60 Generous Man

    Days seemed to pass by fast for Yera because, unfortunately, the end of their vacation was nearing, and they would have to fly back to their country tomorrow afternoon.

    'Today is the last day,' Yera mused with a tinge of disappointment. Every day that they spent in that mountain was truly enjoyable and relaxing. She sat comfortably on the balcony while she looked at the beautiful blue sky. The mild breeze gently touched her calm and exquisite face.

    Xander saw that she was deep in thought while she held a cup of coffee in her hand and took a sip from it. He could read her expression well, so he remarked, "We can stay for a few more days if you want."

    Yera contemplated as she took a bite of the sandwich that Xander had prepared for her. The place was truly remarkable. Having a simple breakfast like this while looking at the magnificent nature before her was something she would want to experience often, but she needed to start executing her plan soon...

    "No, it's okay. We've stayed here long enough. We have to go back..." Yera answered plainly. Xander understood because he knew that Yera still had a lot of important things to do.

    "What do you want to do next?" Xander asked with his dashing smile. Yera doubted if she would ever meet a man as energetic as Xander. He was always so full of vim and vigor.

    "Let's spend our last day sightseeing the town and fly in a hot air balloon..." Yera suggested, and Xander agreed.


    Xander and Yera strolled around the town hand-in-hand as they enjoyed the local sights and shopped for souvenirs. They spent yet another quality time together, where they would chat about various topics. Xander also took a lot of selfies of them together, and he even bothered the other tourists to take several full body shots of them together, with beautiful scenery in the background.

    There were also countless dining options, so they ate lunch at a restaurant with a great mountain view.

    Xander suddenly suggested, "Do you want to drink? I'll order a good bottle of wine..."

    "NO!" Yera shouted with rounded eyes as if the suggestion mortified her.

    "Huh? I thought you like drinking... You should take the opportunity, while I'm letting you. It's a very rare occasion for me to allow you to drink, especially when I know that there's a possibility of you going crazy afterward," said Xander, smiling.

    'The heck!? You can even grin? Are you happy that I would turn crazy and do all those things on you?' Yera wanted to voice it out, but she controlled herself. She would never tell Xander that she remembered everything about that night. It was too embarrassing... Even the words that she said were too crazy. What phallectomy? All she did was rub and tug...

    Yera abruptly shook her head with a frown on her face... Who knew what else she would do when she got drunk the next time. Surely even more embarrassing things... She should not get drunk anymore.

    "Just one glass?" Xander asked casually, but she could sense a teasing tone in his voice.

    "NO... Stop it. I said I won't drink, okay?" Yera firmly refused.

    'That's weird...' Xander mused suspiciously. He could not believe how Yera was so adamant about not drinking, considering how she loved to drink so much. It was a bit odd for her to refuse, unless...

    'Unless... Wait... Did she remember?' Xander asked inwardly. He did not dare ask Yera directly, so he no longer pursued the matter. But he noticed the reddening of Yera's cheeks, so his suspicion heightened.

    He smiled and teasingly stated, "Alright, no more drinks for you. But don't you believe me when I said you did not do any crazy things when you got drunk last time? It was not a crazy thing, okay?"

    "Stop and finish your food!" Yera murmured in a low and firm voice, which made Xander cower as he obeyed her and continued to eat.


    The couple decided to stroll around some more before they went on a hot air balloon ride at sunset.

    The air was fresh and clear as they took a private balloon with a pilot on board. Yera gasped when she felt excitement rushing through her body as the balloon propelled by heated air up to the sky. She could see rolling hills and green landscapes beneath. The very breathtaking scenery had, yet again, rendered her speechless.

    Xander hugged her from behind, locking her waist with his firm and warm arms. She felt him resting his chin on her shoulder, causing Yera to tilt her head a bit sideways to accommodate Xander. "Thanks, Darling..." Xander whispered in her ear. She could feel his lips and hot breath on her ear, and she unconsciously raised her arms to hold Xander's arms that were embracing her.

    "Yesterday, I said I've fallen in love with you... But, come to think of it, I don't think it's the right word..." Xander murmured as he turned her around to face him.

    He held her closer. His eyes were unblinking as he stared into hers intently. That stare penetrated deeply into Yera's soul. He cupped her face and said in a deep and clear voice, "Yera Han... I love you..."

    Yera's mouth fell open. She wanted to say something, but no words came out...

    "I... Uhm..." She was still struggling for words when he saw Xander smiling at her in understanding and reassurance as he repeated, "I love you, and I told you that I'm a generous man when it comes to patience. So, if it's still hard for you to answer now, then don't push yourself... Take your time... I'll always be waiting..."

    Then Xander leaned forward to seal her mouth with his in a breathtaking kiss...

    The pilot that was on board with them sighed silently... For a single man like him, his work, which often forced him to witness romantic scenes like this, was torturous... A horrible torture...

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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