63 Third Eye

    Xander was still on cloud nine when the plane landed...

    He had been waiting to experience that kind of a blazing sensation his whole life, and now that he finally had, he became so ecstatic that he just wanted to shout and rejoice. He had reached the highest pinnacle of venereal excitement, not only once, but several times, by courtesy of his generous and considerate wife.

    Yera, on the other hand, was as quiet as a mouse as she tried her best to stay collected, although her cheeks would occasionally turn crimson red from embarrassment. She could not believe that she had it in her to be so bold to do all those carnal things to Xander. Even though she did not regret it, she still felt really shy afterward.

    It was her first time pleasuring a man, and much to her own surprise, it appeared that she had not needed any prior experience to do it correctly. She was only following her instinct, and she would continuously observe Xander's body movements to check if he was enjoying her every move. And judging from how loud he moaned and cried, she was pretty confident that he was relishing it. She blushed when Xander grabbed her hand and kissed it as they entered the arrival hall at the airport.

    Xander would have loved to take Yera's body completely during their intimate moments in the plane, but he had controlled himself because the kind of intimacy that he wished to have with her, was not only the sexual one, but also an emotional one. And he could feel that he almost succeeded in penetrating her wall of defense, so he did not mind to wait a little bit more until her emotional shield was totally crushed.

    However, he also wanted to return the pleasure that his darling wife had given him, but it was unfortunate that he could not do it earlier because she wouldn't let him.

    Yera had overpowered him during her intimate act. It was like she was determined to give him the full burst of fireworks and had not even cared about getting it herself. But of course, he would give it to her later... One should not be selfish and should always return the favor. He grinned as he could not stop his perverted thoughts from becoming active inside his mind.

    His lips formed a wicked smile as he and Yera continued to walk hand-in-hand toward the exit of the arrival hall, where his driver and his assistant were already waiting.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Sparks were all over the couple's faces when they were walking toward their car. Hence Assistant Ron assumed that his boss had succeeded in conquering his wife. 'He finally did it,' he thought as he conversed with the couple in a polite but energetic manner.

    Inside the car, Xander was cuddling Yera, who had fallen asleep not long after their car left the airport ground. He was grinning broadly as he thought of the reason his wife was so tired. It must be because of all the hard work that she had done to send him to cloud nine numerous times. 'Thank you for your hard work, Darling,' he mused as he kissed her head and giggled afterward.

    Assistant Ron and the driver could only exchange a meaningful gaze when they heard their boss giggling all by himself in the back seat. Assistant Ron shook his head at the thought of the couple's public display of affection, which he would surely get to witness quite often pretty soon. He knew he had better just get used to it.


    "When will Dr. Song be back?" Dr. Dion Chen asked Dr. Ye, who was frowning at him as he answered him. "Tomorrow. Why? Don't you like being my assistant?"

    Dr. Dion Chen had assisted Dr. Deyna Song in almost all of her operations. He was her apprentice who would always follow his mentor around.

    Dr. Rio, who heard the conversation, laughed out loud and sneered at Dr. Ye. "If you were Dion, would you prefer to assist you or Dr. Song?"

    "Of course, Dr. Song..." Dr. Ye answered straightforwardly with a twitching mouth before he turned his gaze back to Dr. Chen and instructed him with an arched eyebrow. "You... Help the scrub nurse to prepare the operating room now, and don't even think about having any inappropriate thoughts about Dr. Song because she is way beyond your league, dude."

    Dion heaved a long sigh before he said, "Hmm, Dr. Ye... Someone who admires you is standing just behind your back," before he dashed out of the room. Dr. Rio suddenly felt a gush of cold air on the nape of her neck and shivered. "Sheesh, that man is really creepy. Handsome, yeah, but totally weird and creepy," she said as she shook her head.

    Dr. Ye, whose face had gone white by that time, slowly turned his head to look behind him and could feel goosebumps all over his body. "Dammit! I will kill that Dion Chen. Of all the new doctors that had applied here, why did they have to pick that bastard?" He muttered irritably as he shifted his eyes back to Dr. Rio

    It was past midnight, and they were inside the on-call room because they had to perform an emergency procedure on a patient.

    Dr. Rio nodded in agreement at Dr. Ye's remark. At first, Dr. Dion Chen looked very mysteriously handsome. He was twenty-eight years old but looked younger than his age. Dr. Chen was the quiet type and would only talk to you if you approached him first. And if he said something, it was always full of sense, unlike Dr. Ye.

    Dr. Chen started as a medical intern, and the hospital permanently took him in as soon as he got his license to practice medicine. This new doctor would often follow Dr. Deyna Song. The two had gotten along very well because she assumed, their personalities were compatible with each other.

    They had coincidentally met one of Dr. Chen's friends recently, when they were eating at the same restaurant near the hospital. Dr. Ye had offered a seat to Dr. Chen's friend so they all could eat together, which he regretted tremendously because that friend had told them about Dr. Chen's special ability, which they called the 'Third Eye.'

    It would have been better if they hadn't found out about it, because then they would only think of Dr. Chen as a mysterious, handsome guy with eyeglasses. Dr. Rio had even been flattered at times when Dr. Chen looked toward her direction because she thought he was appreciating her beauty.

    But after finding out about his special ability, she wished Dr. Chen would never even take a glance at her anymore. Her hair would stand on end whenever he did now, because she would automatically assume that it was because there were some kind of other-worldly beings standing next to her or behind her.

    Dr. Rio had an agitated expression on her face as she said, "I'll be going now, Dr. Ye. You have fun with the one that's admiring you from behind your back." Then she quickly ran outside the on-call room. Dr. Ye's eyes widened in horror as he sprinted out of the room and followed Dr. Rio.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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