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    Yera did her usual rounds to check her inpatients. She entered the private room of Ms. Terry Lim, one of the patients she had an operation recently. Inside the room was her granddaughter which she recalled with a name Rizie. The head nurse gave her the patient's chart then she checked Mrs. Lim thoroughly as she gave further instructions both the nurse and the guardian.

    Rizie smiled at her in admiration and said, "Dr. Song, our family owes you a lot... I heard from the nurses that you're looking for an assistant. Maybe I can apply."

    Rizie knew she was overqualified for the position, but she would want to get close to Dr. Song for an unknown reason. Her gut feeling told her that everyone in her family would be safe if she worked at a hospital with Dr. Deyna Song. She had heard a lot about her, and moreover, Rizie could tell that Dr. Song was a kind person.

    "Oh, that's so nice of you, Rizie, but I think you are overqualified for that position," said Yera, smiling. She knew about Rizie because she was Keira's sister-in-law so it was given that the latter had a good qualifications.

    "It's okay, Dr. Song, I would like to do it anyway. I may have a good degree, but I don't know what I should pursue in life yet. I have nothing to do besides helping my family around the house, and I'm quite bored of it. So, I would like to try this out."

    It was true. Rizie wanted to become a model before, but she decided that she did not like it after a month of trying. Just like her twin brother Josh, she graduated from a prestigious business school, but helping her brother with their family business had also bored her.

    Her sister would often scold her for being such a fickle person because she kept changing her mind about what she liked or wanted. She could not keep an interest for more than a month.

    Then she remembered about the handkerchief, so she asked, "Dr. Song, do you perhaps know a doctor here, whose name is Rui Dee?"

    "Oh yes, he's one of our psychiatrists..." Answered Yera. The two women's chat was interrupted by a man entering the room. He was wearing the same eyeglasses as the man who had given her the handkerchief.

    "Oh, this is Dr. Dion Chen. He will be monitoring your grandma when I'm not around," Yera introduced Dion. Rizie smiled at him while the man only nodded and stared at her with a timid expression. She frowned when she saw him staring at her.

    Dion recognized the woman who sneezed at his precious handkerchief. 'Didn't she recognize me?' He mused as he stared at her who acted like she met him for the first time. Dion's thoughts were interrupted when Dr. Song gave him further instructions about the patient.

    He would like to ask the woman about his handkerchief since his mother particularly gifted him that but the woman left as soon as another guardian of the patient arrived. Maybe later once they crossed paths once more he would mention it.


    Rizie's mother had arrived, so Rizie excused herself out of the room so she could return the handkerchief to its original owner.

    Rizie quickly found Dr. Rui Dee's office, and his assistant greeted her and asked if she already had an appointment. Rizie signed up as a new patient because she was a bit shy to go in just to return the handkerchief. The assistant told her that she usually would need an appointment with Dr. Rui, but a patient had coincidentally and conveniently canceled his appointment just a bit earlier, freeing a spot for Rizie.

    It was time, and Rizie entered Dr. Rui Dee's clinic and could finally see him clearly in person. Her jaw dropped, and she felt her world stop. The man was very handsome.

    "Yes, Ms. Rizie Lim, how can I help you?" He asked, smiling as he signaled her to sit down. Rizie's face paled as she recalled how she had morbidly sneezed on his handkerchief in front of him.

    'Forget the handkerchief!' she chided herself as she pretended to be a patient. She was telling Dr. Rui Dee about her problem of easily getting bored of things...

    "Hmmm, I don't think you have a problem. I mean, you're still young. Just twenty-two years old, so it's not weird that you haven't found something that you really like. I believe that you will soon find the things that you really like. Keep on trying out new activities, and eventually, you will find something that you enjoy doing..." explained Dr. Dee as he gave her more advice on how to find out what she really wanted to do with her life.

    All throughout the session, Rizie was not actually listening. She kept staring at Dr. Dee and kept getting distracted by how good-looking the doctor was. She had never thought that there would come a day where she would admire someone as quickly as this.

    The session ended without Rizie returning the handkerchief. She was suddenly getting all fired up by the thought of working as Dr. Deyna Song's assistant, in order to work at the same hospital as Dr. Rui Dee, her Mr. handkerchief.


    Yera was too surprised to see Rizie who was waiting outside the waiting area of their department. "Oh, you're looking for me?" Yera asked.

    Rizie nodded with a sweet smile and said, "I brought my credentials Dr. Song." Yera did not expected Rizie to apply the same day because she mentioned her intention just this morning.

    "Hmm, let's grab some coffee Rizie..." Yera offered as she led the way at the hospital cafe on the first floor.

    Yera checked the folder Rizie passed her while they waited for their orders. But then she folded it back and looked closely at Rizie.

    "Are you sure you want to become my assistant? Because it's not a simple work Rizie. You will need to work for me not just about the hospital stuff but on personal matters too." Yera explained.

    She did not need to check Rizie's credentials further because she already had Rizie's profile provided by Assistant Ron that she asked the moment she went out on her grandmother's private room.

    Rizie had a good background and from an upright family. Her brother was a resigned General that was Keira's husband so she knew Rizie at most could be trusted. Those who were after her with bad intention would not be able to corrupt the kind of Rizie.

    "Alright, you can start with me once you're ready. I'll have you as my assistant. You can always tell me once you feel the work doesn't suit you alright?"

    "Ohhh thank you so much Dr. Song. Don't worry... You'll not regret hiring me. I will make sure that I'll be a big help for you Dr. Song." Rizie murmured excitedly. She liked Dr. Song, for some reason, she felt that the two of them would become good friends despite the age gap.

    But Yera still needed to test Rizie before she could fully trust her.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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