55 Henpecked Husband

    Everything went smoothly on their honeymoon, and Xander and Yera bonded well with each other. They were able to talk about a lot of things while they enjoyed the various activities the mountain resort had to offer.

    "By the way, when we are back, I'll set aside some time to learn self-defense.." Yera announced as they ate their dinner.

    "Yes, that's a good idea... Perhaps I should be the one to teach you," Xander suggested.

    Yera only looked at him with a doubtful expression that made Xander laugh. "What? You don't trust me? You'll be surprised to see my fighting skills... I'm good at it. Seriously. So stop giving me that look," Xander assured her.

    "Alright... If you say so..." Yera conceded while shrugging her shoulders, but she didn't seem convinced, so Xander continued boasting, "Do you want me to show you now?"

    Yera looked at him with a serious expression as she said, "Stop that and eat. Finish your food."

    Xander did as he was told and finished his food. If Rui were there, at this very moment, to see how obedient he was to Yera, that man would have bullied him relentlessly. A contented smile curved Xander's lips at that thought. He did not mind being a henpecked husband as long as it was with Yera.

    After a hearty dinner, the two decided to play a game. "But board games are boring..." Xander complained as he got up to get an empty bottle. "Let's do truth or dare," he suggested excitedly as he joined Yera on the carpeted floor, while the latter opened a bottle of red wine.

    "How come you're no longer against me drinking?" Yera asked as she noticed that Xander no longer complained nor nagged at her when she took the bottle of wine from the wine cooler and told him they would drink it. He was different from just a few nights ago when he was so adamant about not letting her drink.

    Xander's face suddenly blushed, and he stammered a bit as he defensively said, "It's because you did not do anything crazy last time. Uhm, I mean, you were quite... Uhm, controllable..."

    Yera nodded as she proceeded to pour two glasses of wine for them.

    "You want to play truth or dare? What are we? Teenagers?" Yera commented.

    Xander laughed and said, "This is more fun than those boring board games. Anyway, I'll spin the bottle now..."

    Yera laughed and said, "Why use a bottle when it's just the two of us? We can just change turns in asking. It's more fair that way..."

    "But it's more fun like this..." Xander insisted as he started spinning the bottle. It stopped and pointed at Yera.

    "Truth or dare?" Xander asked, and Yera answered, "Truth."

    "Do you have someone you like right now?" Xander asked straightforwardly. Yera remained mum as she pursed her lips.

    "If you don't want to answer, then you'll have to do the dare," Xander said.

    "Okay, I'll do the dare." Yera immediately agreed because she was not ready to answer that question.

    Xander grinned mischievously and told her, "I want a nose to nose kiss."

    Yera creased her forehead but immediately leaned towards him to give him a quick nose-to-nose kiss. It lasted only for two seconds that Xander immediately regretted for not specifying a time limit. He should have said he wanted to get one minute of a nose-to-nose kiss.

    Yera grabbed the bottle and spun it. Again, it pointed at her, so she complained, "See? It landed on me again..." Then she took the bottle and put it away. "I don't want to use the bottle anymore. It's your turn now. Truth or dare?" She asked.

    "Truth," Xander answered.

    "How old were you when you had your first time?" Yera asked casually.

    Xander gave her a puzzled look as he asked, "First time of what?"

    Yera rolled her eyes and straightforwardly said, "Sex," which made Xander's mouth fall open because he was caught off-guard.

    "You want to do the dare instead?" Yera asked, smirking.

    Xander rubbed his neck as he mumbled, "I haven't done it, okay?"

    Yera rounded her eyes as she blurted, "What?! Xander Yang, the womanizer has never done it before? Are you pulling my leg now?" Is he saying he was still a virgin at his age and with his playboy reputation? She had a hard time believing that.

    "Stop judging me. I'm telling you I haven't done it yet... It may be hard to believe, but I'm the conservative type, and besides, my..." He paused. He wanted to come clean to Yera about his disorder, but he decided that it was not the right time.

    "Anyway, I haven't done it yet. It's up to you if you want to believe it or not, but that's the truth. It's your turn... Truth or dare?"

    "Truth," Yera replied.

    "Who do you think is better, Lyndon or me?" He asked. Yera was hesitant before she answered, "You."

    Xander smiled from ear to ear as his heart leaped for joy. "Truth or dare?" Yera asked.

    "Truth," Xander replied.

    "What is your most embarrassing moment?" Yera asked, and Xander wanted to say, 'When I got a handjob from my crazy drunk wife just a few nights ago.'

    But he chose to remain quiet instead.

    "Alright, punishment time..." Yera giggled with excitement as she added, "Hmm, how about you do a funny dance that will make me laugh?"

    "That's too easy..." Xander proudly stood up and did a monkey dance. Xander could have knocked her down with a feather as it caught Yera by surprise. Her stomach started to ache from laughing, so she pleaded, "Oh, please stop... My stomach hurts... Stop it already..."

    "Alright, your turn. Truth or dare?" Asked Xander. Yera said, "truth."

    "Do you like me?" Xander asked with a wink. Yera remained quiet as Xander expected, so he quickly said with a wicked smile, "Alright... Punishment time... You have to french-kiss me for five whole minutes."

    "Pervert..." Yera murmured with pursed lips before she took her phone and set a timer.

    Yera moved and leaned toward Xander to give him what he requested. Xander was actually just teasing her, so he did not expect that Yera would really do it.

    Yera's lips gently touched his, and he could feel her body tensed... He felt her soft lips lightly brushed against his, so he murmured, "This is not a french-kiss..."

    He felt Yera bite his lips, but it surprisingly was not hurt. Instead, it excited him more. Yera suddenly stopped as a part of the memories of what happened that night, when she was drunk, suddenly came back to her.

    She was rooted to the spot while her lips were still pressing against Xander's lips. Her eyes widened, and her face reddened. She panicked. 'What was that? What the hell was that? Was that real?!' She pulled her lips away from Xander's and immediately stood up... "I'm going to sleep," she murmured before she dashed toward their bedroom.

    "What happened?" Xander muttered with a stupefied look as his gaze landed on the bedroom, which Yera just ran into.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

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