69 Did I Say That?

    The shrill sound of Xander's mobile phone woke him up from his slumber. Yawning, he rubbed his eyes and almost instinctively moved his arm to hold Yera. He hadn't bothered about the constant ringing of his phone. "She is up early?" he mused as he lazily tossed around on the empty bed.

    An ear to ear grin plastered all over his face as his lips curved upward. He took his hands off his eyes, yet didn't open them. With Year's words still replaying in his mind, his smile continued to widen.

    He sluggishly opened his eyes, glancing at the wall clock. "Damn, it's late!" he grunted, as he quickly sat up on the bed. Stretching his arms momentarily, he finally looked at his phone to attend his noisy phone.

    The previous day's meetings with a bunch of people had thoroughly exhausted him and the long flight that he had taken for his wife had mentioned that she had been missing him, only added on to his exertion.

    He couldn't help giggling to himself. He was in such an awesome mood that he was definitely going to give a treat to all of his employees in the hospital later. His dearest wife had confessed to him the previous night that she liked him very much. The addition of 'very much' had him sleep on cloud nine.

    "I like you very much," he murmured several times, followed by his whistling before he got out of the bed and made his way toward the shower room for a quick bath.

    Xander stilled his eyes at his full length reflection in the mirror for a while before he walked toward his private room. He messaged assistant Ron to go inside his office since the latter had messaged him that he would take the file real quick.

    He was startled when Yera suddenly entered his office. She passed him a smile. "Good morning. I have brought breakfast for you. I am sure, you are hungry."

    Xander smiled back. His eyes twinkled brighter than shining stars. He watched Yera putting the coffee mug on his table before she began taking the sandwiches out of the paper bag.

    She had already worn her lab gown so she would probably be heading to work soon. "Come, sit here. Drink the coffee while it is hot." Yera patted the empty space beside her as she made herself comfortable on the couch.

    Xander's heart almost melted at her simple gesture. The thoughtfulness of his wife was a little too overwhelming for him to sit still. It touched his heart and he rushed to envelope her in a warm, tight hug. "Thank you for being honest and letting me know that you like me. You've got no idea how thrilled that makes me."

    Yera coughed a little as she cleared her throat before mumbling, "Um, did I really say that?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Xander pulled apart only to hold her by her shoulders. Pouting his lips, he complained in a childlike tone, "Stop that."

    Yera, who was trying her best to control her laughter, couldn't suppress it anymore and she burst out in a fit of laughter seeing Xander's expressions.

    "What's so funny? If at all you are thinking this is, then let me tell you, this isn't. This absolutely isn't." Xander's shoulders dropped as a dejected expression took over his face. He felt his world crumbled at the thought of hearing everything wrong, the last night.

    Yera chuckled. "Sorry," she said in between her laughter, "It's just that, it is fun to tease you." She had no clue what had gotten into her that teasing Xander crossed her mind. Perhaps, it was because she was in a really good mood.

    It took her a couple of moments to stop laughing. A sweet smile crept over her lips as she looked at him closely. Cupping his bemused face, she leaned closer. "I like you, okay? You heard all of it right. I clearly said it yesterday. I like you very much," Yera vividly stated before she leaned closer and placed her lips over his.

    That morning, Yera had woken up with Xander's arms wrapped around her waist and she had indulged herself in staring at his handsome face for a long time. He had looked a bit weary but was still smiling in his deep slumber that had made him more attractive in her eyes.

    At that moment, Yera had made up her mind that she would no longer hesitate on things when it would come to Xander. She would be more outgoing and do what she wanted to like then, she wanted to kiss Xander and so, she did.

    Xander was floating over cloud nine once again. Yera... was kissing him. Her soft lips felt so electrifying when they touched his ones. He would be thrilled whenever she took the initiatives. He was engrossed in tasting her lips when he intensified it with his tongue.

    The intimate and invigorating kiss they were having was interrupted by the sudden sound of door opening with the assistant Ron's voice. "Boss, you need me?"

    Yera quickly pulled herself out from the kiss while Xander looked at assistant Ron and exclaimed, "No!"

    Assistant Ron scratched his head and opened his mouth to say something but halted.

    Yera noticed it. She looked at assistant Ron and asked, "Yes Ron?" followed by an awkward smile.

    "Uhm, I'm sorry. I should probably tell it later," answered assistant Ron seeing Xander's glare at him.

    "It's okay... What is it?" Yera encouraged as she handed the cup of coffee to Xander who by now smoothed his face.

    "I will just say that your new clinic is now ready." Assistant Ron reported and immediately left as soon as his boss Xander gestured him the same.

    After having breakfast, Xander accompanied Yera to her fully furnished new clinic. Yera, on the other hand, was excited, seeing her own space.

    "You need an assistant. Ron already made the arrangements on posting the requirements for possible applicants so you can choose from them," Xander said with a smile.

    Yera nodded as she looked around. "Thank you... I like it very much. Hmm, but how come I don't have a private room like yours?" She commented because she had clearly told assistant Ron to give her a private room like Xander's private room inside her clinic where she could rest anytime she wanted.

    Xander coughed to clear his throat. Assistant Ron had mentioned that to him but he was the one to cancel it because he would prefer Yera to stay and sleep at his private room if necessary. "Hmm, I still prefer you sleep over in my office instead. You'll be more secure at my floor. This clinic is too open for other people, including civilians." Xander explained.

    "Besides, it will be hard for me to sneak in your clinic to sleep with you, unlike you sneaking in my office..." Xander added bluntly with a grin. He had a private elevator going to his office and people rarely walked or passed by there because only authorized personnel could use that elevator.

    Yera no longer commented, thinking she would not use the clinic for a long time anyway since she would soon transfer at Life Globals group.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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