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    Yera felt Xander's lips on hers...

    Everything happened so fast, and Yera unconsciously answered Xander's searching lips. The kiss was very intense that she felt her body tensed from all the butterflies that were running amok inside her stomach. A part of her was urging her to meet the fervent longing of Xander's succulent and soft lips so she let herself get lost in the fiery sensations that Xander was giving her.

    Yera heard a sound of another rowing boat approaching, which interrupted the heated intertwining of their tongues. She hated to put an end to this delightful situation, but chaos had started to engulf her, and she gently broke away from the kiss and Xander's embrace.

    She suddenly felt the crisp in the air as soon as she pulled away from Xander's warmth. "I'm cold..." She murmured as she hugged herself to resist it.

    Xander, who was also snapped back to reality, cursed himself for being careless. Instead of helping her out of the cold water as quickly as possible, he had kissed her. Xander promptly helped her back onto the boat. He rowed the boat as fast as he could to go back to the lakeside. His eyes never left Yera, who slightly shivered from the cold breeze.

    He cursed himself again for not bringing anything to cover Yera with, just in case this kind of thing happened. But on the other hand, great satisfaction glowed inside him because he was sure Yera reciprocated his kiss with the same level of intensity. And the most important thing was, she was totally sober!

    His heart leaped for joy, and he tried his best to keep himself from shouting or jumping out of his seat.


    Xander and Yera returned to their cabin, both drenched and chilled. Yera directly headed toward the hot tub, and Xander contemplated if he should follow her or not. He gulped when he saw Yera remove all of her clothes like it was nothing.

    "What a tease," He complained. He only saw Yera's back for a few seconds before she quickly dipped herself into the tub, but it was enough for his eyes to feast on her curved waist and rounded buttocks.

    "Did she trust me that much?" Xander growled before he removed his own clothes, leaving only his underwear, and followed Yera into the hot tub.

    Yera dipped her whole body in the hot tub because she felt cold. She did not care anymore about being naked in front of Xander. All she cared about was to assuage her discomfort from the cold as quickly as possible. Moreover, she also wanted to hide the reddening of her face from the kiss that they shared. She was well aware that she had kissed him back, and it made her so shy that she didn't know how to face him. She even walked ahead of him from the lake up to their cabin just to avoid him.

    She felt Xander's presence inside the hot tub, and she frowned. 'Geez, Did he have to follow me here?' She complained inwardly. She abruptly submerged her body even more inside the hot tub, leaving only her head above the water.

    "Are you still cold?" Xander asked, and Yera could see the concern in her eyes. She quickly shook her head and avoided his eyes.

    "The hot tub helps..." She answered simply. She only hoped Xander would not mention anything about the kiss. Inside, she was chanting hard because she did not want to talk about it. "Please don't make him ask. Please don't make him ask..."

    Xander seemed to be able to read Yera's mind as he murmured to reassure her, "Just relax your body. Don't think about anything else..."

    He couldn't help but pull Yera to his embrace because she looked so fragile and confused. He knew he would only be torturing himself by doing this, but he just wanted to comfort her. 'Hang in there, Little Buddy... Don't misbehave now...' He warned his friend down there before he pulled her closer to him and hugged her.

    There it was again, that feeling... Yera could feel her stomach churn and her heart went- *thump... thump... thump...* The abnormal beating of her heart scared her.

    She felt Xander's tight arms around her waist while his hand was gently stroking her hair on the back. She could feel her bare bosoms pressing against his bare chest, and to her surprise, it felt nice. She could feel something started to ignite inside her, but mostly, it was his warmth that comforted her.

    Then he heard Xander release a sigh before he said, "I know that you possibly have some mixed emotions right now, and I understand that... I'm not demanding anything from you, but there's just one thing that I hope. I really hope that you would be less guarded when you're with me. Just be yourself, follow your feelings, do whatever you feel like without hesitating. And don't worry about me, because I will try my best not to give too much meaning to it. I like you, but that doesn't mean you have to reciprocate my feelings... Just do the things you feel like doing, say the things you feel like saying, and don't be afraid to do it because you're afraid to hurt my feelings."

    Of course, Yera clearly understood what Xander meant. It was not the first time he had openly declared his feelings for her, and she was grateful because, above all else, Xander always respected her.

    "Thank you." Those two words were the only thing Yera could say as she let herself be covered with Xander's warm embrace.

    Xander smiled as he was satisfied with their current progress. Yera was slowly opening up to him. A quiet contentment tiptoed into his heart.

    But... It seemed like contentment was not the only thing that had warmed him from within. Something else had also seemed to successfully tiptoe into another body part of his. Excitement had slowly crept over his little buddy down there, and it confidently saluted Yera for the softness of her body.

    'Oh, crap...' Xander thought helplessly. He chided his little buddy, 'Didn't I tell you not to act up?'

    But the cheeky friend retorted, 'Dude, shouldn't you be happy I got excited? That means you're healthy.'

    Xander was trying hard to control himself. On the one hand, he wanted to free himself from the torture by releasing Yera from his embrace, but on the other hand, he did not want to because hugging her soft body and feeling her bare skin on his just felt too good.

    He was chanting sutras in his mind when he got interrupted by the sudden loud rumbling of Yera's stomach. Xander pulled away from her immediately and kissed her head as he whispered, "You're hungry... We're supposed to grill fresh fish, but let me prepare an easy dish for you. You stay here, I'll prepare the food very fast."

    Xander quickly rose up from the hot tub, and Yera gasped as she looked at Xander's well-built body.

    She was used to seeing naked bodies, but Xander's body seemed to create a significant impact on her, and she wondered what it was. Lust? When had it begun?

    When it came to sexual desire, she thought of herself as a frigid person because she had never felt that kind of yearning when she was with Bernard even though she was sure she loved Bernard. She had never thought she possessed that kind of desire in her body, but she had been proven wrong... She felt it when she and Xander was hugging just before.

    She then caught a glimpse of Xander's bulging manhood beneath his underwear, and her face started to flush again.

    Yera released a confused and frustrated sigh before she turned her gaze away from Xander and submerged herself fully inside the warm water...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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