62 Comforted and Contented*

    Yera felt she should at least do more for Xander... Not just because of gratefulness and consideration, but because she wanted to do it for him. A part of her wanted to serve him well, to satisfy and give him pleasure that he deserved.

    She looked straight into Xander's eyes and murmured, "I'll take care of it... Lie down." She held Xander's shoulders and guided him to lie down on the couch. "You don't have to..." Xander suddenly muttered in a hoarse voice.

    He honestly thought that just like before, it would be enough if Yera would just move and brush her nether regions on his erection. That was what he thought, but he ended up following Yera's guidance and rested his back on the armrest of the couch.

    'Hypocrite!' His little buddy chided harshly, and Xander could only purse his lips from guilt because he was indeed hypocritical, as deep inside, he was anticipating what Yera would do to him. Excitement built up inside him when Yera positioned herself on top of him. She bent down to give him a sensual kiss, where she sucked and pulled his upper and lower lips alternately while her eyes never left his.

    Yera intentionally locked her eyes with his because she wanted to see his reaction. She wanted to know if what she was doing was to Xander's liking. Her hand gently held his hard member and caressed it like she was shaping a big pole.

    "Hmmm," Xander moaned, and Yera could see his pupils dilate. She continued to shower him with kisses down to his jawline, and neck, as well as his chest, where she licked and sucked his proud nipples alternately.

    Her hand was slightly wet because Xander's member was already dripping from excitement. She did not expect her body to get aroused as well, as she could feel her own moist underneath her panties at the same time.

    She moved further down with her teasing tongue, licking and kissing his torso, while her eyes never left Xander's face. His hands were now in her hair, running his fingers through it, holding tightly onto it. She kissed his lean and muscled stomach before moving even further down.

    "Darling... It feels good," Xander whispered in a raspy voice as he stared at Yera. He was leaning his upper body against the armrest of the couch, while he brushed Yera's long hair aside so he could fully stare at her beautiful face while she showered him with kisses.

    "Ohhh..." He groaned as soon as he felt Yera's hand tugging on his little buddy while the tip of her tongue touched its head, sending waves of electricity through his spine. "Tell me if I'm doing this right..." Yera whispered as she paused to look at him. Xander nodded unconsciously like a meek puppy. Hell yeah... Everything his wife was doing to him was more than right!

    Yera looked at Xander's hard member and licked its length from the bottom up to its tip. "Oh, Darling... You're killing me... Darling..." Xander whimpered as his body shudder from the tremendous sensation his wife's tongue was causing. But Yera did not stop there. She did more than licking, which made Xander curse.

    "Darling... That's so good..." More words accompanied with moans escaped his mouth when Yera covered the tip of his hard member with her mouth while her tongue continued to caress it.

    He could not help but gently guide her with his hand and moved her head mildly up and down. She was pleasuring his little buddy with her mouth and tongue on its head, while her hand helped tug and rub its lower part just because it was too big for her to put inside her mouth fully. It felt so good that Xander would soon reach his climax.

    "Ohhhh... Darling... I love you..." he repeatedly mumbled as he felt Yera's mouth covering his hard-on up and down with an accelerated speed. His member grew even bigger in her mouth, and he would soon explode. He unconsciously thrust it inside her mouth and grunted, "Ahhhhh..." His body jolted as he spilled all of his fluids inside Yera's mouth. He was about to pull out, but Yera pinned his waist down and sucked him hard.

    His eyes widened when he felt her sucking and licking it all, as her eyes never left his. Yera did not know why, but she wanted to swallow down all of his juice. She did not care about the bleach-like smell, and Xander stared at her in bewilderment. 'It did not taste that bad,' She mused.

    Xander cursed because he would not be able to soothe his erection if she continued doing this. His little buddy would not calm down at all. He saw Yera gulp down his juice and licked her lips to wipe its corners.

    Then she creased her forehead, seeing Xander's member was still erect.

    "You did not have enough release?" She asked naively. Xander moved his body up and abruptly kissed her. He could taste himself in her mouth, but he did not care. He was consumed with hunger as he moved and placed himself on top of Yera. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "I didn't... I need to move on top of you, Darling..." He whispered before he kissed and sucked one of her nipples like he was feeding on them. Yera understood so she parted her legs to accept him. She was willing to give her maidenhood to Xander. She thought he would take her, but Xander did not take off her panties, and only brushed his hardness against her front bottom while he kissed her.

    Yera bit her lip and met Xander's gaze. She could sense that he would reach another climax based on his facial expression. He was caressing her bosoms alternately when he sped up his movements and finally screamed, "Ahhhh..." Yera could feel his warm liquids spilling on her midriff.

    Xander collapsed on top of her with his head buried between her breasts. He hugged her tightly. Yera did the same and hugged him back. They were both sticky from sweat and his seminal fluid, but neither of them broke away from the embrace.

    Then she heard Xander whisper, "I love you, Darling."

    Instead of answering, Yera tightened her hug and kissed his head as she gently stroke his hair. Xander smiled... He felt comforted and contented.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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