64 Someone Dear To Your Heart?

    The couple arrived at the Yang ancestral mansion before sunrise. Yera was still sleeping heavily in Xander's arms, so he carried her into their room and gently put her on their bed. He lay down beside her before he cuddled her and kissed her lips with love.

    Xander heaved a long sigh and murmured, "I never thought it was possible to fall for someone hard like this. I'm really grateful, Yera, that you crashed into my life. I'll always be grateful to Bernard for allowing me to know and take care of you. Sleep well, Darling... I love you..."

    He planted another warm and heartfelt kiss on Yera's lips before he closed his eyes and fell into a deep slumber.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    A few seconds later, Yera heard Xander's heavy breathing and opened her eyes to stare at the man who was hugging her affectionately. She heard him... She was not asleep... Tears fell from her now swollen eyes as she was too overwhelmed by those loving words from Xander. Maybe Xander was right; she was not a jinx at all, or Xander was the good luck that she needed in her life.

    She smiled and murmured, "Thank you..." She, too, was grateful to him, and she promised herself that she would not let Xander wait that long, and therefore, she would soon sort her feelings out.


    Yera woke up late, her hands automatically grabbed the side of the bed beside her. Her eyebrows knitted when she felt it was empty. She quickly opened her eyes and saw it was really empty. Xander's usual smiling face that would greet her first thing in the morning was not there.

    She looked at the clock and saw that it was almost noon. She felt well-rested because she had a nice and peaceful sleep. Yera stretched her arms and yawned before grabbing her mobile phone only to see that there were a lot of unread messages, but the first one that she opened was Xander's message.

    [Xander: Darling, I have to attend an important meeting. You were sleeping so soundly, I did not want to wake you up. You don't need to report to work, so get some more rest. I'll ask Dr. Gong to cover for you. I bet you're missing me already... Well, at least that's what I hope. See you soon, My Love...

    PS: Be prepared for some shamelessness overload when I return]

    Yera's heart skipped a beat, just from reading that text message. Her skin flushed as warmth spread through her. She deliberately shook her head firmly to dismiss the burning sensation and rushed toward the bathroom. She needed a cold shower.


    Yera decided that she would report back to the hospital that day instead of staying home and informed Xander.

    "Welcome back!" Dr. Ye greeted her as soon as he saw the beautiful surgeon whom he admired so much. Yera had brought some paper bags filled with souvenirs from her trip and handed them to her colleagues. "Wow, our Dr. Song is so thoughtful and generous. I remember when Dr. Ye was sent to attend a conference, she only brought us back some keychains as souvenirs," mocked Dr. Rio before she grinned at the sight of the pretty handbag that Yera had bought for her.

    "Hey! It's the thought that counts!" Dr. Ye retorted as his face reddened. The others just laughed and thanked Yera for troubling herself to get them something that they really liked from the country where the conference took place.

    Yera saw her favorite junior, Dr. Dion Chen... "Did you enjoy the conference and the place?" Dion was the first to ask how her trip went. She nodded and smiled as she gave him the shirt that she bought for him. She chuckled when she saw Dion's face blush as he timidly said, "Thank you."

    She liked Dr. Chen from the start because she could see herself in him. Just like her, Dr. Chen was a quiet person but very eager to learn, and most importantly, he knew what he wanted to achieve in life. Also, he looked familiar, but she could not put her finger on how.

    Their mobile phones suddenly beeped. There was an emergency patient, and an immediate intervention was required at the emergency room, so everyone rushed to get back to work, and so did Yera.

    Yera felt exhausted after the operation and would like to get some fresh air, so she went to the hospital's rooftop, where a mini garden with benches that were only accessible to the hospital's employees, was located. She sat on one of them and moved her neck gently left and right to stretch it.

    "Here," Dion handed Yera a bottle of iced coffee with mocha flavor that he already opened and proceeded to sit beside her.

    "Thanks. Hmm, this is my favorite," Yera mumbled, smiling, as she looked at the chilled bottle in her hand. She preferred cold coffee over the hot one.

    "I'm happy to see you more cheerful now, Dr. Song. You seem more carefree," Dion commented as he looked at her. Yera laughed and replied, "You should try to lighten up too. We age faster if we don't smile often... I heard that from someone."

    She remembered Xander would always tease her whenever she frowned. He would say that she would only expedite her aging process if she frowned, so he told her to smile more often.

    "Hmm, someone dear to your heart?" Dion asked with a smile, to which Yera nodded in response. She felt comfortable around Dion, it was as if they had a special bond. He was just one year younger than her, and she saw him like a younger brother.

    Then she got reminded of Dion's unique ability, so she quickly warned him. "Don't you dare mention anything creepy when we're alone like this, or I'll slap you in the head!"

    Dion laughed, and Yera immediately thought of someone upon seeing that smile and hearing that laugh. 'They kind of look alike when they laugh...' She mused.

    "Don't worry, I won't mention anything creepy unless it's necessary," Dion reassured her with a grin before stretching his arms upward, feeling the cold air on his cheeks. "Ahh, this feels nice," he muttered with his eyes closed.

    "Treat me like a close friend, Dr. Song. Whenever you need someone to talk to, you can always come to me. Especially if it's something that you can't tell anyone. I'm good at keeping secrets as well as giving advice," he sincerely added.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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