65 Male Species

    Xander stared at his mobile phone as he contemplated if he should give Yera a call.

    "Ron, do you think I'd look too clingy if I call her now?" Xander asked. He was sitting inside his hotel room while Ron was organizing all the things he needed for another important meeting tomorrow.

    He wanted to check if she was already asleep. They were expanding their hospital to Country V, and he had to fly there to take care of an urgent matter regarding the construction of the hospital building, which seemed to be somewhat problematic. He was not sure if he would already be able to return home tomorrow.

    'What's with the hesitation, Boss? Aren't you naturally clingy?' Assistant Ron mused. He wanted to voice it out but decided not to since he did not want to lose yet another bonus, so, instead, he replied, "No, Sir, you wouldn't. It's just a call... Some couples would even talk the whole day. I think you should just follow what your heart tells you to do because a heart is always sincere."

    Xander already called Yera to remind her not to skip dinner. Just now, he received a message from her, telling him that she would sleep in his office because she had an emergency operation to perform late that evening.

    He quickly dialed Yera's number...


    He was startled when his call was picked up after only one ring. Usually, it would take several rings before Yera would answer his phone calls.

    "Hello, Darling... Miss me?" Xander shamelessly asked with a wide grin on his face. He could picture the flush on Yera's face because that was how Yera would respond to his brazen moves lately, unlike before, when she would just give him an icy look, combined with her hissing and blunt retorts.

    Xander heard the sound of a man coughing before the man spoke on the other end of the line, "I'm sorry, but Deyna is out to get something, and I think she forgot to bring her phone with her. It's left here in our department's lounge room, and I answered because it may be urgent. Is it urgent? If it is, I can look for her and pass her the phone."

    Instead of answering, Xander asked in a low voice as his ears reddened, "Deyna?"

    "Uhm, yes, Deyna. You're calling the number of Deyna Song, right?" The man on the other end of the line countered nonchalantly.

    Xander was starting to get vexed. He could not believe the man dared to speak Yera's name informally as if he was familiar with her.

    "Who's this?" He asked in a tense voice, as his eyebrows collided.

    "Oh, I'm Dion Chen. So, do you want me to look for her?" Dion asked.

    "No, it's okay. I'll call my WIFE back later," Xander answered, deliberately putting an emphasis on the word 'WIFE.'Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Alright, I have to go now. I will tell Deyna that you called as soon as I see her," Dion said before he pressed the end button.

    "My Darling," Dion muttered as he looked at the caller ID on Yera's phone screen. He put back the phone where it was before he left the room.


    Assistant Ron winced upon seeing the sudden gloomy expression on his Boss's face when he gave his instruction. "Have that Dion Chen investigated and give me his profile information. I want every tiny detail, Ron."

    "Noted, Sir." Assistant Ron replied and quickly did as he was told.

    In just an hour, everything that Xander requested was sent to his email, including some footage from the hospital's CCTV that showed the interactions between the Yera and Dion.

    Dion Chen, twenty-eight years old, raised and born in another country by a single mother. His mother was biracial, half-foreigner, and the other half was the same race as theirs.

    Dion Chen came to their country when he turned eighteen to study medicine. Xander's eyebrows raised upon reading that Dion had attended the same medical school as Yera. Not only in their own country but also abroad where Yera had studied. Dion had always been Yera's junior by one year.

    "Do they know each other?" He wondered as he read further. The report stated that Yera had only known Dion when he became an intern at their hospital. But it was too much of a coincidence, and he couldn't help but be skeptical about it.

    Dion's records had also shown his connection to the Life Globals group, where he had once done some volunteer work in their health care services. It was like he had always been shadowing Yera.  Wherever Yera was, Dion would also be there, except for the time when Yera had gone missing and was pronounced dead.

    The man stayed showed up again when Yera came to work at Yang Hospital as Deyna Song.

    "Is he stalking her?" Xander puzzled.

    Assistant Ron coughed out loud and almost choked as he tried to control himself from giving a snide remark, such as, 'Boss, you're more of her stalker than he is.'

    Xander seemed to understand the meaning behind his assistant's cough, so he retorted, "I may look like my wife's stalker because I keep her under surveillance, but it's for her own safety, okay? More importantly, how come these things were not reported to me?"

    Assistant Ron's face paled as he explained, "Uhm, Boss... You said to report anything suspicious, and the team hasn't seen anything suspicious about Dr. Chen so far..."

    Xander rolled his eyes and glared at his assistant. "Male species are all suspicious, okay? So report everything concerning any male species that are trying to get close to my wife."

    "Noted, Boss. I will make sure to relay your order to the team as is..." Assistant Ron answered.

    Xander proceeded to send all the files to Ralf, his head of security, so Ralf and his team could look further into Dion since he couldn't help but be suspicious of the man.

    "Maybe I should ban all employees from going to the rooftop garden from now on," he sulkily remarked as he was watching a footage in which Yera was talking happily to Dion in the rooftop garden.

    Yera was smiling in the video, and she really looked at ease. Xander's lips curved a smile at the sight of the relaxed Yera socializing with others, learning to make friends, instead of being her usual cold and uptight self. But, he was hoping that she would interact with female friends instead of the male ones. Well, they were okay, as long as they were sincere and did not have any other agenda toward his wife.

    Xander gave Assistant Ron a wave of dismissal but stopped him right before the latter was about to open the door. He asked, "Ron, who do you think looks more attractive? That Dion or me?"

    "Well, Boss, Dr. Chen is quite a handsome fellow too since Ness was gushing over him the moment he arrived. Too bad, he is creepy..." Assistant Ron commented and flinched when he realized his boss's icy glare that was directed at him, so he quickly answered, "Boss, why did you even have to ask? It's obvious that you're much better than him and look more handsome."

    "What do you mean, he's creepy!?" Xander asked. He did not see anything in Dion's profile that could warrant him that kind of label.

    Assistant Ron told Xander all the details concerning Dr. Dion Chen that he had heard from Secretary Ness. "Hmm... Gossips do spread like a contagious disease..." Xander pondered before he gestured his assistant to leave.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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