70 The Only One Capable

    Xander was disturbed by an unexpected visit of his favorite cousin, Keira Chan. Keira was more like a sister to Xander so he told her about his sudden marriage with Yera.

    "What? You got married in secret?!" Keira's shout roared inside Xander's office. Xander just responded with a big grin and an enthusiastic nod. Keira was staring at him in disbelief as Xander narrated everything.

    "Why did you only tell me about this now? And you did not even bother to introduce me to her. I'm a bit disappointed that I was left in the dark, Cousin Brother... But, gosh, finally! After all those years, that little buddy of yours can finally salute! He was not out of order, after all. He was just picky!" Keira teased as she laughed out loud, which made Xander reddened from embarrassment. Keira was the only one in his relatives knew about his disorder.

    "Shhh! Keep your mouth shut! This is why I didn't tell you about this! She does not know anything about it yet, okay? Oh, but you met her already. She's the one who operated on your grandmother-in-law," Xander said with pride.

    Keira's eyes widened as she blurted out, "Deyna Song!? Wait... Bernard's fiancee? What's going on here?" Keira suddenly felt confused. Bernard had passed away, and yes, a few months had already gone by, and life must go on, but how did Bernard's fiancee become Xander's wife? So, Xander told Keira everything about Deyna.

    Keira did not know whether to feel happy for Xander or pity him. But, just by looking at her cousin's sparkling eyes when he talked to her about Deyna Song, she could tell that her cousin liked her a lot, not just like but she could sense that Xander already loved Deyna.

    "If you need any help with capturing her heart, just tell me, okay, Cousin Brother? I will help you, so don't worry..." she offered excitedly.

    Xander's face crumpled as he refused, "No way... I can manage by myself... I know you too well that I'm afraid you'll just sabotage everything."

    Keira laughed and shook her head as she said, "Well, good luck then... But you know I love you, right? So, I'll really help you out..."

    "Nah don't bother. I can feel it... The road to success is almost there dear cousin..." said Xander boastfully. It was true he could feel it. Yera said she liked him and that would soon turn into love. He giggled on his own silly thoughts that made Keira twitched her mouth. Her cousin, Xander Yang, was head over heels into a woman for the first time.

    "You two must be fated," she voiced out because everything seemed connected. Bernard served as a way for the two to cross path...

    Xander walked Keira outside the hospital where they saw a group of doctors arriving. "I must say that I've been seeing good looking doctors in your hospital lately," Keira commented.

    Xander followed his cousin's gaze and his eyebrows arched seeing one of the doctors. "What good looking? That one with an eyeglass? Since when did you appreciate a nerdy looking man?" he scoffed pertaining to Dr. Dion Chen, Yera's only male friend in the hospital according to his wife herself when he subtly asked Yera if she had any close friend in the hospital.

    "Are you blind? What nerd are you saying? You know it improves sex appeal! It's the genius aura that made them attractive like Rui. Your psychiatrist is also hot in eyeglass like that doctor." Keira pointed her lips on Dion's direction that made Xander knitted his eyebrows.

    "Maybe I should tell Zach that her pregnant wife is dreaming about men in eyeglasses?" he scorned irritably. Keira ignored Xander's sulking and laughed.

    "What's with you dear cousin? Women love mysterious looking men! It's desirable! I will tell Zach to wear one like Clark Kent in Superman!" Keira burst dreamily, adding more vinegar at Xander's facial expression.

    After a while, Xander asked, "Do you think I should wear one? You know add more sex  appeal on myself but i think it's not needed since I'm already oozing with sex appeal."

    Keira's picked up stopped at them and before Keira went inside the car she chaffed, "Yeah oozing... oozing with inferiority complex." Before Xander could launch his attack Keira hurriedly went inside the car and left.

    "That pregnant brat! How dare she said I have an inferiority complex!" he complained as he turned to walk back inside the hospital. By that time Dion and the other doctors with him entered too but paused to greet and pay respect at him.

    "Hmm, I saw new faces or probably I haven't  some of you guys around since I'm a bit busy." he commented. One of the doctors who was the senior said, "Yes Dr. CEO. They are new hired doctors though Dr. Dion Chen here had his internship with us previously."

    Xander nodded and casually offered, "Do you guys have important work to attend now? If you're available then come join me. Let's grab some coffee."

    The doctors agreed so they went directly at the hospital cafe on the ground floor.

    Xander would give Dion sneak glances every once in a while. 'What sex appeal?' he mused because hee could not see that sex appeal Keira was saying.

    "So how do you find working in our hospital so far?" Xander asked while he drank his coffee. He noticed that Dion was looking intently behind him so he turned around but there was no one.

    Dion was elbowed by Dr. Ye beside him as he whispered, "Dr. CEO is asking how you find working in the hospital."

    "Oh, it's good. The benefits are great and my co-doctors are very helpful especially Dr. Song." Dion answered in his cheerful tone.

    Xander's mouth twitched but then he quickly smiled and said, "Oh yeah,my darling..."

    Dr. Ye and others almost choked on their drinks but no one dare to say a word. Dr. CEO was known as a playboy so they should not be shocked by this gesture from him. Meanwhile, Dion met Xander's gaze before Dion commented,  "Dr. Song is a very nice woman and I believe she deserves to be with someone who can protect her well..."

    Other doctors looked at each other and their eyes agreed to smack Dr. Chen's head at that moment before they shifted their eyes to their Dr. CEO. But surprisingly, their Dr. CEO only smirk and raised his coffee to them before sipping.

    Then Dr. CEO declared, "Well if that's the case then... I guess, I'm the only one capable of protecting her well."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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