66 I Miss You

    Xander stayed longer in Country V than he had initially planned because of some problems that he needed to take care of personally. He heaved a long sigh of frustration as he was sitting in the car that was heading to the construction site.

    He was supposed to fly back home with one of their private planes earlier today, but it got canceled when his construction crew discovered some human bones at the construction site this morning.

    "Boss... The contractor has ordered a halt to all activities on-site," reported Assistant Ron to which Xander responded with an acknowledging nod.

    He was the landowner, so he had instructed his team to inform him of everything that was going on at the site. He wasn't new to handling a hospital construction project, and he knew in big projects like this, anything could happen. But this was the first time he had encountered such a problem. And, funnily, it happened to be at the first project that he took on to expand his hospital worldwide.

    The one he had right now at Country V was the biggest hospital construction project Xander had ever undertaken, and he wanted to launch it as soon as possible. This place lacked a hospital with excellent facilities like theirs, needed a hospital facility like theirs, so he would love to finish it soon.

    Assistant Ron was briefing him about how Country V had different bureaucracies when it came to providing building licenses and such.

    It would have not been much of a problem had they found animal bones. But these were human remains... The worst-case scenario was if Country V's authority would discover a shred of evidence on the site that was pointing to an unsolved murder investigation. Or if they would discover that the building site was a long-abandoned public cemetery and decided to retract all the building licenses to restore the site to its original purpose.

    Assistant Ron's mobile phone rang. After he ended the call, he reported, "Boss, the archeology experts are already at the site. There could be months of delay."

    Xander massaged his temples. He didn't mind a delay as long as it was clear when they could resume the construction. But with this kind of problem, there was always a risk that the project would be suspended indefinitely, or worse, shut down. He had worked on this project for quite a long time, and it was now giving him a total headache.

    He was startled when he heard his mobile phone ring and quickly grabbed it. His sullen mood suddenly brightened after seeing the caller ID, which read, 'My Darling.'

    "Hello," Xander answered. Yera knitted her eyebrows because, unlike his usual bright self, Xander's voice currently seemed to be lacking energy. She asked, "Is everything alright? You sound downcast."

    Xander chuckled and replied, "Hmm, yeah, I'm downcast because I'm lonely. I'm lonely because I'm missing my Darling so much." Then he sighed before adding, "I may have to stay here longer. How is everything there?"

    Yera smiled and answered, "Hmm, everything is fine. Just quite busy... Why do you have to stay longer? What happened there?"

    Xander told Yera what happened and the reason he needed to delay his flight home. "That's unfortunate. I'm sure everything will turn out well," she murmured with a creased forehead. Her face paled as she had yet another negative thought. 'Could it be my bad luck?' she wondered as her stomach clenched.

    Fear suddenly throbbed inside her at the thought of Xander having bad luck. 'Is it because I started to care for him?' She silently wondered.

    She heard Xander telling her, "Yes, everything will be alright, so don't think too much about it. It's really not a big deal. This project is not that big, and its loss will not hit Yang Hospital group that much. Hey, I'm Xander Yang, remember? This is just a small setback."

    Xander could sense Yera's worry, so he made sure to talk in his usual cheerful voice. "Hmm, maybe I'll fly back home today after I meet all the related parties since I bet you're missing me. I also miss kissing and cuddling you," Xander teased.

    He could hear Yera's distressed sigh from the other end of the line and cursed inwardly for being an idiot by telling Yera about the problem at the construction site. He wanted to be honest with her all the time but forgot to take her insecurity into account. He was well aware that Yera might be blaming herself, thinking that she was a jinx to everyone that she cared about.

    "Stop that! This has nothing to do with you being a jinx, okay? And besides, if it turns out that it does, then I really don't mind. I will gladly accept all the bad luck in the world as long as it only proves that you care and LOVE me!" Xander declared firmly.

    Then he continued in a deep voice, "If you think that everyone that you cared about is cursed with bad luck, then I want to be hit by even more bad luck. I will even pray for it because I don't care. The only thing that I care about is for you to LOVE me back..."

    "Stupid..." Yera murmured. Her voice cracked as she tried to suppress her tears from falling. Then she continued asking, "Why are you stupid...?"

    She heard Xander chuckle before he replied, "And why are you so superstitious? There's no such thing as jinxes... You can't stop problems from happening, but it doesn't mean you're a jinx. These things happen to help us learn and grow from them. What doesn't kill us will only make us stronger. Do you understand, Darling?"

    Yera answered, "Yeah... I have to go now... I will sleep in your office again later. Take good care of yourself, always..."

    Xander smiled and said, "Yes, of course. I will soon return home to you, Darling. I love you.."

    Xander was about to end the call when he heard Yera's voice saying, "I miss you," before the call ended.




    He still had his phone against his ear even though he could already hear the beeping sounds from the phone.

    "She said she misses me..." Xander muttered in disbelief. Then he added, "Ron, send Rui to the site. I will fly back home this evening."

    "Noted, Boss! I will contact COO Dee..." Assistant Ron answered. Rui was not only Xander's best friend and a psychiatrist, but he was also the Chief Operating Officer of the Yang Hospital group.

    The corners of Xander's lips curved upward as all of his worries about the construction project faded away in just a second after hearing those lovely words from his wife. 'I miss you,' he mused as he anticipated to hear the other three magical words soon.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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