68 I Like You

    "Thank You so much Doc!" A young woman hugged Yera tightly as soon as she briefed how the operation went successful for the patient named Terry Lim. She informed them that the patient was now in the recovery room and would be soon moved to a private room.

    She saw Keira and greeted her who was walking towards her and scolded the woman who did not let Yera go from her hug, "Rizie, let go of her and let Dr. Song breath. I'm sure she's already exhausted after such a long surgery of Grandma Terry."

    The lady named Rizie finally let Yera go and with a beautiful smile said, "Sorry Dr.  Song. It's just that I'm really happy and grateful that my Grandma is now going to be fine. Thank you so much Dr. Song."

    Yera smiled back and nodded. She bid her farewell after she discussed the condition of the patient with her family. She stretched her arms and neck as she walked towards Xander's office to take a rest. She looked at her wrist watch. It was past 9:00 PM already and she could feel the grumbling of her stomach.

    She stopped in her tracks and turned back to head towards the canteen and eat first. She almost forgot to eat her dinner. She walked inside the canteen and ordered her food first. She saw Dion sitting in a corner and was eating alone so  she walked towards him and sat down in front of him.

    "Why are you still here?" she asked nonchalantly. She heard Dion released a long deep sigh before he muttered. "Sit beside me not in front of me. That spirit behind you seems like an unstable one..."

    "What the heck!" Yera hissed as she immediately stood up and sat beside Dion instead. She could feel goosebumps all over her body and she regretted that she even approached and sat with Dion.

    She heard Dion chuckle so her eyes rounded as she confronted him, "Are you playing a prank on me?"

    "Of course not, but your scary face is really fun to watch. Why? Do you regret approaching me like everyone else? Because most of my friends regret that, especially when I was still a kid. Go eat Deyna, I can hear your stomach grumbling." Dion said casually as he continued to eat. Whenever they were alone together, the two of them would call each other by their first names.

    Yera felt guilty and  said, "Sorry. But didn't I tell you not to talk about these creepy things when we're together."

    Dion laughed and said, "It's necessary sometimes because that spirit sitting in front of us, look really upset and pissed off. I'm used to this kind of thing so whenever I see these spirits I don't take them seriously. I even make jokes about them."

    Dion could really see those things, though at first he did not believe they existed but later he started believing in what he saw and that spirits do really exist however, he had grown his faith in God so he learnt to overcome them along the process. Those spirits could not touch him or scare him anymore because he was covered and protected by the blood of God, his Saviour. He told Yera about this while they ate, all about his 'third eye'. Yera listened with interest and even gave her opinions and comments occasionally and questioned whenever she was curious about something.

    "So do you think I'm also weird?" Dion asked afterwards. "Hmm, not really. All of us have different perspectives in life.  We also have different beliefs and I don't think you're weird simply because I respect your beliefs..." Yera answered simply.

    Dion smiled at her and said, "That's why I really like you Deyna. You're the best among the rest. No one can understand me better than you do."

    "Hmmp, I'm sure you need some favour from me or you are up to something? What is it?" Yera asked with a twitched mouth because everytime Dion would compliment her, what would follow was a favor towards him.

    Dion scratched his head and said, "I'm having a hard time doing the colectomy..." Yera's nostrils flare and said, "Alright, I'll teach you a more convenient and better technique later because right now I'm dead tired."

    Yera bid her farewell first and quickly left Dion alone who mumbled, "How come she eats so fast?"

    Then he stared at the seat in front of him, and said in a very low voice, enough for only him to hear it, "Shoo! I'm losing my appetite because of you..." Then he closed his eyes and uttered a silent prayer.


    Yera creased her forehead seeing Xander's office lights on from the outside. She entered the office but saw no one around. She opened Xander's private room and opened the lights there. She saw Xander socks, shoes and tie scattered on the floor.

    Her eyes lit up as she saw Xander lying on the bed. She immediately cleaned herself up and joined him on the bed. She did not turn the lights out yet to  have a better look at his peaceful face. He looked exhausted and she could bet he was, extremely tired for sure. He travelled back and forth to different countries because of his work related matters, not to mention he had a lot of things occupying his mind right now.

    Yera smiled and bent down to give him a goodnight kiss for the first time. Her lips gently touched his and before she could remove her lips, Xander suddenly hugged her closely and firmly. He positioned their bodies sideways and he hugged her tightly. He opened his eyes and looked intently at Yera.

    "Hmm... Why is the kiss you're giving me so short? I thought you missed me. But now I doubt you do. If you miss someone you should at least give..." Xander started rambling with pouted lips but was interrupted by Yera's lips who suddenly sealed his mouth with her lingering passion, proving to him how she longed for him in his absence.

    She was giving him a torrid kiss and Xander was left breathless as soon as Yera let go of his lips after more than a few minutes of probing deep in his mouth.

    Then Yera buried her face in the crook of his neck and hugged him even tighter. "You look tired. Go and sleep, also, I like you very much. I'm exhausted too now that my eyes are too heavy," Yera murmured in her sluggish voice before Xander heard her heavy breathing and soft snoring.

    Xander smiled... His heart was dancing with so much joy before he closed his eyes and muttered, "I love you..."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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