67 Love Sick Friend

    "There's an emergency patient. I'm going to go meet her at the rooftop. Dr. Ye will come with me. Dr. Song will lead the operation," instructed Chief Doctor Gong.

    He then dismissed the teams. They split off, heading to their designated areas. Yera and her team headed to the operating room to wait for the patient. As they walked to the elevator Nurse Park briefed Yera about the patient. Both their details and current condition.

    "Patient's name: Terry Lim. 79 years of age..." Nurse Park started reading the details they received from the previous hospital.

    "She's the in-law of Field Marshal Chan," one of the team members commented as they entered the operating room. They quickly got ready to receive the patient.

    "We'll do an emergency laparotomy," Yera said plainly after hearing the condition of the patient, and seeing all of her laboratory results. She had met Keira Chan before. She was the only daughter of the Field Marshal. Keira was Xander's cousin from his father's side.

    So, the patient was Keira's grandmother-in-law. After a few minutes the patient arrived inside the operating room.

    "Let's begin," Yera said, signaling the anaesthesiologist to apply general anaesthesia.


    Dion was walking with his cup of coffee when suddenly, he bumped to Dr. Rui Dee, spilling some of his coffee onto his lab gown.

    "Ah, excuse me, Dr. Chen. Sorry," the other man said, apologizing. They knew each other because Dion was at one point Dr. Dee's patient. He had  sought Dr. Dee's help in coping with his special ability called 'third eye'.

    Dion nodded, scratching his head. He was on his way to visit one of their patients in the ward.

    "I only have this left..." he mumbled.

    All of his other lab gowns were still at the dry cleaner's. The hospital was very strict with their policies, requiring that doctors to wear a lab gown whenever they would visit their patients.

    "Are you doing your rounds?" asked Dr. Dee; Dr. Chen nodded.

    "Here," said Dr. Dee, "use my gown for now. I have spares in my office. Return it to me totally clean, alright?" he grinned as he removed his lab gown, handing it to Dion.

    "Thanks Rui... I'll visit your office afterwards. I need some advice on certain things..." Dion replied. Smiling as he went to do his daily rounds.

    Rui watched Dion disappear around the corner. He shook his head, remembering that Dion was living alone in a foreign country. Rui remembered asking him why he didn't live with his mother. She was right next door, residing in Country V. Dion kept his reasons unclear, only telling Rui that he wanted to be close to someone he wanted to protect..

    Rui's life was complicated as well. He often needed to fly to Country V because his boss, Dr. CEO, would instruct him to. Rui's face wrinkled. He thought for a moment, half-heartedly, that he should take the CEO position, so he would finally be able to command his love sick friend instead.


    Dr. Dion Chen, completing his rounds, was now on his way to Dr. Dee's clinic, intending to return the lab gown. He stopped, noticing a woman crying in the corridor. She seemed to be in great agony, as she sat crooked in one of the chairs. He noticed her hands trembling as she gripped the armchair. She was trying very hard to remain calm, keeping herself from sobbing.

    Dion hated to see this kind of fear and agony, so he approached the woman. He grabbed his handkerchief from his pocket.

    "Miss? Here use this," he offered it quietly to her.

    She took the handkerchief, thanking him before she briskly sneezed on it. Dion examined at the young woman. He presumed her to be around twenty three years old. He was bemused by her blunt manners, before he quickly composed himself.

    "Everything will be alright," he encouraged, "So please calm yourself down. You have to stay strong, so your loved one will keep fighting," he  finished with a smile.

    Scenes like these aren't unusual in a hospital. Dion would always approach these people. He felt like it was his duty as a physician to encourage them.

    The woman raised her head to stare at him. Her eyes were blurry with tears, so she couldn't get a proper look at him. The bright lights didn't help either. She took note of his glasses and lab coat, concluding that the nice man must've been a doctor.

    She scanned his lab gown, looking for his name tag, so she could thank him properly. The name embroidered in the lab gown was 'Dr. Rui Dee.'

    "Doctor, emergency!" Dion heard a nurse call him from a distance. Dion left in haste with the nurse.

    The woman looked at the handkerchief, and noticed an embroidery of a small flower.

    "Rui..." the woman murmured, a smile curved her lips. "Such a gentleman," she thought aloud, wiping her tears with the flowered handkerchief. She sneezed on it again. Oh well, she'd just have to wash it before she returned it.

    "Rizie!" Keira Chan shouted.

    Keira followed right behind Rizie, she was worried about her sister.

    "Sis," Rizie mumbled as she wiped her tears with the same handkerchief the man had offered her.

    Keira sat beside her, giving the woman a big hug.

    "Shhh... Don't worry. Grandma Terry will be safe. Deyna Song is leading her operation. She's the best doctor for this type of thing, so please calm yourself. Nothing bad will happen to Grandma" Keira said, trying to calm down her sister-in-law. Her cousin Xander was out of the country right now, but when she called him earlier, he promised he would come home this evening.

    Keira had met Dr. Deyna Song once, when Bernard was still alive. He had introduced Deyna as his fiancee before. She was glad the good doctor had ended up at Yang Hospital. She wondered if  Deyna had already met her cousin Xander Yang. Bernard and Xander looked similar; more like twins at first glance... Keira's mom r and Xander's dad were siblings, while Xander and and Bernard's mom's were sisters.

    "Let's go back Rizie..." Keira mumbled,  helping Rizie out of her chair and guiding her back to the operating room waiting area.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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