57 Hypnotized*

    The rays of the sun radiated through the glass window, brightening the room where Xander and Yera slept with warm and natural glow. This was the first time both of them had woken up late since none of them had managed to fall asleep straight away last night from trying their best to control their desires for each other.

    They ended up sleeping facing each other, while their legs and arms are intertwined into a tangle position.

    Xander was the one who first opened his eyes. He smiled upon seeing Yera's beautiful face, which was only inches away from him. He did not even dare breathe or move, afraid that he would put an end to their current intimate sleeping position.

    'It feels nice,' he rejoiced as he savored the pleasant feeling that he was having at that moment.

    He was only controlling himself for one reason; he wanted to have Yera's heart first, and he knew her body would follow. He had set his mind and body to only take her when she was ready and willing to give all of her to him. He praised himself for being patient, for who would have thought the one and only Xander Yang could be this patient for a woman? Rui was right; his feelings for Yera had escalated to more than just a sense of fondness.

    Xander saw Yera's eyelids flinch, so he immediately closed his eyes to pretend that he was still asleep.

    Yera opened her eyes and was shocked to see how she had managed to entwine herself around Xander. She pursed her lips and stared at Xander quietly. There was a debate going on between her mind and her body at that moment. She was not too sure of it herself, but her body did not seem to want to break free from its entanglement with Xander's body, while her mind was urging her to move away from the bed immediately.

    She released a conflicted sigh while still staring at Xander's handsome face. She could feel that she was changing every time she was with Xander. She hated to admit it, but the contrast was remarkably noticeable. She was becoming more and more attached to him, not only physically, but also emotionally.

    But then again, how could she not? Xander was treating her so well that she would often think she had gone insane from losing Bernard, and Xander was just an imaginary man that she conjured up in her mind as a form of coping mechanism.

    'Even now, it feels like a dream. Are you real?' She mused as she trailed her fingers across Xander's lips.

    Xander opened his eyes the moment he felt her touch on his lips, and their gazes locked. It was said that one could see everything by merely looking at another's eyes... And at this very moment, Xander could see desire in Yera's eyes.

    Yera held her breath as she felt Xander's bright hazel eyes probing deep into her soul. She felt hypnotized by some kind of magnetic power as she moved closer and closer to Xander and swiftly pressed her lips on his for a quick and gentle kiss. But Xander was having none of it. He was not about to let the moment pass as he pulled Yera back in for an aggressive kiss.

    "Do you really think I will just let you off like that?" He murmured as he began to suck Yera's lips... Nibbling on them, before he started to mobilize his tongue inside her mouth, making Yera naturally release a series of soft moans.

    Yera realized the effect that Xander seemed to have on her. She kept being drawn to him without her even actively knowing. Being cuddled and kissed by him like this gave her a heavenly feeling. It felt so good that she could no longer tell if it was a dream.

    Xander rolled on top of her, without leaving her lips unattended for just one second. He continued to kiss her possessively, while his hand raised her shirt up, exposing her body, and started to roam freely on her bare curves. Yera could only close her eyes and surrender as she felt every part of her body is on fire from Xander's touch.

    "Hmmm, you feel good, Darling," Xander said in a hoarse voice, as his lips trailed Yera's jawline and his hand still caressing her breasts. Yera was so lost in rapture that the only thing that she could do was moan in response.

    "Ohhh...'" Yera moaned even harder when she felt Xander's wet and warm tongue replace his hand on her breasts. She arched her upper body to welcome more of his sweet assault on her peaks while her hands were buried in his hair. He continued his tease by encircling his tongue on her nipples, which made her body shiver desperately from the sweet sensation that engulfed her.

    "They look lovely," Xander praised her rosy pink buds that he was licking and sucking. They both looked hard and ripe, which only indicated one thing... She was turned on by his teasing. So, he continued to give both of her breasts equal attention by employing his mouth and tongue on one peak, and his hand and fingers on the other.

    "Ohhh..." Yera almost cried from the intense pleasure that she felt as Xander kept playing with her nipples. Never had she imagined that something like this could make a person lose their sanity.

    She knew she would definitely lose hers at any moment now, as she started to feel the effect of their intimacy down in between her thighs. She was a doctor, so she understood perfectly well what her body was going through right now. She was already so wet down there.

    Xander seemed to have read her mind because she felt his hand slid beneath her pajama pants, and further inside her panties.

    Xander wanted to feel her lady parts. He could see how aroused Yera was, so he was curious to know if she was already wet down there... He knew he would soon go crazy as his little buddy was already screaming for release and had started to drip.

    He would not even be surprised if he ended up ejaculating prematurely, just by letting his little buddy brush against her wetness while he was kissing her. Funny, but he believed that at this point, he would not even have to penetrate her to reach his climax...

    "You are already wet, Darling," he murmured as his fingers caressed her lady parts. His words seemed to snap Yera back to reality. Her eyes widened as she blurted, "No!"

    Xander stopped caressing her sweet folds, but he quickly crawled up to seal her lips with his in another passionate kiss. "Alright.... I'll stop now... But could you help me a bit, Darling? Just keep on kissing me back while I move on top of you, okay? Please?" He requested.

    Yera understood what Xander was asking. She could feel his erection, and she knew it would be torturous for him if he did not get his release. So, Yera complied, and proceeded to wrap her arms around his neck and kissed him fervently. She even parted her legs for him with her pajama pants still on.

    Xander supported himself with his elbows on the bed and moved his lower body, rubbing and brushing his arousal against her covered lady parts as they continued to kiss. Even with some barriers in between, he could still feel her wetness. After just a few seconds, she heard him let out a loud growl. "Ahhhh!!!" His body collapsed onto hers, and he was shaking on top of her. He was panting hard and tried to gather himself as he kissed her forehead and whispered, "Thank you, Darling..."

    Then he gave her a sexy smile that mesmerized Yera once more, as he added, "By the way, good morning," before he buried his face on her neck.

    "Are you done?" Yera asked, wanting to make sure that he already had his release.

    "Yes... I told you I've been celibate for the longest time. So... Uhm, it's easy to make me come like this..." Xander explained, too embarrassed to admit how sexually inexperienced he was.

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