71 Spoonful

    Yera had a very busy schedule the following days and so was Xander because of the problems Yang group was facing with their new building project.

    Lately, either Yera or Xander was already asleep whenever one of them would join each other on their bed. And almost all days the two of them would sleep more at Xander's office in his private room rather than going home at Yang mansion.

    Xander looked at the wall clock on his office as he straightened his back. He just finished a pile of reports sent by Rui. It was almost lunch so he gave Yera a call but she was not answering.

    "Ness, check where my wife is..." he instructed his secretary before he called for assistant Ron next to buy lunch for him and Yera.

    'Is she in the operating room?' he mused as he stood up on his chair to get out of his office. But before he could leave, he saw Yera entering the room with a paper bag.

    "I bought lunch. Let's go eat. I will soon leave for another operation." she said as she prepared the food on the table.

    Xander was smiling sweetly. He was squealing inside. He loved that feeling of being taken cared of and being remembered. Whenever Yera would take initiative on simple things like this his heart would always jump in joy. 'I feel loved!' Xander mused with a broad grin on his face as he sat beside Yera.

    He could feel mere contentment just by having a meal together like this despite their busy schedules.

    "How's your food?" Xander asked in the middle of their lunch. "It's good," Yera answered plainly.

    Xander pursed his lips as he reiterated, "Taste good? Yummy?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    He actually wanted Yera to offer him a spoon of her food but he was hesitating to ask.

    Yera paused and looked at him. Then she asked, "You don't like yours? Do you want me to ask Ness to buy you something same as mine? I thought you like pork..." Yera loved beef while Xander prefered pork so that was why she bought him a recipe of pork.

    Yes he hesitated to ask Yera to feed him her meal, but then he was shameless so...

    Xander released a deep long sigh as he looked at Yera and opened his mouth "Ahhh" he mumbled casually.

    Yera looked a bit confused so she clarified, "You want me to feed you with my beef? But I used the spoon already. Wait give me your spoon..."

    Xander's mouth twisted, unsure if he would laugh or cry..."Yes darling feed me with your spoon. We already kissed several times so I don't see the point why not use your spoon on me instead." he murmured with a sullen look.

    Yera was caught off guard and Xanded did make a point. 'I guess I'm slow and silly?' Yera  thought to herself silently before she chuckled and commented, "How old are you Mr. Xander Yang? Geez you act like a teenager."

    She got him a spoonful from her meal as she teasingly said, "Oh here, baby Xander, open wide, go and take your food..."

    Xander opened his mouth and took the food in, ignoring Yera who shook her head as she gave him a disbelief look when he opened his mouth once again for another request of her meal.

    And she blinked her rounded eyes several times when Xander got her a spoonful of his meal too and gestured her to open her mouth. Yera felt she would look awkward so she shook her head in rejection.

    "Are you disgusted of my saliva?" teased Xander as he acted hurt. "Of course not! I won't kiss you if I am." defended Yera. She could not believe how childish they both looked at that moment. But then, she did not know what had gotten into her that she suddenly opened her mouth to accept his spoon with pork and rice.

    Xander winked at her as he readied another spoonful of rice and pork for her. Yera ended up being fed by Xander until the end.


    Yera left to work as soon as she was done eating.

    Xander, on the other hand, was grinning broadly on his own. Yera was so obedient at him lately. "Does it mean that she's already falling from me?" he mumbled, full of hope. But then scolded himself because he was thinking in advance. Not that he did not want to expect but of course he did not want to get impatient at the same time.

    Xander noticed Yera was too cute since he arrived. Cute because for him her simple gestures toward him were all cute and thoughtful.

    His thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of his mobile phone and it was Rui.

    "Alright... Stop complaining and you can go back now. Attorney Sy will handle everything. He will arrive there by tomorrow so stop whining you lazy bum. By the way, I will treat you as soon as you're back. Just name it..." Xander said laughing before he ended the call.

    "Geez that guy has no woman so how come he's in a hurry to come back," he mumbled as he went over the report sent by Ralf with regards to the progress of Yera's case.

    He had his people to make a discreet investigation on various incidents Yera encountered as she grew.

    Xander did not believe in jinx...

    He was certain that there was more to it unless things really happened as an accident... Though accident only happened because of negligence or carelessness of any among people involved in it.

    He would do anything so no incident would ever occur to Yera, not this time since she already have him. He would protect her at any cost.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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