long? My daughter-in-law must have her justice soon, so both she and my son can finally live at peace and focus on building their own family," Senior Yang voiced out his concern.

    "And one more thing... See to it that the herbal medicine I ordered would arrive faster. I want to give it to them as soon as they return. My friend said it's very effective for conceiving a child, so I have to make sure that those two will take it daily," Senior Yang added as a mischievous smile formed on his face.

    He could not wait to play with his grandchildren in their mansion. It was too big, and he wanted its rooms and halls to reverberate with children's voices and waves of laughter.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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