56 Blue Balls Aler

    Yera kept giving her lower lip a hard bite as she went inside the bathroom to wash her face with cold water.

    Everything that happened that night flashed back to her like a movie scene that kept replaying in her mind... She shook her head and tried to dismiss it. "Oh, my God!!! Was that for real!? Did I really do that!?" She burst out as she looked at herself in the mirror while pulling her hair out. She was mortified by her crazy behavior that night.

    "No, it's probably just a dream," she convinced herself as she looked at her hand. She swallowed hard and cringed in disbelief. This was the hand that gave Xander pleasure... The hand that touched his genitals.

    "That bastard... No wonder he no longer stops me from drinking!!!" She hissed as mixed emotions filled her heart. She was too embarrassed to even look at Xander. She bit her lip once more... Xander said she did not do anything crazy that night... But holy crap, she did! She was a lunatic when drunk! She cursed at herself.

    She went out of the bathroom while still cursing at herself, and panicked when she heard the sound of the door. She almost tripped when she sprinted toward the bed. She buried herself under the comforter and quickly closed her eyes.

    Not long after, she felt Xander join her on the bed. He moved closer toward her and asked, "Are you asleep?"

    Xander continued when he heard no response from Yera, "Are you mad about the french kiss?"

    Yera let out a sigh and got up to face Xander after contemplating for a while, which startled him. "No, I'm not mad, okay? Stop asking questions and go to sleep," she said before she lay back down on the bed, with her back facing Xander, whose forehead immediately creased as he mused, 'Is she on period?'

    He laid himself down on the bed, too, and moved even closer to Yera. He placed an arm on her waist and hugged her from behind...

    Yera could only sink her teeth into her lower lip that she felt it would soon be bruised from all the hard bites she had given it in the past fifteen minutes. But she let Xander hugged her because it felt nice, and she was already used to it since he always did it every night.

    But then, that erotic scene would occasionally flash through her mind, causing her to flinch and cringe. She still could not believe that she was bold enough to give Xander a handjob.

    It was not the first time that she would remember the things she had done when she was drunk, but it was a rare occasion. Of all the crazy drunken escapades that she had, why did she have to remember that one in particular?

    Xander shoved away some of her hair from the nape of her neck, so he could bury his face on it. He was sending shivers to her spine by giving her a gentle kiss as he bid her goodnight. "Sleep tight, Darling."

    Yera tried her best to relax her body, but it was difficult as something had been ignited from within her body. She wanted to turn around and face Xander, but for some reason, something was stopping her.

    "Goodnight. Let's sleep... I'm not mad, okay? It's just that I don't feel like playing that game anymore. I'm tired." Yera deadpanned. She was not mad at Xander because it was not his fault. It was hers, and therefore, she was annoyed with herself.

    "Hmm, if you're not mad, can't you turn around and sleep while facing me? Or, at least, lie on your back and face the ceiling?" Xander requested.

    Yera let out a deep sigh and turned around to face Xander, but immediately regretted it. 'Oh, crap!' Xander looked so smexy with that serious look on his face as he stared into her eyes. Yera's eyes unknowingly landed on his lips.

    "But, Darling, it's unfair... You did not complete the dare. You only kissed me for a few seconds. I believe you still have around four minutes left..." Xander complained.

    Yera seemed to be mesmerized by Xander's inviting lips, so she muttered, "Alright... I'll finish the four minutes..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Yera leaned forward and kissed him. In all honesty, she really wanted to finish that kiss. She felt Xander's tongue slid into her mouth to search for hers. And when he found it, their tongues immediately intertwine themselves in an intense battle.

    Yera was so engrossed with the kiss that her mind went blank.

    Xander pushed his tongue deeper inside her mouth when he felt Yera reciprocate his kiss. It emboldened him to direct his hand to touch Yera's side curves, caressing them before his hand gently slid underneath her blouse. Yera never slept with her bra on, and it had always been a torture for him whenever she would move in her sleep, causing her soft breasts to brush against his chest or his arm.

    Finally, he would be able to touch the bosoms that he had been dying to feel... And so he did. He caught one in his palm and grinned inwardly as he explored its roundness and softness... His lips had never once left hers, while his hand was teasing one of her proud peaks, caressing it and squeezing it.

    He knew that if he did not stop now, he would soon lose his self-control and would not be able to stop himself from taking Yera right then and there. And he did not want that... He craved her heart first before her body because he yearned to have nothing less than the whole of her, all of Yera.

    But before he could stop, Yera had already broken off their kiss and gently removed his hand from her breast.

    She was gasping for air as she whispered, "Okay, that was four minutes. A bit more, even. It's supposed to be french-kissing only. Who told you to touch my breast? I'm going to sleep now."

    Yera then turned around to face the opposite direction, having her back facing Xander, who was left dumbfounded at how fast it was for his wife to turn cold from being hot...

    'Blue balls alert!' Shouted his little buddy.

    Xander moved closer to hug her from behind as he said, "You're such a fox. Goodnight, darling."

    Then he closed his eyes, trying to meditate to calm down his desire as he drowned himself in Yera's scent, hoping he would be able to sleep soon.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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